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My name is Matt and welcome to a new article, my blog today’s article, it’s going to be a little bit different because I have been recently seeing well not even recently, I’ve been seeing some shady shit on YouTube and I want to call out some people for It and yeah I’ve been actually wanting to do this for quite some time and now that I’ve grown the audience because of the insane growth on my blog lately.

I think it’s a perfect time for me to do it and yeah. I hope you guys enjoy before I’m even going to get into this article. I want to thank all of you for pressing the like button on my last article. I asked for a thousand likes and I got two thousand that’s so insane to me. Like honestly, I already know we’re going to hit fifteen hundred on this article and by the way, I don’t want you guys to go over to the people that are mentioning in this article, because I really don’t think they deserve any of the attention that they will Be getting from you guys so, first of all, let’s look at a youtuber called aka Ethan.

Now this youtuber is known for like few botting Sebata and all that kind of botting stuff. I really don’t fuck with it and I would let it slide if he hadn’t done the following. So basically what he did. He has been copying my articles for quite some time now. We maybe some of you guys remember when I made that Steam LevelUp article. It did quite well and he copied that, like I was like okay, why did you copy that? He was like? No, I didn’t copy like that kind of shit.

I don’t know why he could just admit that he copied it for me, but you know I didn’t really care at the time and now lately, since my scam articles, I’ve been doing really well on YouTube, he’s been trying to copy those as well look. I can’t complain about someone copying my articles because, obviously I don’t claim a topic or anything, but I knew that he was just looking at my articles and copying them straight away because he knew that I was getting a lot of views off of them now.

I do want to mention that I don’t want you guys to go over to his blog, because that will only help him out and give him more fuse, because he doesn’t give a fuck about any of his fans. That’s for sure, and next, like the 100 years that he gets without few body, I don’t want to give them any extra fuse, because you guys will be going over to his blog to do some like disliking and commenting nasty shit like don’t.

Do that it’s fine! He doesn’t deserve any of that attention, so on my blog, you probably notice that I’ve been giving away skin so like strangers and csgo. The series is doing really well and you guys seem to enjoy it a lot, and that would really make think that Ethan would do something like that as well, because hey it’s giving good fuse people love it you’re, giving back to the community but know this dude.

Doesn’t even do giveaways, or maybe he does that’s right just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse to do this doing say giveaways on his YouTube blog before his article starts, and those giveaways are obviously fake because he never announces the winner he’s giving away steam Carts, which is like really odd – and I just think it’s very Shady so recently csgo flips has been doing like giveaways with youtubers and they done one with me as well.

I just ended it, so you should follow me on Twitter. If you want to be a part of my giveaways and stuff, but anyway, the thing is, they did a giveaway with aka Ethan for a bayonet dopler, which is a very expensive skin. Of course now, when someone told me to look at the winner of today in a dopler giveaway, I was kinda like blown away or something because if you look at this dude’s profile, he joined the giveaway with a Twitter account that was like legit one day old.

If you look at his followers and it’s following it doesn’t add up, and that really makes me think that he just made another Twitter account himself get the skin sold through Opie skins. Because the thing is, whenever someone like wins the skin on Twitter, they usually post a screenshot to prove that they actually want and stuff, and usually the person giving away asks for that, so that the person who’s doing the giveaway collect proof that they’re doing an actual Legit giveaway, like that’s how it works, but when I went over to the giveaway winners profile of his bayonet dopler giveaway, there was like nothing to be found of any of those screenshots.

So that’s like a dead giveaway for me that the account is a fake. It’s just probably his own. I can’t make anything else off and what do you guys think about this? Let me know in the comments, so that was all I had to say about aka Ethan, let’s get on to the next guy that I want to call out. So next up on the hit list, is the man the myth, the legend? I can’t even believe I’m saying this Cuauhtemoc II, so I have some stuff to say about your boy Caleb and let’s get right into it.

