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What’s going on is Casey from Casey sounds calm, so today’s article is learn from my mistakes. So if you’ve been keeping up with the articles that I’ve been putting out, you would know this put a article up about having your own website. So in that article I was talking about why you should have a website and why it’s a good thing to have made you look professional and you can make it your home page and you can make it branded and all that good stuff yeah.

It’s just positive. Just all positive stuff, but in that article I didn’t mention the fact of you could possibly get hat, which is something that’s happened to me in the last week within the last week. So what happened was? I was super net. My website doing all this added some new stuff to the blogs and Supan up the SEO, because I obviously I want to rank higher for selling beats and mix and mastering so I thought to myself.

Let me just put Casey sands in Google search and see will come up. I’ve done that and then clicked and then I could see the description box saying something completely different to what I saw and you can imagine I was devastated. But at first I didn’t realize that I was hacked. I didn’t realize how much I would have to do to get it back up and running. So when I, my Instagram story is talking about it and kind of like laughing and joking about it.

Some updates to my my website and sorting out the SEO and stuff like that yeah. So I thought, let me just put a quick search in and see what comes up for the description theme. Look what it says after laughing and joking about it, I think about couply. I was laid up. I realized that had been hacked and it’s going to cost me quite a bit of money to sort and this I could do myself, and so I got on the phone to my web hosting.

They quoted me a price for them to fix it, and I was just like wow. That’s a lot of money. I thought is just going to be like a little plugin. That’s cause my website to crash. So I’ll. Just talk to my web host a they said to me that I’ve been hacked and is malware on my actual website, so I’m using the WordPress plug-in, which is something I spoke about in my article saying that yeah you should use this plugin as well.

I don’t get me wrong, the plugins nicest it looks the part, but then is also these other factors that you need to think about and have in place to make sure that you don’t get hacked and that your security is up to scratch watertight. So I spend a good couple of days researching how to get rid of malware, what plugins used to get rid of the Marwin of WordPress back-end, and it set me back. It did sent me back good couple of days.

I had obviously other people’s work, gigs mix and mastering to do and stuff. I wanted to put a new tube that I couldn’t cuz. I put it on the back burner just to sort this website out, because I didn’t want people to go in to put Casey sands in or go and look for beasts and then click on it and then cedar. I’m selling because something completely different, which is not good for a first time, client or first time, man.

These are so this articles. It’s about you! Learning from my mistakes, don’t make the same mistake that I did if you want, if you’re wanting, if you’re running a WordPress website, make sure that you’ve got all security that you need, you’ve got your malware protection. Your backing up your website, changing your passwords regularly regular! I’m not hundred percent how they had they managed to hack me when I spoke to the web hosting they said.

Is it’s a common thing malware to get on there? So now I’ve got all the security up to date. Passwords have been changed, it’s something that I want to do regular, because I kind of like put a password in and forgot about it. I wasn’t updating it regularly. I wasn’t backing it up, which is something which I ain’t going to happen again, because I’m making sure that I’m on top of it, because that took so much time and effort just trying to get it back to normal and have my Meta Description.

Saying what I sell, beats and mix and mastering services so yeah, please make sure if you are running a website, WordPress website that you’ve got all the necessary security, malware protection web hosting security. Even if you have to pay that extra bit a month. Do it because trust me, when you get hats, it is devastating and it takes a lot of time to get it back up and running it, and you also cost a lot of money which you might not want to pay out.

You could use that money on creating ads or buy studio equipment. Yeah just learn from my mistakes. Don’t do what I did him up and his scrambling got any question, I’m always replying to questions and my DM so feel free to hit him up on. In start, if this article has helped at all hit the like button, hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bar, so you get notified any time off with a new article as per usual.

I appreciate your time. Thank you for reading.


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