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Beast is a genius entrepreneur and youtuber and how you can apply his strategies to fast-track your own goals in any industry or field. Now, if you don’t know this guy mr. B’s is making [ Laughter ] like please put your right hand on this cash dead-serious last one of you to take your hand off this million dollar stack of cash keeps it. I don’t care if it takes an hour day week month year.

I don’t care if it takes a decade, the last one of your hands to come off. This million dollars keeps it. So how did this guy in his early twenties that did attend college or special YouTube? Ninja training camp, build one of the fastest growing, followings and, more importantly, to us here on this blog one of the largest and fastest growing businesses on YouTube. And what can you learn from his journey that you can apply to that side, hustle, you’re thinking about launching or that business you’ve been trying to grow a lot? So, just in case I get to a point that you already know you can find the time queue for each section down in the description to jump ahead.

This is millennial money in business. We share the tools to help. You escape your nine-to-five with confidence every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So please do me a favor hit like and subscribe. It tells the algorithm to short article to more people, and it gets us that much closer to hitting our goal of becoming the first woman led business blog with more than 1 million subscribers and, of course, a quick shout out to Patti Galloway for inspiring this article.

With his own, why, mr. Beast is a genius article masterfully done and we will be referencing some of his points moving forward now, as of this recording, mr. Beast has 4.5 billion with the B views 720 articles and makes around half a million dollars a month on Youtube, so where do we even begin? Do we start with him giving away 1 million dollars this past December, or do we start with him giving away a bunch of cars at a free car dealership he created in one of his articles? We start at the very beginning, which I know will be a great lesson for anyone that is still searching for their passion.

Here’s what mr Beast earlier articles look like not yet what’s up guys and welcome to episode one of my minecraft letsplay, the seed I use for this world is my name and we spawned here. There’s 4 is a village and yeah that’s this is you know the world I’m starting to? Let’s play it’s nothing like his more recent article, where he’s giving away tons of cash, but it’s important that you see the fact that he just started with something that interested him minecraft, and this is what led him to discover his passion for creating viral content.

Now, if you’re still searching for your passion, pay attention, did somebody say now here are the four steps to finding your passion? One curiosity, hmm. Can I do that to interest? That’s the next step, while you’re learning about your theme, three action now you’re, not just talking and just planning you are being about it. You are doing the thing which will always bring you to step four passion, and this step is actually a question.

Am I willing to continue doing my thing in pursuit of becoming the best in the world at it and if I never reach that goal, will I be satisfied that I pursued it? If the answer is yes, you found your passion. If not, you’ve got to get curious and start the process all over again. Just those four steps now back to mr. Beast, he set out to become a gaming commentary blog because this was his area of interest.

Then taking action is what led him to discover his passion for creating viral content, and he is now one of the best in the world at it just check the trending page. If he’s posted recently, his article is right up there at the top. Now, let’s talk about the business side of him, starting which will keep relatively short because what started with an iPhone 5 and then I got an iPhone which then, because I had a Windows Phone which only recorded like 480.

I couldn’t record so once I got iPhone after over four years of like all this stuff, then I started recording myself and I moved a little bit away from gaming and then I was able to buy a camera, and but I got like 200,000 subscribers with, like An iPhone 5 has evolved into this. You want to know what I just realized: we’re giving away a million dollars. How much does a million dollars way? I think that’s like two thousand pounds.

It’s a ton literally. We didn’t even plan that anyways. Yes, this is by far our most expensive article, a million dollars Plus this everything in here. This is going to cost like 1.2 million dollars. I won’t be able to feed you for a few months, so I can going on a diet. If you end up winning you’ll get a hundred grand of your guys million dollars – oh yeah, so you should, you should go, make sure he wins.

Then! Okay seriously, though, I can’t believe we’re spending a million dollars on this article. That’s so much money, it’s just crazy! Cuz! Three years ago I was making nothing off this blog and now we’re literally giving away a million dollars like what happened. You get a job. You set aside a little bit each month until you have what you need to invest in your business. Then you roll the money you make back into it: no loans, no investment, just you or him investing in your project and growing that project or side hustle with the money it generates.

Honestly, it is the only way you should be starting a business as a new entrepreneur, the only way. Otherwise, you will make really stupid decisions with other people’s money, because you haven’t been forced to innovate and figure out issues at their core because throwing money at something is almost never the answer. But when you’re starting out that’s what you’ll do you have the growth stages? A term used in business to describe the stage where a new company is growing rapidly fast to get more customers and develop a better product without worrying too much about being in profit.

Mr. Beast applies the same concept to his YouTube blog, which I find to be a fascinating model and a very clever move, pretty much all the money. Mr. Beast has made from his articles up until this point has been reinvested into making even better articles, so he set up shop by bootstrapping. You saw that old minecraft article. He could have waited for better equipment and he could have waited for this or that, but instead he started with what he had and when he started making money.