So, first of all he’s doing a lot of giveaways on his YouTube. Blog you’ve probably seen this. If you’ve been on his blog once, he always starts off the article with doing a giveaway and I’ve actually never seen him announce a winner on his Twitter or on his YouTube. So therefore, I’m assuming they’re all fake, I don’t know why you would do that. He’s making so much money. Why can’t he just afford to give away a couple of nights and the reason? Why makes so much money’s, of course, because he does gambling articles and the gambling sites pay him to do articles, and not only does he make articles because sponsors are paying him to make articles on their website.

He also makes these articles just over ten minutes long. So you can put extra ads on the article to get more ad revenue now, I’m totally fine by youtubers putting their articles just over ten minutes to get an extra ad revenue, because making money on YouTube nowadays from only ad revenue is very hard. Now. A perfect example of someone who does boot in his articles just over ten minutes to get more ad revenue is Fitz, but Fitz honestly deserves way more than he actually gets.

So that’s like a prime example of someone who I really support doing that kind of stuff. But if you look at the way how quite a mess he does, it just makes no sense. It’s so fucking scummy. Whenever his article ends are like seven minutes. He just adds a three minute outro just to get this article over ten minutes long to get more money. Out of that, and, to be honest, is really fucking sad, because the only thing he does in this articles is start off by doing a fake giveaway, then talks about some sponsors in the article then shows an ad that actually does some gambling and then shows, like Seventy million other ads.

It’s just plain ridiculous and I don’t think it has to say anything about this guy anymore. So, let’s get down to the last person that I wanted to talk about in this article and that person is basil doom now. The reason why I wanted to talk about basil doom is because this guy’s, like in his 30s or something, and he still likes acting so immature on the Internet, and I just feel like addressing this, because his articles you’ve probably seen one of his articles because they’ve Been recommended quite some time, he makes like frag movies about be hopping and stuff and of course the fraks look really insane and everyone thinks the Edit is super nice as well.

So let me explain you something about this dude. If you go over to any of his bhop articles, you check the top comment on any of those articles. I can guarantee you that it’s always about how the frags are cheated now. Obviously, these flags aren’t legit they’re, like bhop cheated and, like some other hacks, have been used hitting these clips, and I really just don’t like him getting that much fuel on cheated clips and people supporting him that much yeah.

He might have changed the game files to make the guns look a little bit nicer with some other skins that he paid other people to make, but that should definitely not cover up the fact that the clips are being used in as fragmovie czar just cheated clips. From matchmaking and while base looms, clip slaves get him some more clips for these shitty-ass frag movies, they’re, obviously harming other people while playing against cheaters and matchmaking, which is definitely no fun for anyone.

Now, of course, at the end of the day, he has a fan base, and I appreciate that and some people, like his articles and like I honestly respect that people love his articles. But I just really don’t like the fact that he’s not disclosing cheated clips are being used in his frag movies and he’s just pulling Matthews off of that shit like it’s crazy dude, and that is why I’m handing the article right here now.

This is a little bit of a different article for me as you’ve seen, but I just really felt like I had to address these youtubers like doing these kind of things. I really don’t like it and that’s why I wanted you guys to know about what I think about these kind of things now. Obviously I want to know about what you think about these kind of things. So, of course, let me know in the comments down below before I end the article.

I want to tell you guys about one last thing and that’s my friends: abouna he has his own YouTube blog, I’m just giving him a shout-out because he’s been getting dislike, bought lately and it’s really nasty to see those things, because his articles are actually really good And I think he’s even a better youtuber than I am, so. How would you guys go over to his blog? His link will be in the description and show him some love from my side to his articles.

That would mean a lot to him, and that would mean a lot to me. I know you guys can do that because you’ve proven me wrong so many times already, and that was basically – and I hope you enjoyed the article and if you did please leave a like on the article subscribe to my blog if you’re new and, of course, if You want to support the blog go over to Matt, TF, calm and use any of the gamin, because that’s the way I keep my blog up and running and yeah

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