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How To Upload Your Music To TikTok | How To Get TikTok Famous P2/4

What I want to talk with you guys about is how you can get your music on tick-tock now. This is pretty much a DIY way that you can do in case. Your distributor is not letting you put your salon on tick tock, for whatever reason now.

This would pretty much give you a high quality version that you can use as a part of your tick-tock content and for your ticks out campaigns that I know you guys have been planning now. This article is a part of the brand man network, tick tock series I’ll make sure to leave a link to those other articles in the description below. We also do tick tock consultations for those of you who are thinking about running those types of campaigns, I’ll make sure to link that in the description below as well.

Now, before we get into the tick tock stuff come and follow me on Instagram, I make sure to put my name on the screen. Come talk to me. Come engage with me. Come give me some article ideas, all of that good stuff. Now, with that being said, let’s get right into it. Now, for those of you who may not know tick, tock is pretty much a social media outlets used for lip-syncing articles sketches comedy stuff.

It’s pretty much vine 2.0 for those you who remember that the app has been used in previous viral campaigns, with the most notable being little knobs X’s. Oh time row. Now it’s something that men Shawn have preached you guys before that you should hop into. But before you can start to run your campaigns on that, whether it be through your own content or through influencers is, you must first get your music on the platform now normally.

This is something that your distribution would handle, but I have gotten DMS and emails from people asking. What are you doing the situation that it’s not on there? What do you do if you’re, a distributor does not offer the service to put your music on tick tock? So what I want to do is go into my phone and show you guys pretty much the DIY way that you can put your music on the platform in a pinch, all right guys.

So here we are on the home screen in my phone now the method that I’m going to show. You is pretty much the best way that I’ve seen to put your songs on tick-tock. It gives you the ability to put a high quality version of your song on there, and it also allows you to choose which section of your song that you want to actually be on tick tock, outside of that it links back to your profile. So as you’re doing what you do and the song starts to spread as people are using it and clicking on it and seeing it they’ll be able to see that it started on your profile now.

For this example, we’re going to assume that you know Drake has reached out to me and asked me to put his song on tick tock, because his label has dropped the ball, and just like you guys, I would tell Drake that the first thing he needs to Do is to create some type of promo article with the song attached now this can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be, meaning it could be an animated article or it could be you dancing to the song or like a mashup of Clips or it could be something as simple as the cover art, with the song underneath now I already created one so pretty much.

What I did is this so, as you can see, it’s nothing crazy. It’s just a cover art with the song playing underneath. Now I made this in adobe premiere. If you don’t have access to the adobe suite and I would recommend you something like iMovie or whatever the Android equivalent of our movie. Is you pretty much just need a software or app that allows you to edit article or stitch together pictures and music or article, or something like that now I’ll talk about a different method later that, if you just for whatever reason, can’t get access to these types Of resources there’s something else that you can do.

The quality of the song will be a lot lower in that, but it’s something that you could do in a pinch like, I said: if, for whatever reason you really can’t find an app or a software or something to edit articles on now, once you get you A problem of article credit: what you’ll want to do next is to actually go to tick-tock. So so here we are um. This is tick tocks, home screen. Pretty much content from people doubt that you already follow is the first thing that shows up.

You can see in the bottom left that there’s the home screen. You have your discovery button, which is pretty much the equivalent of instagrams Explorer fee. You have your inbox and then you have your homepage now. What you’ll want to do is you’ll want to click that plus button in the bottom middle of the screen. This brings you to the screen where you can either create a article. You see, has the filters, the timer, the flash all that cool stuff.

What you’ll want to do is you’ll want go to upload on the bottom right and you want to upload your promo article and it pretty much brings you to this screen. You just want to click Next and then once you get to this screen, you’ll want to click Next as well, and it pretty much bring you to the posting screen now, of course, you want to add some type of caption. It doesn’t have to be complex. Don’t overthink it so it could be something like new single out now stream it on all platforms, something like that you can be as creative as you want to be.

You can use hashtags on tik-tok, so very similar to Instagram and Twitter. Tick saw also uses hashtags to categorize your content to help spread it out. You can use genres, other artist names or I would recommend going to the the Explorer feed of tick, tock and kind of stealing hashtags from those posts and using it there, and you also want to leave the article public. You want people to be able to see it unless, for some reason, I guess you do something weird with it.

You don’t want people to see it for the most part, you’ll just want to leave the article public. So once you have this situated you’ll just want to post a article and it does take a while for the article to go up, but once you have a situation we’ll move on to the next step. So now we have our post. What you want to do? Next is to click on the post and, as you can see, and that bottom of the screen, the bottom left, you see the music icon.

That is pretty much the sound. So you see it says original sound Cory. So whenever you make a article on tick-tock or you upload something, it’s always an original sound, that’s attributed to you now. What you’ll want to do next is you’ll want to click on the sound, and it will bring you to this page right here now. This page is what everyone sees whenever they click on a sound. It pretty much shows what was the original article so going back to it’ll be linked to your page.

This is what I meant and you’ll just want to come up here to the top and click Edit. Now, if you’re, a tick-tock page is your artist name, then you don’t need to put your artist name in the title. So if my was called Drake, if I was Drake, then I could just put the song how about now and very similar to the sound. It would be how about now my ad named Corey, but if your ad name isn’t your artist name.

That says something unique. Like how Drake’s Instagram name is champagne poppy, then you will want to put your name in this, so it would be something like this so Drake how about now – and you can’t use dashes in the title, so you can’t have it dashed out so you’ll have to Pretty much leave a space out so Drake. How bout now put your title and then click confirm, and it does take a second, so I’m going to close out tick tock and come back into it just to show you guys what’s up so now that it’s kind of taking a second to update ourselves.

If you come back to it, you can see in the bottom left now. It says how about now Drake how about now and as you can see right there, like, I said if your artists name is your profile, you don’t need to put it in there, but like I’m, not Drake, so it has to be in there. So this is pretty much the best way to upload a high quality audio of your song tik-tok. The only downside to this, as opposed to having your distributor do it is.

It doesn’t link directly to your Apple music, which, yes, there is kind of a problem, but I personally feel like if the song is good and you’re really pushing it and you’re really promoting it and people like it, they will go, find it they’re not going to. Let the fact it isn’t linked directly to it to Apple music, stop them from being able to find your song. Now earlier I did say that there’s another method that you can do if, for whatever reason you don’t have some type of article editing software and that’s pretty much if you go back to the the plus button, where you can make a article, what you could do Is you could record a article with the song playing in the background? Like I said it will give it a very low quality sound, but it is something you can do and then pretty much follow the exact steps, as mentioned before and that’ll get you set up.

That’ll give you the ability to still create the song and rename it whatever you want it to be so there we have it guys like. I said that is the DIY version of putting your song on tik-tok. If, for whatever your reason, your distributor is not letting you so get creative with your promotional articles because there will be public, people will be seeing it on your page as you use it, because I’m going to assume that you’ll be actively using your tik-tok page.

So make something brand, that’s know congruent to your brand, something that’s compelling, make sure you get the catchiest part or the best part of your song on there and yeah go ahead and get yourselves Leon, tick tock! So there’s guys that’s pretty much. How you will put your music on the platform now, like I said before this article is the first in a series of articles from the brand men Network detailing how you can best use to talk to help you out.

If you would like to check that out, I make sure to put the link to that in the description below now. As always guys, if you feel like you, learn anything today, please like and share this article hit those post notifications as well. Is I wouldn’t want you guys to miss anything once again, my name is Cory and I’ll see y’all next time.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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