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Tuo Cutlery Fiery Phoenix German Steel Complete Knife Set Review!

I’m sure you guys have seen a couple. You know in the articles that I’ve done I’ve used these a lot. I actually did an unboxing of the Damascus steel chef’s knife that I bought. I got hooked on these knives a couple months back. I was looking for some decent knives.

I’ve never really had high quality knives. I’ve always just had you know, whatever garbage that I could get on sale at Kohl’s or whatever just constantly trying to keep them sharp. I never really, you know, had any decent, really good knives, so I decided I want to start treating myself and I started doing these articles and started looking for something it wasn’t too expensive, but it was pretty decent quality and that would work really well.

For me, I’ve got some pretty big mullet head and paws here, so I needed something that would fit my hand good. So the first thing I actually started out with with these was this boning knife. I was looking for a decent boning knife and German steel and saw these handles. Somebody has recommended it to me and I went ahead and bought this one and I got it and I immediately fell in love with the handles.

I love this. The design of the pocke wood and the ergonomic grip fits my big hand really well, and I found that this, the German steel holds an edge, really well doesn’t get water spots and rust on it and, like I said I just overall liked the whole feel of This knife, so I went ahead and I started ordering some more. I ordered the regular German steel chef’s knife and that actually was a really good knife as well.

I like this, it’s very light, holds the edge real well same. German steel got me and excited about the carving knife and never had a really decent carving knife, so I went ahead and ordered this one as well. This one is like I said: I love this knife as well. It’s just got the same. High quality German steel holds an edge. Well, I’ve used this a couple times to cut pastrami roast stuff like that, and it works very well.

I can’t wait to use this on cooking. You know how about carve it up the turkey on Thanksgiving, so so that’s what I kind of started out with it started one two three you know for now: I’d ended up with this, the rest of the set, which is in a block the block set. All of these knives are actually none of these knives. These are all the ones you can buy single. You know in the single side, and actually this knife set has a few knives that you can’t get on its own, so I love the shape of this block.

The block is actually a linear design. Instead of you know, width wise this is goes long lives and it’s also not in a block shape. So I like this, it’s a different design kind of like the wood. It’s real heavy wood. It’s not light, it’s not something! That’s you know: it’s not preformed, or you know sawdust or anything like that. It’s real wood, you can tell it’s solid and what it comes with. It comes to these real heavy duty, poultry, shears that lock I’ve used these a couple times on chickens.

So far, it works real, well, they’re, very sharp, very, very sturdy. It comes with the paring knife same very high quality, Germans, German steel and holds an edge real. Well all these knives are full tang, which means the metal goes from one end to the other. All the way through, it’s not just pieces of metal glued together, so it’s one piece of metal all the way through and then the pocke wood is wrapped around and every one of the knives are like that comes with the five-inch utility knife, which is a good Everyday knife that comes with two cleavers, this one is kind of like a veggie cleaver.

They call it it’s kind of a different, more of a Japanese type shape. Then it comes with a traditional meat, cleaver kind of a you know a little bit heavier than the other one, a little bit more traditional design, but they’re all that same high-quality German steel and the santoku knife, which is more of a flatter. It’s not like the chef’s knife, it’s not angled! So it’s it’s kind of a flatter. Japanese style knife same German steel, and then it comes with the the honing steel as well, and this is very solid.

They said all these handles. The pocke wood is all very ergonomic and it fit real well, especially if you’ve got bigger hands like me and they’ll fit real well in this block. So that’s what I got these. These have been really awesome so far. They all hold an edge real well have had no problems whatsoever, they cut really well no rust on them and the water spots sticking to it and didn’t get them all rusty.

So I suggest you guys take a look at these. These come on sale. All the time on Lightning Deals on Amazon. I try to post them up on my Facebook group and page when they do just because I think they’re a really high quality knife for a good price. I got this on lightning deal for 50 bucks. They normally sell for around 80, which is fantastic, still high quality, Damascus, steel knife, but all these knives will come up on sale.

You know all the time, but even the everyday price that they’re selling at it’s very good. So I’m not going to cut anything up. I just kind of wanted to show these to you. I’ve cut with these knives all the time you can read my articles and see me cutting with them. I mean they all have very sharp my edges, so these all have a 15 degree edge which is kind of standard on the Japanese knives. So and that’s about it, I love these knives.

They looked really well and he said I like them just because they look cool and they laugh. You know, they’ve got a high quality, German steel and I know they’ll last me a long time and they didn’t cost me an arm or leg. I’ve seen people paying two hundred three hundred dollars for just one knife and they don’t look as good half as good as EES, so I suggest them highly recommend them. Thanks for reading, make sure you go ahead and, like this article subscribe, follow us on Facebook.

We have a group and a page and also follow us on Instagram and Twitter and thanks again guys and I’ll be back in another article City.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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