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2016 Accelerate Business Development Summit

Business development is going through more change today, then they probably experienced in the last five to ten years, and so from our perspective, it’s a great time to get this community together to talk about that change and help our clients and our law firms figure out what They can do to rapidly accelerate their growth.

Hence the name accelerator econo forward is a law firm to grow in efficiently and growing efficiently means making the most of your marketing gola, making the most of the business development efforts and what we’re trying to do it accelerate is give people the right tools and the Right analytics through interaction to enable them to go back and we drive successful, no fair. What drew me to this is that was an opportunity to meet and speak more directly with colleagues from other firms, other service providers.

Well, a lot of my peers around the country are going to be here as good opportunity to get together with them sometime we like to share ideas, and the programming is a really different from anything I’ve been to before. It’s been great, a lot of really good content, great speakers. It’s made me think about a lot of things that I wouldn’t otherwise have came to the pre conference session. Very engaging it’s been that way non-stop for the past has sort of two days.

There’s a whole suite of offerings that law firms can benefit from whether that be our business development maturity model that helps more firms benchmark themselves against their industry, peers on how they’re doing across seven dimensions, business, development activities or whether it’s using some of our technology in Interaction, our new business edge opportunity, tracking software or IQ of software that have uncover relationships records out today.

I’m really looking forward to being able to do some dashboarding, so we’ve been doing all of it by hand and some of the stuff that I saw her with business edge. It looks pretty sophisticated in terms of the dashboard and I think what we’d like various of what we’ve done. It, who created this wonderful conversation between worthy talons of marketing, executives, to focus on the things that work well and drive more success into those areas.

To really focus on what they can take away and make them often better and and for us, what we’re going to do me better as well.

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By Jimmy Dagger

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