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Advice From Veteran BeatStars Members

If I have one piece of advice, I can give anybody who’s trying to sell more beats or start learning. How to sell beats is do not quit and I know I as please Shay as it sounds, do not quit. I went from making this much money to this much money. It got so bad. I had a couple hundred dollars in my PayPal account. I mean I hit rock bottom literally and I had to go off and get a job and I end up getting a job, and I worked at that job for one day, not even a full day.

It was my 8-hour 8-hour shifts and while I was working the man I wasn’t sitting there thinking to myself, like you went from being a boss to an employee, I’m like no, like this ain’t, the life. You know I’m say this ain’t, the life I want for myself. I can’t do this like. I need to be doing what I what I know I was made that I was born to do and that’s great music and making money off what I love to do.

So in that night, when I got back home, I got on my grind. I got a lot grind dude. I don’t know how I got a game plan for me. I realized the game had changed. You know yet social media really poppin off back when I was rocking the thing it was really just MySpace and then you to start jumping off on Twitter. All these different little social media accounts start popping off and I wasn’t on any of them really.

I wasn’t if I did have a kind. I wasn’t utilizing them as I should have been, so I had to take a step back and read how the younger cats, who making money now and I had to read how he was moving now. I didn’t try to change my sound to to copy emulate a song. I stuck with my son, I stuck with the sound allure to do, but I readed how they moved. How did promoting, and I mean when I came when I tell you I came back – I came back in full of faith.

My financial status blew up more than I can imagine, even when I was big back in the rock better days and all of other beat websites the money, don’t even compare to what I’m making now right here, 2018 and and since then, I’ve been able to buy My first home in a nice, beautiful, suburban neighborhood, some I would have never imagined and I filed a game book or what I would have quit and stay working at that.

What a job this wouldn’t be possible. So I’m telling you right now: I don’t care how old you are. 16. 15. 38. It don’t matter, do not quit. Do not quit. I’m telling you it is real, it’s lame signing, but do not quit. I am living proof, I’m living proof that you can make it happen. I know the highest, I know the loads, I know it’s hard selling beats online. I know it. I know that you know I’m saying everybody telling you this side of sell beats this.

Why I sell beats and in the scene, man it may seem like it’s not working for you, but stick to it. Stick to it. Don’t quit cuz! Oh bless. They might be right around the corner. If you give up you’ll, never see it you’re. Not I’m saying you never on get there, and that would be my best advice for anybody. Don’t give up no matter what, like I said, I’ll Carl corny as hell, don’t give up I’m being 100 % real with you, don’t quit man, peace? What’s up everybody taste, the producers problem, member of be stars, family happy to be here, one tip that I would give everybody every producer on the B star site, I would say: stay consistent and stay engaged with your fans and your clients and things like that.

Stay. Consistent, keep it good material out and just stand on top of you know, keeping yourself consistent, keeping yourself new, always improving and always giving new material to the people, and that way you’re always in their face, and you always have your brand showing to them, and they Always have you on their mother so that you can just keep moving forward, getting more customers and more clients having your your business snowball into something huge, but that would be the number one tip I’d be able to give to your piece.

So this is Gabe from the production team Legion beats. I can offer some advice to other producers. It would really be make sure you’re providing value first, so always think about what, if you’re talking to a potential client customer a partner? How can I help this person? First, what can you do for that person? Because what that’s going to do instead of you thinking about how can I make a quick buck from this person? It’s going to create a long-term relationship with that person and it’s going to be more valuable in the long term.

So, if you think about like okay sure you might be able to sell something real quick to somebody. But if somebody comes to you for advice – and you give them an answer that maybe makes a little less money for you up front but makes that person a customer for life, the lifetime value of that customer is going to be more on. The same thing goes: if you’re talking to potential partners, people that you want in your team, all that kind of stuff always think about what kind of value can I provide first, and that’s really something that’s going to build that foundation and set you up for the Long term, so that you can do what you love for living and make music, which is something that I’m super grateful for, and I’m only able to do because of the team that I have leading beat squad.

And I’m also super grateful to the beat stars. Team aid, the whole team for creating a platform that allows me and the rest of my team to do what we love for living so guys, sony o beats one tip that will give you guys stock some party now or are established, be consistent release a beat. Every month, every week, every day to always be consistent, always peace. What’s going down, I’m DJ paying one platinum producer been making beats for a long time, and it really took me up until the last couple months.

Maybe the last three or four months from my online beats tour to really become a substantial source of income. It takes a while to build up a small business to the point where you’re, where you’re turning a profit, and it takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of energy and it takes some initial investment. I think I would have gotten my online sales moving a lot faster. Had I just taken the marketing a little more seriously invested, some more money focused on a consistent upload schedule built my catalog up.

So if I had to give one piece of advice, well, I’ll give a couple pieces of advice to someone just starting out selling beats online I’d, say number one build your catalogue up, get as many beats. Now some people say 50, some people say a hundred, but just just get a lot of beats up there and put yourself on an upload schedule. Maybe two or three beats a week and then, once you have a fair amount of beats up on on your beats store, then really learn all the different marketing options and utilize them see, which one works best for you, whether it’s using Facebook Ads manager running ads On individual beats, Instagram, which is a part of Facebook’s ad manager using beat stars promotional options which which work pretty well.

Google AdWords as a marketing platform just understand that when you create a beat store, you’re, creating a small business and you have to act accordingly, all small businesses invest in advertising and marketing. So don’t be like me. Don’t wait too long to realize that and take that seriously and have faith in yourself to the point where you’re investing some money and bringing customers in yo what up beat stars? This is verbal for fat, sound records.

I think the best advice I could give to up-and-coming producers or people in the game trying to get further along, but really just to be open-minded to evolving, to take advantage of the modern techniques and advancements in technology. For instance, I’ve been incorporated machine into my workflow. The last few years, which is really broaden my palate musically and made quicken up the pace of really just creating the ideas.

Now, no matter where you are in the game, you can always get better. You can mix better. You can arrange better. You can get better. No matter what you think in your head, so really just to be open-minded and never become complacent, just keep getting better and never stop. So this is verbal for fat. Sound records, be stars.

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