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Bloody Bill Anderson Birthday Celebration – Cowboy Action Shooting Style

Anderson you’ve seen him on the show before today we’re out here with the Hopkinsville claim jumpers in Yreka California, and we’re celebrating bloody Bill’s 84th birthday, yes, uh, which, if I did the math correctly, he was born in 1935. Yes, sir, so his lovely bride, Wichita Bell came up with this fantastic sweep to celebrate Bill’s birthday.

Here it is eight four plus shotgun the governor is going to be your choice. You’re, going to start with hands at low surrender, shotgun stays on the left table. Rifle stays in the center window and your pistols are going to be shot from here, knock down the shotguns in any order. If, with the pistols from the center window, you’re going to shoot the four targets in a 1935 sweep and what’s the significance of that 1935 bloody deal sweet dear, you have to start on the left target.

That would be the one. It’s a sweet. One 935 gun orders your choice, oh bloody, fail birthday boy! Does that camera going to be okay there, oh yeah, mutters shit, already goodness ready standby nice rond. Thank you. Thanks everybody for coming out and playing with us at Hawkinsville today and celebrating my favorite old guys, birthday number 84, let’s move to number 85 and beyond and beyond. Certainly Oh none at the little target.

Yes, none on that target, all right spotters. I got one. I got two three. Thank you. Judas ready stand by clean top three shooters today. Third place was Jedi Knight well by golly, happy birthday old man. You that kid ready stand by 2563 sputters! No, mrs. 2563! Thank you! Hey Bill, buddy bill. Yes, sir! Now, that’s how you shoot it! That’s right! All right! So don’t forget to wish my part bloody Bill.

Anderson, a happy birthday down in the comments section give this article a like and we’ll be around for another five years, ere folks, but least at least. I hope yep all right, I’m Jedi Knight this is bloody. Go ahead, bloody Bill, Anderson, we’ll see you in some other place and some other time second place was the birthday boy. Thank you for reading Jedi TV, it’s the best. You

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