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When fellow tips on marketing online influencer, a magazine published, is influencer ignited course on how to make your name a six-figure business, but personal branding.

That’s actually been here for such a long time like if you say so on YouTube. You’ll find articles range of back from like six years ago, so it’s been here for years, but there’s still so many people that don’t know what it is or means. So basically, a personal brand is really simple. It’s you! You are your own personal brand. You know whatever age position or whatever business you happen to be in.

You are your own personal brand. You are like the CEO of your own company to be incorporated to be in business today. Your most important task is to be head marketer. Other brands called you. You know yourself, you need to be able to position yourself in such a way that amplifies what you stand for and what you believe in. So what know who you are, what you stand for and just making that visible it’s well, I shown your skills and your passion, and this is just key for being successful in this day and age, and I truly believe that your reputation I online and offline might Even be more impactful than your CV or resume like, for example, a few weeks back, I went to London for a business meeting for brand paneer and the way I got that meme was actually through my personal brand as well like they already follow me from.

Like my JV Fitness days, I used to have I pry it’s a brand paneer. I have an online coaching business called JD Fitness and a few of the staff members already follow that account and that website and ID followed by Janie on that. So they already knew about my personal brand and then that they needed solved to manage the social media, and you know I already knew who I was basically and all they wants to know a bit more about brand pannier, but other than that.

They already knew what I thought for what my passion was. How good I was by. I know building a brand online, so it was an easy decision for them to invite me over so London second example is like two clients that actually sign up from pannier this week, both lines from the US. You know complete different parts of America and nevertheless, like ya came in contact with them and they accepted we’re company and me to take them on as clients, because my personal brand, that they see my YouTube blog, they see my Instagram account and they could see the Quality, I could bring to them to their company today today online reputation and they knew that I could leverage social media to in and more money online.

So that is why they allowed me to take them on as clients for Anthony and the last example small example. Yesterday I had a meeting with a client already signed me and basically they’ve got a few ambassadors and affiliates, and you know like team members, and they would all day you see as well and what I’m actually came over to me and said. Like I already know you are, I already follow you on, like Instagram and social media stuff, like that, I he really knew me cause of my personal brand, which is weird because, like I’ve never met this guy before in my life, and he actually knew a lot About me, he already knew that, like I made the switch from fitness to business and that you would really enjoy anyway, I documented my journey, which is it’s really cool, to see to be honest and people actually take notice of what I’m doing so.

I hope that sorta gives you an idea of what a personal brand is now for step, two, how to actually grow, and I think that the first step in growing your personal brand is actually that you need to acknowledge that you’ve already got one. I hear people say they almost all have personal grounds who know like you’ve, already got occasional brand. You know your Instagram shows your personal brands like, if you put photos of you going to town or no getting up to all kinds with your meat, and that is your personal brand.

Your personal brand is what I’ll go and party boy what you know. Nevertheless, that is your personal brand step. Two for growing a personal brand is self-reflection figure out what your strengths are like, where and what you’ve achieved up until now, you know like what is your story? Write it down. Memorize it no practices you need to like master the art of storytelling and your story to be precise, step three is self-assessment.

So how do you perceive yourself and how the others perceive you, or how do you want to keep perceived by others, and is your like online reputation? Is that in line with how you want others to perceive you, but don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not like? I see so many people out there that showing this or like trying to portray this like successful lifestyle and be honest like within it’s only a matter of time before these people get exposed.

It’ll, be yourself, try and show where you are like in you know the stage of your journey like. That is why I’m trying to show you guys how I’m building my business rather than pretending that oh yeah I’ve got a successful business. No, I’m not trying to say that I’m showing you how I’m building my business, no, my boobs business is not nowhere near six figures. You know it’s not a successful business just yet I’m just starting out and I’m showing you guys how I’m building it.

You know be transparent, show people who you are like really authentically, don’t try and pretend that you saw on that you’re. Not there for and go on a personal brand is amplify once you know your message once you know what you stand for then tell it to the wheels sell it to everyone. You know wait make sure that every message you put out online or offline is in line with your message and what you believe in and like.

Maybe it’s not like the most popular thing that I now there’s. Entrepreneurship is very, very popular online, but if that is not something that you’re passionate about or something that’s part of, you, then don’t pretend that you’re that person, you know just stick to your guns and tell people your story and your vision and in the long run, Like you will build a really strong tribal community around your personal brand and my last tip for building a personal brand is just to let it evolve.

You know we all, maybe change. You know we grow all there. We we we, you know, we get more skills and experiences, and it’s really important to let your personal brands do the same. Let it evolve know, don’t let it grow stale. You know I grow with you as your problem. Try new things. You know like seek new experiences and just let it lie clean and grow and evolve. Well, you know, being your authentic self and with that said, I dunno wrap up this article here.

Let me know in the comments down below, if you got some house at this article and also I am really passionate about making pram paneer and movement a tribe, a community. So if you made it to the end of the article, leave your Instagram username in the comments down below, and I will make sure to follow you guys thanks for reading like the article, if you liked it subscribe the blog for more and I hope to see You soon got to do what I got to do.

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