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2019/2020 The Focused Planner | Erin Condren

I was sent this item to take a peek at and share with you guys if I liked it so yeah. So thank you to the Erin Condren team for sending this my way. So the particular focused planner that I have there’s two separate options. This one is $ 39. You can personalize it.

I believe that there is a charge for that. Possibly you can always do. I think it’s down here, if I remember right, but there’s oil options and there’s also like the blind imprint, which is like reverse and brass embossing kind of so anyways. I chose not to personalize all so you can choose your calendar options, they’re all 12-month options, and you can start it like July to June or like all the way to just like January to December.

If that makes sense, so I got mine for a January through December. This book size is a 5 by 8, there’s also a 7 by 9 and then the 7 by 9. The larger one is $ 44. So let me show you what the 5 by 8 looks like next to a life planner. This is my current life planner that I am still working in until July. It might be July by the time you see this, I’m not sure but yeah. So this is the size different for you guys it’s like all the way up there, and then this one has a like luxe cover where this I got.

Ta looks cover this past year and I really love it so yeah, it’s like the same. You know nice hard board basically, but it’s very like it’s like a leather like feeling on there and it comes with a black coil. I’ve actually never had a black coil before I don’t think I don’t think I’ve ever had a black coil anyways but yeah. This is the black coil. Clearly it is so much smaller than the life planner one, but that’s because there’s less pages so, let’s open her up – and I should say also it only comes with the black cover – doesn’t have any options with that.

So, let’s open her up, donc done! Oh so pretty still has the woven wonder on the other side – and this is the focused planner from Erin Condren and I’ve actually never seen one of these in person before by the way so like bear with me. I’ve readed other people’s articles, but I’ve never actually like had one in my hands before this is kind of exciting. Alright. So then we have 2019 2020 holidays, which is great because you know you can start your planner anytime, but it is still a 12 month planner and then we’ve got important dates to remember and then all the months and then some notes pages and then there’s like These little oh cool, there’s like little cutouts and then here is your month at a glance which is great and then there’s a little next month over here, which I am loving, that they did that in the new Erin Condren life planners as well.

If you’re interested in that I’ll put a link somewhere for you, so this is January, and then this reminds me of like one of my dad’s planners that he had, but it was like way smaller. It’s a teeny, tiny, but it had these little like lifti tabs. That were just like that, so that’s kind of cool anyway, so this is kind of like where you can put, I don’t know it looks like maybe like notes or something for the month, so on this side, there’s some little circles, which basically are I don’t know To me, they look like checkboxes, but it seems like it’d, be really easy to make this really whatever you want cuz, it’s kind of pretty simplified over here.

It just says, notes and then aligned page and then same over here. Oh, are these undated? What I’m confused? Oh okay, so like there’s, no, like weekly pages hold on okay. So sorry, I’ve never seen these before alright. So I guess that this, maybe it would be your weekly page but it’d be like a Monday through Friday or like whatever five days. You work like one. Two three four five and then like notes, I don’t know, but that’s cool like if you just want to keep track of your schedule this way.

I think that is a really cool idea and then, like week, one of the month week, you know week two week, three four and you know sometimes there’s five, that’s kind of cool. I like that. You kind of like make it whatever you want, which is nice, so I know a lot of people really like this for just like sitting on their desk. You know if you work like in a more corporate place, and you really don’t want like this on your desk.

I don’t care, but I don’t. I actually don’t bring my planner to work, but I do have lots of accoutrements on my desk, which is totally fine in my working environment, and I totally understand if it’s not in yours. But this would be like a really easy thing to like. Take with you to like a meeting or something like that. Oh I should also mention the focus. Planner collection also has just like notebooks as well so yeah, but that’s something that take a peek at on the erin condren website.

I do not have one of those, but it is, you know something to look at if you’re in stir stir yield but yeah, let’s get to the back and see if there’s anything else back here, because sometimes there is – and sometimes there is not so we got To go all the way to December here we go done all right, so you’ve got our pages for the week. Okay and the very end hold on says. Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another: isn’t that the truth, and then on the back? It has also the woven wonder luxe cover on the back as well, so yeah these are really kind of cool.

I know this was like a really quick little walkthrough article, but this is pretty plain: there’s not much to it, but I can totally see you know certain types of people wanting to use something like this either on their desk or maybe it’s a family calendar or Something like that and yeah this is, this is actually really kind of cool. So let me know down in the comments. Are you a focused planner person? Are you a life planner person or maybe you’re, like a deluxe monthly person? I mean I don’t know, but let me know down in the comments below so that is going to be it for me today on the erin condren focus planner.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up, feel free to subscribe, and I will have an Erin Condren link down below for you guys, if your first time ordering from Erin Condren there is a special link for You, which will give you $ 10 off of your first purchase, Erin Khan, is going to send you a couple of different emails, and one of those emails will actually have a $ 10 unique coupon code.

For you, it’s a full disclosure. When you use your $ 10 off coupon and your item ships, then I get a $ 10 credit towards the website as well. There’s also another link. If you are someone, that’s ordered with Erin Condren before that’s just a link to the website, full disclosure on that one as well. It does say down there as well, but it is an affiliate link and I do get a small Commission for you guys using that link for me, sending it you there, so that really helps my blog and also Doyle’s bacon and kibble budget.

You know so anyways. Thank you guys so much for reading hope you enjoyed and I will see y’all in the next article bye guys well folks, it’s time to kick it old-school.


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