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How To Get Ranked On Your YouTube s – YouTube SEO

Let’s see three simple steps to get your YouTube articles ranking on the front page. I don’t want to cover on question show how to rank YouTube article on the front page of YouTube before we starting. I want to show you something: have you heard the lady who’s making on million dollar a month from amazon? How does he do it? How does he make money using youtube articles using SEO backlinks to ranking amazon review articles on youtube genius? If you ask me, youtube is very powerful, so what I am going to cover how to get more views, how to stand out from the rest.

The three things you need to optimize: how to write article description, finding keywords to rank for getting to the front page of YouTube is not very hard at all. It’s a reserve then getting on the front page of Google, depending on the keywords you target. Of course, let’s have it look at some of my article that are ranking this one below is ranking. Second, if you want include the adverse for the keyword building a website online, it now has over 50 views in one day.

Youtube has not updated it in his. This image, yet this how to create a website or blog the first IAM title. Reviews 707 lacks 26,000, a 870 views. So this is the builds of the articles. This article, I uploaded 2 minute 30 minutes ago, it’s already ranking for my keyword. It also ranks for another cured. I have optimized one. If you use keywords, you will get a good visitor from YouTube. Is it really that easy to rank on YouTube? Of course, at least eighty percent of the case and articles on YouTube are not optimized very well.

At all, they don’t know how to rank your YouTube article. This gives you an advantage if you take a little time to optimize the article. Let’s look back at the image above for a second: do you notice my thumbnail stand out? This brings me in a lot of wheels how powerful art the thumbnails I to it get a look below in on month. On of my facebook, articles has over 7,000 hub use. This is interesting that thumbnails, if you make colorful that represent your blog and your title so beautifully, and you can get a large of views from on your YouTube articles.

As you can see, the article even managed to grab a spot on the front page of Google for my keyword, facebook, advertising tips – you can use titles as good as you can so with the combination of good thumbnails and first phase rankings. This article has brought in a good amount of article views. Yr v is important. Well, they give you a social proof. Do you click on articles with lots of bills? It’s in your it’s in our nature.

To do it getting a consistent amount, obvious oil also key help. Keep the article on the front page making my thumbnails is eyes easy I can make on in less than five minutes. Anyone can. I use a program called YouTube slicer. This is hands down the best program for making YouTube thumbnails, getting those view to articles on the front page of YouTube who’s. Before we do anything, we need to choose a keyword.

You can read all about the about how I find cures for YouTube in my Amazon cured researcher to hell you can search it in Google. Ok, then, you can also find cute sighs and by using youtube and type in the odd in the search bar cured suggest. Is another great great tool? Well, if, if you search about keyword suggests in Google, you will get a lot of website. I online you, give you a free keyword solutions so also you have a keyword it’s time to check out the competition.

I don’t expend much time on this. I simply look at the front ways. If I see that about fifty percent of the articles are less than a year old, then I will try to end rank for it. If the page is dominated by articles that are older than er old, then I will move on also youtube be likes new content. I find it hard to rank which Bo articles for keywords that are dominated by old articles. Remember. We are not willing deck links to these articles.

We simply just want to rank quick and easy. I like to choose on main cured, then two more related owns that I will add in. We need to optimize three things that are titles, description tags. That’s all. We need to do. We will be ranking in no time. I am going to show you how to do it. In this example, I am trying to rank for how to increase YouTube bill views and article rank YouTube YouTube SEO tutorial first phase of YouTube.

So in this feature you can see, I have covered most of my three keywords I like to keep my titles as Sir short, as I can only thing I did not write in was first phase. That’s okay, though, how to increase YouTube gives and article ranking. It is, it is a you see your tutorial, you can give this a title. Let’s do look at the description. I have colored coded it. You want to the description to be two in third 350 and 450 watts blue main cured and six sons of it pink.

Second and third keywords: green random, related cures makes your you have your main cured and parts of the others clothes in the first to line the base ranking based things about YouTube. It will show the relic rankings right away. You can change the description. Do loads of testing to see what gives you the best results? I might throw a few more words in this description and do more testing after this article.

You see where it takes me now for the tags it is. This is just food. The keyword you have chosen in the textbook section don’t put anything else. We don’t want YouTube trying to make rank for us a big list of random chaos. It’s much more important to concentrate on the owns. We actually want for rent once you have done it done. This the article showed rank on the first page of targeted keyword within five minutes.

Ending for your target audience will help you to get more views and expose. Do you need backlinks? Well, I have not used on a bank backlinks on any of my articles. It using backlinks will definitely give you an advantage. We, when trying to rank in Google to personally, I don’t know think back. Neil’s deck links are necessary when trying to rank on YouTube unless the key word is a hard to rank on.

If you have good way. Building rankings sorry backlinks for free then know how it doing final words. You don’t need fancy into programs to rank on the front ways to YouTube. I recently came across a tool that was forty nine dollars a month. All it did was to the research for you that I have shown you in that in this article flattened tenerife of as long as you have done some basic research. Everything in this article, you will have no problem ranking.

You can even use a writer for articles if you don’t. I want to write description yourself, so this was my tutorial for about SEO. Tutorials. Okay, my wife yards. Please like comment share and subscribe at my blog. Ok bye! You


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