He rolled that back into his business to fuel its growth and built his subscriber base up to 200,000. With just an iPhone, I can’t tell you how much I respect that he is 100 % a self-made man, and it could be that he was just smart enough to know not to blow his profits on himself, but I also think it’s just that he cared about His viewers so much: why? Wouldn’t he reinvest the money, they were, helping him make into better quality and a better experience that part cannot be taught in the book that genuine concern and focus on the viewer that comes from the heart is what makes him a genius which brings us to part 3, you content.

Now I touched on this earlier. Mr. B’s made about 400 articles to reach 10,000 subs, which is a lot of articles and not the quickest growth, but when he shifted his focus to making content about other people and about what his audience was actually searching for that changed. Everything as the inspiration for this article, Patti Galloway, explains it was when he first started, making articles on trending topics and other large youtubers that he really started to see his first traction.

He realized that, to be quite honest, people didn’t care about who he was back. Then he had to talk about topics. People did care about first. This is quite commonly called trend jacking within the YouTube community. So how can you apply this as a side, hustler or business owner? The only way you get paid is, if you serve and while you might love making salmon and sweet potato pie, if no one is interested justice, sweet potato pie, my mom used to make that every Christmas my feet.

So you still do what you love baking. Only your focus is on giving the people what they actually want to pay for and when you eventually build your brand and customer base, you can start experimenting and serve up that salmon and sweet potato pie, but not until you show up to serve your audience what They actually want first, okay, so we cover the start. We’ve covered his first growth strategy now his viral article strategy, we’re about to dive into this is what keeps this genius paid to understand his strategy and why it works.

You got ta understand a few things about how this YouTube platform works. Yeah. We are talking about the all-powerful, Oh mysterious YouTube, all mysticism aside in, in its simplest way, to explain it if you can get people to click on your articles and sit through them. The algorithm could reward you by showing your article to more people. So that’s your click-through rate and your read time. You increase read time by increasing billing from your articles and providing enough value in the article that people don’t click out.

You increase click-through rate with an irresistible thumbnail and title. Take this article, for example, with 29 million views from 4 freakin weeks ago last. To take his hand off 1 million dollars keeps it that is an irresistible title and thumbnail, and the entire idea of that article is to get you to read all 15 minutes to see who wins. This wouldn’t work. If I posted it because y’all know I would just be click baiting, you cuz, I ain’t giving away back.

That’s not what happened, but this is his brand and people stick around because they know he delivers on the promise he’s making on that thumbnail and in that title. So how does this apply to non youtubers? If you have a business, your thumbnail and your title is your brand’s appearance, name and messaging: is it irresistible or does it feed into all of your competition? How can you make your brand stand out on its first impression with someone in my wholesale beauty, business? Our unique proposition is that we help you start your own hair business for free and we provide a ton of free training for anyone interested and we deliver on that promise.

There are thousands of hair vendors out there, but I’m the only one showing up with a face behind a brand that is willing to serve, and that’s why it’s a seven-figure business in just one year. Now, what takes him and his business from just being suggested by the algorithm to going insanely final back to pay in general? Viral articles are based around a few central themes. Most of our articles can be placed into at least one of these categories.

They are money-related in some phone reaction based pranks challenges, drama related or they feature other popular youtubers, whether that be in their title or an actual collaboration. The really clever thing mister bestows, though, is the fact that he blends multiple different viral themes into one article now in your business. Instead of money related, we can use the term value related. Can you clearly convey the value your potential customers can walk away with if they choose, you reaction show us customer testimonials from real people challenges.

How can you frame your offer into a challenge? Your customer would be willing to step up to form my business. Wait. Legal extensions, our challenge is, we know you want more freedom and more money. We will give you the tools. Now. Are you willing do the work to change your own life? Now? Isn’t that more powerful that kind of get these bundles it is and that instead of featuring large youtubers use influencers in your niche to borrow brand from them and increase your visibility and drama? That’s pretty straightforward, not at the ANA drama in my business! But if you can instead drum up some excitement and curiosity about what you’re offering that’s better than moving in silence and finally pranks, I do not play about my business and neither should you so we can save that one for the youtubers.

Why don’t I even deeper? Of course I’ve got more articles coming so hit subscribe, so you don’t miss a thing and hit like to activate the algorithm and get it to show this article to more people. So what you try and get on that mystery piece level? Yes, now you can also sign up for my live monthly business coaching. It’s only 5 bucks a month link down in the description and up next, I’m sharing the tax advice you can’t afford to miss, and I know taxes can be a little dry or mixing things up a little.

So everything you just heard is why mr. Bies is a genius entrepreneur and those are lessons that you can apply to your journey – hit subscribe building this blog to a million subscribers is the only focus and goal for my team in 2020. Why? Because there are no female-led business blogs with more than a million subscribers and representation matters to all the little girls out there, that only read YouTube, which is all of them.

They need to see themselves in these boxy positions, so they can know it’s a real, tangible possibility before you head up hit subscribe, see you in the next article

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