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2018 Budget Planner Setup

I know I’ve been like really lacking with the budget articles lately, but since I like, taking a little bit of a step back from YouTube and finding out what I do want to share and don’t want to, share budgets have been kind of a part of that. But I do want to have like budget related content for you guys too so anyway.

This is a erin condren, monthly, deluxe, planner, yep or deluxe monthly planner. Sorry, I opted to pay a little bit more and get a whole bunch of notes pages in the back. I believe some erin condren links down below if it’s your first time ordering through erin condren. There is a link where you can sign up and get a $ 10 coupon code emailed to you. If you place your order and once your order ships, I actually get a $ 10 off like redeemable voucher code as well, so yeah also there’s another link that is just directly to the erin condren website, and that is an affiliate link.

So I just like to be upfront, but it really helps support me and my blog, if you use that to you, know, check out and whatnot so anyways, I’m not really going to go like into this too much. I already have another article on this, and here is how I’m going to set it up. I want to do like one month with you guys or maybe a couple of months with you guys and just kind of show you what works for me and my brain, and maybe it will help you I don’t know so anyway.

I am going to use these I’ll put that to the side it’s going to become apparent in a minute, so these are the let’s see floating florals stylized sticky note pad there’s 30 of them and they are adhesive on like a little less than half of it. So I’ve actually never used these before, but I thought this would be really really great to put over on this like little side bar here and the reason being is, if things are coming up in that month, that you know about it’s easier to budget for them.

If you like, you know, have it written down, so even something as simple as like birthday: parties like cuz. Obviously, people have birthdays, but not everybody has like a party. You know. So I’m going to put this right on the side here and then I’m going to put in you know anything that I know about for the month of January, which I don’t know of anything in January. That’s like an expense. That’s coming up! Oh no! What I do I do know what’s coming up um.

My dog needs some medication in January, so we’ll put in oil meds and then this will be basically my running list. So if I think of something in January or if I commit to something in January, then you know I have I have this down. So I know to put some of this stuff in my budget and then the next two pages is where, like I put my budget stuff so yeah also, these sticker sheets are from coffee break planner and I’m basically obsessed with these.

Hence the weird little tweezers, but I do like to use these to like indicate my paydays. You can get ones from her. These are transparent, dots. You can get ones from her that are all one color. I was going to say flavor, that’s not right, Emily or you can get like the multicolored one. So I’m going to work on this one just because I want to use green. But if I run out I’ve got another sheet here, so I don’t know.

I just kind of fold the paper a little bit take the little thingy majiggy out and put the date in and now I don’t remember what date I get paid mm-hmm all right hold on. Let’s take a little break and well, if I’m going to figure this out all right, so that didn’t take as long as I thought, but my first payday is going to be the fourth. So let me actually zoom you guys it. I can kind of show you whoops of what I do a little bit, so I like to kind of line it up as well as I can like over the date and then push her down and that’s what I do and then with this I just kind Of peel it off like that, and then I get paid every other Thursday, but I hate when you lay these down and they were like kitty Wampus or I didn’t land right cuz.

Your fingers are so big, but man, the tweezer game, so good. So good. You guys so this is basically how a month is going to look for me, I’m going to put all of my things in and then I’ll come back, and I will just share with you guys. You know some of my other expenses that I have coming up and all of that stuff too. And oh, if you’re interested in between the pages is this page to the left, this page to the right and then there’s a dot grid, page and then you’re into February.

So I’m going to work on February and then I’ll be back! Oh okay! So now I’m into December, let’s go back to February and we’ll kind of talk. I didn’t really put in many things that I, like can think of off the top of my head, that I know of that are going to be coming up expenses, but I just wanted to share what it looks like so far. It’s very bare-bones. This is my sheet of my coffee break planner stickers.

I do have a couple left, so that’s actually very exciting if I wanted to which I may actually do, is um go into like this page of 2018 and put them in like here into here. Maybe right yeah, I might do that. I might do that too hold on. Let’s do that real, quick all right, so I used exactly as many greens that were in here and I used up a full sheet Wow all right, so this actually looks really nice.

I didn’t really bother with doing 2017 because it’s not really relevant to like what I’m working on in this participate: vigor planner um but yeah. So let’s go back to February. This is what it looks like like. I said I don’t really have any like coming up expenditures that I know about in February. This is what my March looks like, which is one of the I like to call them the magic months, because they have three paydays, which is really awesome.

