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How to Make a Million Dollars on the Internet

That book happened to be a book about blogging. For those of you who know my story, you know That I ’ ve been a writer since I was 14 And though I ’ ve been hearing a lot about. Blogging, I never really knew how blogging worked. None did I expect any miracle by reading A book written by my friend Unexpectedly, I found a miracle inside the Book I was to review and that miracle was too simple for me to not have known until Then I’ll tell you this miracle I discovered in The course of this article I’ll also try and show you how to discover A million-dollar business opportunity on the internet If you’re new here consider subscribing so That you won, ’ t miss other interesting articles like this Familiarity breeds contempt When I think about the internet and how much People abuse it when I think about the internet and see the massive unprecedented opportunities It present I don ’ t, have words to explain why so many educated people are poor, even Though they have an internet connection, This may sound funny, but I think it’s saddening.

That people have the most powerful technology ever invented, (, the internet, ) for free and Yet they don ’ t make use of it for their advantage. I can ’ t believe that, But I know why this is so It ’ s called familiarity It. ’ s often said that familiarity breeds Contempt and that ’ s! What has happened with the internet, Because we have this miracle inside our phones, We don ’ t take time to think about the misery of it.

If we had taken time to think about the misery Behind the internet, that would have prompted us to search for the opportunities it brings: Two Keys of wealth There, two things that make people rich just Two things, Those two things are attention and trust and The internet gives you the two almost free To be wealthy. You need to earn people, ’ s. Eyeballs, either for yourself or for your product, This is very important and I ’ ll get you To see it, You see the most expensive resource in the World is attention.

If you can get enough attention, you can make A million dollars next week, You think about these. What does it take to Be a successful musician, Very simple, get 10 million people to know You, What does it take to be a successful actor, Get millions of people to know you? What does it take to be? A successful writer Get a few millions of people to know you and Hundreds of thousands of them will buy your books.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Get millions of people to know about your Products, at least that ’ s the first important thing, because if people don ’ t know about You or your product, then they can ’ t love you or your product. Even if you have the Best product in the world, I think this is simple to understand right Now that you ’ ve, understood this. Let me Tell you something that will shock you: the world used to be a village, a village where You needed a letter before you could communicate with someone a few miles away Up until when the radio was invented in the Year 1895, nobody could communicate with 10,000 people easily.

Then the TV was invented in the year 1927. It was a bigger miracle. Now we could not only speak to thousands Of people, but we could also get them to see our faces and our body language. That was a big opportunity for many smart People because it was easier to sell when people see images and hear voices than when They hear your voice alone, But it was still expensive To advertise in the Newspaper cost.

Thousands Of dollars To buy 10 minutes every week on the radio Was too expensive for 98 % of people To buy 15 minutes every week on the TV was Impossible, except for the wealthy companies, Because the attention was monopolized wealth, Was also monopolized, Buy something was coming and that is the internet. When the internet came it democraticalized The most expensive resource in the world attention Now attention is democraticalized and anyone Can get it, But yet most people don, ’ t care about it.

Let me tell you a personal story. My first successful business is an Agric technology. Company To market our products, we didn – ’ t spend Any dollar on the Radio or TV We never had a signpost or a billboard. What we did was to create a website blog And after some hard work, clients started pumping in We sell out services to more than 15 states. In my country and about 3 continents in the world, Let me tell you what you already know that Is a miracle I can ’ t.

Imagine a better word to qualify. That I mean you can ’ t, do what we did just 30 Years ago, except you, ’ re the child of a billionaire, But because the most valuable resource in The world attention has been democraticalized, anyone can now become rich if they want. Let me tell you about this blog. You see, I ’ ve been a writer since, when I Was a teenager and I always love to talk, teach and inspire people, But if I were to be an adult in 1975, well, It would have been 10 times more difficult for me to get people ’ s attention or I would Never have gotten it at all, But think about this.

Just yesterday I was Checking the dashboard of this YouTube blog and I discovered that last month, the Month Of July 2019, our blog was readed by 1.2 million people, I don’t mean to say 1.2 million views. No, I mean 1.2 million human beings from more Than 25 countries, I don ’ t know what you think, but I ’ ll tell You what I think this is insane. This is crazy and impossible. Just a few decades.

Ago, How can you sit down in your office and have The attention of more than a million people, That’s the power of the internet, and if you Want to discover the opportunities to create wealth on the internet. You have to realize Cherish and worship this miracle called the internet. The Trust I told you earlier that there is two key to Massive wealth, The first key is attention. You need eyeballs for yourself or your product.

Before you can be rich and nothing in the history of the human race gives you such attention. Cheaper than the internet, Now let ’ s talk about trust. The first thing you have to understand is That nobody trusts a ghost, so people only trust you after they know you and that’s why Attention is the primary and most important thing When enough people know you and trust you You can sell them any helpful products or services, and you can make as much money as You want So how do you earn people? ’ s, trust! Well.

The internet provides the best answer. Show up Contribute, Help and love. You can do all these almost free with patience. And persistence, you can build an audience that knows and trust you. So what is people? ’ s problem. I explained all these concepts as if they’re So simple and I honestly believe that it ’ s simple. So if it ’ s simple, why don ’ t people do It Well, let me tell you the concluding part: Of the story, I told you at the beginning of this article, You see until I read my friend’s book about Blogging, I did not understand how blogging works.

The simple thing that changed my life was That my friend wrote in his book about how you can use Google Keyword Planner to know What people are searching for on the internet? That single knowledge changed my life because I never knew that there was any software like this. If I could know what people are searching. For I can know their problems and if I can know people ’ s problems, I can create a solution That ’ s the miracle that changed my life.

The miracle you need is in the knowledge of The enormous opportunities you have inside your phone – You can only get this if you ’ re, curious. And willing to search and learn, I ’ ve tried my best in this article by telling You to cherish and value the internet.I’ve tried to give you a simple formula about the Way wealth is built by getting attention and trust for yourself or your products. If you can get a million people’s attention, And earn the trust of half of them.

You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars every Year, If you can get 10 million people to know you And make 5 million of them to trust you? You can make millions of dollars every year by Creating helpful services or products for these multitudes, How you get that attention and trust is by Showing up and contributing The more you show up and the more contributions You make the richer, you ’ ll, be Stop making excuses.

The internet is a miracle, Be curious and learn how the internet works. And you won, ’ t lack for money. I hope this article helps a few people and I ’ ll. Make more articles to help you to further understand how the internet can make you rich? Thank you so much for reading our articles. Do you love to start your day with high energy? Then we invite you to join our new blog Which was designed to give you daily inspirational articles that will help you to become a high Achiever, We call it “ Inspiration, Tube, ”, Look at the description box to join the Inspiration.

Tube, We Love You

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