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Motivation Tips For Small Business Owners #motivationtips for #success

How do you do it? How do you stay motivated? Alright, this is Sharon from got to business builder. It’s not always easy. I’m not going to lie to you. Staying motivated is not always easy, but this is a few things that I do and hopefully they’ll help you. I try to write list out if I know what I’m doing like. Certainly like I got ta do one two: three, a B and C one, two, three whatever it is.

The bottom line is that helps me and it can help me stay focused, so you’re less likely to get unmotivated. Okay, sometimes I feel like people they get stuck. They don’t know what to do it’s hard to get motivated. If there’s you know, they’re, not they’re, not sure where they’re going the other thing is don’t do too much at one time. Perhaps that’s the problem right. You have too much on your plate, narrow it down, start saying.

No, you have to say no to people. That’s another reason why you could get unmotivated because you have too many things going on at one time, it’s difficult who wants to work like that, so start saying: no! Do smaller tasks! Okay, if you find like you just can’t, do the larger test. That’s! Okay! It’s fine it’ll get there just do smaller tasks, get a couple things done, but at least make some progress every day.

That’s so very important inspiration. There are a lot of ways to get inspiration out there. You can listen to podcasts. I mean that, rather than reading TV, maybe getting dressed in the morning riding to work whatever you’re doing in your life, listen to a podcast, it’s really good! Before going to bed at night, where it is sometimes you’re in the day a lunch break whatever it is. You read a book for 15 minutes or half an hour whatever it is.

I know it’s hard to get these things in in your life, but believe me, when you hear the things you get idea is that creativity is going. I think a lot of you know losing motivation is when you have just too much, and you just want to say no. I can’t do this, so be careful, don’t fall into that also surround yourself with people that are motivated and going now. There is a flip side to that I’ll get to that, but the bottom line is when you see people motive, you know going they’re motivated, they’re going and, and you kind of just follow them along it’s important.

So if you don’t have anybody in your life, I always suggest masterminds. Masterminds is a great way to to stay motivated and the reason for that is because you’re tricking with people they’re looking to see your progress and you kind of feel like accountable. That’s really important in business so find that believe me, you can just to somebody on the phone every couple of weeks. However, it is, I do a mastermind.

We meet usually every two weeks and in the summer time we’re down to once a month and honestly we didn’t even meet. We just did the phone last time a three-way phone call. It was a great thing. The bottom line is, you have to be accountable. That’s going to help you with motivation all right now, when you’re in these groups, you’ll, maybe see other people go a lot further than you. Listen! That’s! Okay! For now, just do a little everyday! You will get there.

Don’t worry about anybody else! Kind of put those blinders on and you just have to do what you want to do with your business you’ll, get there maybe not right away, but that’s okay, you’ll get there in your time, but as far as just keep it motivated just keep doing it. That’s the bottom line. You’re you don’t keep doing what you think is important and you’ll stay motivated, make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Sleep is so very, very important if you’re not sleeping enough you’re not going to get as much done, you’re likely to be unmotivated. It’s just you don’t feel like doing it absolutely understandable and definitely diet and exercise that all comes into it. You know I have a similar article with productivity tips. It really is the same as you know you being productive as the same as you being motivated, read books.

Listen to you know that whole mindset is so very important, because why do people get unmotivated? They get unmotivated when they have too much on their plate and they get unmotivated. When they’re not seeing progress, you may not see progress for a little while this means a lot to you, then you have to hang in there. So how do you hang in there? You surround yourself with people that can help. You find a mentor, find somebody to bounce some ideas off of and that’s why that mastermind comes in, because honestly, it does help and they’re around you never say to me.

I can’t find anybody you can find somebody there’s people on line and, like I said, just, do a phone call. All of these things are going to help you, so these are just my tips today for staying motivated. I hope that this is somewhat helpful for you. It definitely has helped me, I see you know. I started a Facebook group a while back we’re just closing in on 5,000. So I’m happy about that, but it took work.

It didn’t happen overnight took a lot of me posting with really crickets. Nobody was answering just keep at it and I see the same in my own biz there’s definitely days that are bad days. There’s just no doubt about it and I wonder, do I still want to do this, but I’m motivated, I see people around me going forward. I know that I’ve had success and I’ll just keep on going, keep going, that’s the bottom line, and so I hope that you get there too.

You will could. Perhaps this is a bad day for you or bad week, or you know a bad few weeks. You’ll get over the hump. Life is just moments in time really, and these moments will pass so keep at it you’re doing great and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Now, if you like this article, do me a favor and give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to my blog and I’ll. Show you how different ways to increase your online presence all right, I’ll see you thanks! Bye, bye,

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