So I love those months. I didn’t really have anything specific in that month that I know of, but what I’m going to do after this article is done because my actual budget planner from 2017 isn’t with me, I’m going to go back and look at the different months that I have obviously Budgeted and know certain things and I’m going to look at my budget and see if there were other expenses that I just can’t think of off the top of my head, like what I’m thinking about right now is like travel or like any upcoming, like annual things That I just know are going to be happening.

Here’s my April again, nothing exciting. It gets more exciting. You guys! Don’t worry here we go, here’s may go wild is on there I’m kind of excited. However, I haven’t gotten a ticket yet cuz they haven’t gone on sale. As of me filming this, so I’m hoping I can snag a ticket here, they’re really really hard to get so I’m not sure but go wild. Is I think, if I remember right, it’s like Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday like the first week, I’m pretty sure, maybe the second I’m pretty sure it’s the first though anyways, so that is an annual planner conference and I’ve never been before.

I think this is the third one and I really really want to go so anyways, so that’s happening and May hopefully I get to go and then in June I’m going to Alaska I’m going on a cruise with my mom and my aunt and I’m super excited. We’re actually flying into Vancouver and then taking the cruise ship up to Alaska and yeah, I’m going to be gone for quite a bit of days, but yeah. I’m really really excited for that and then also Doyle’s like annual vet visit is typically in June kind of like the end of June.

Typically, so it’s just nice to kind of budget in for that and then July I don’t have anything that I can think of, but in August I have the State Fair, because hello, the State Fair, is amazing and you definitely need to budget for that, because Wow And I have my like: Auto tabs are typically due at the very end of August into like early September. So I like to put that kind of in my August budget, regardless of kind of when it comes out, and then this is another one of those like magic months, so that’s exciting and then in September I don’t have anything.

I don’t think I had anything on October, either no nothing in October and then come November. I like to prep for holiday gifts. So actually right now is I’m just in the very beginning of December, and I’ve got like two more things. I need to get for holiday gifts and it’s just gift cards at Target, so I figured just next time I was at Target. I would just go pick up a couple of gift cards, which is probably going to be today to be completely honest, but all of the actual like gifting I already have so I like to get that all done by November, because I really don’t want to go Out shopping in December, at all I mean obviously I’m going to go out to like you know, go get food and stuff, but I just don’t like to be at the stores, if at all possible, and then in December I don’t know what I’m doing for my Holiday plans this upcoming 2018, obviously 2017 s like holiday.

You know weeks have not happened yet, so I’m not really sure what the plan is. So I’m not sure if I’m going to be going to Florida to visit my parents if they’re going to come here, you know what the plan is so anyway, but I’m just going to you know, leave it there and then I once I know kind of what’s Happening, I can just start writing stuff down, even if I find out like next week, something’s hex that’s happening in like July.

I can go back to July and then write it down. So then I kind of know – and it prompts me to say: oh that’s right and if it’s something big like say, like my Alaska trip, I’m already kind of budgeting for that right now, anyways, so it’s kind of just one of those bigger expenses. That’s not like! Oh, it’s just like an oil change, or it’s just whatever and as I was actually putting in these little dots, I was kind of thinking to myself when I was you know using these that it would actually be kind of cool like if you’re going to like A dual income household or say you have a couple of jobs that you could actually use like the green.

For I mean I like the green just because it’s like signifies money, but if you wanted to like say it’s like you and your husband and you want to use like yellow for you and you know orange for him and then maybe you have a second job Or he has a second job or another stream of income. You could use like the blue, like just so. You knew what was happening, but you can use these little transparent, dots really for anything in your planner, but using a tweezer is like a total GameChanger.

So it doesn’t get like also so kiddie Wampus on there, but anyway I’m going to stop blabbing now but yeah. I just wanted to kind of show you guys what I was working on for this year. Hope you guys enjoyed the article if you have any great tips or ideas of how to kind of just set up your monthly budgets for the following year. Please, let me know in the comments below I love to always hear the feedback from you guys.

I will leave links below to all the products that I used and thank you guys so much for reading. If you liked the article make sure to give it a thumbs up – and you can subscribe for more – and I will see you guys in the next article bye guys


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