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CS:GO Tips And Tricks #1 – The Quick Switch

It’s going to be called quick switch so getting right into it. What do I mean by quick? Switching well when you use a piece utility in counter-strike, there’s a delayed time in which you can pull out your weapon again and you are allowed to start shooting. So, for example, I’m going to throw this nade and switch to my a K.

But it’s going to be automated and the animation is going to last a little bit longer than I would like. So I won’t be able to shoot right away, for example, so I was holding down Mouse 1. That is the exact moment that it lit me shoot again. So it’s not the quickest thing in the world and might lose you some gunfights. So it’s some time so I’ll put up a side-by-side on screen of what the difference between normal made usage and quick switching is and how fast you’re able to shoot, but mainly the gist of it is, is that after you throw a piece utility, you want to Instantly press your weapon button again, it can be anything, it could be a pistol, it could be a rifle or it could be an op.

But basically, what you want to do is throw your piece utility and then, as soon as you throw it, switch to your weapon and you’ll you’ll notice. The difference you’ll be able to pull out your weapon just a tad faster and it’ll. Allow you to peek angles. More aggressively and also catch people off-guard. The main thing I pulled this from is Pro demos and also personal experience. I wondered for a long time how people would throw flashes and instantly be ready to peek me with them, and I don’t see a lot of people at my level or even CS in general, using this trick.

So I figured I’ll make a article on it. Just kind of shedding some light on it because I don’t think a lot of people know what it is so anyways, here’s here’s, basically what it does. So here’s a normal example of what flashing and peaking angle would look like. So I’m going to flash switch to my a kay and shoot the bot. As you can see, I was only able to see the bots for like 0.1 of a second before my flash popped and blinded me.

Obviously, that’s not an ideal situation, because if you have a post plant on Mirage here and your firebox and you blind yourself when the whole team is running out CT, that’s not good you’re, probably going to die. It’s just not a good situation of being. I only had literally a split second to shoot the bot – and that’s that’s not the greatest, so we want to improve that by quick. Switching. So here’s how fast it is with quick switching.

So I’m going to throw the flash and instantly after I throw the flash switch to my okay. So here’s what it looks like. So it’s not again it’s not the fastest thing in the world, but you can see. I clearly had like half a second instead of 0.1 of a second to react and shoot the bot I’m going to put on screen right now an example of a pro player, doing this in a game and winning a clutch situation because of quick switching.

So in that clip, as you can see, psalmist stuck second oranges and decided throw a quick switch flash to knockout this player CTE instead of throwing a normal flash and here’s. Why, with a normal flash, you only have that much time to shoot before you’re. Blinded by yourself, I was literally holding down the mouse one button and I only got two shots off before. I was full blind by my own flash. However, if you quick, switch flash like psalm, did you have a lot more time to jiggle the angle and get more shots off so with quick switches, I got about eight shots off on my rifle instead of two which allows you to jingle pick, the single throw Your opponent off guard, as you can see, Saul, took them down and eventually it won the clutch situation.

So it’s not useful in every situation, but in situations like that or where you need to go aggressive and peak something quick, switching is a big help. Another example is just on inferno: I can smoke CT quick switch and instantly put buttons and be ready to shoot anyways guys, that’s going to be it for this article. This is my first article up on tips and tricks really hope you guys enjoyed and please let me know in the comments if you do try out quick, switching how it works for you again.

I really don’t see a lot of people doing this and I wish more people did it, because it’s just one of those little things that can really improve your gameplay anyways guys, that’s it for today’s article hope you guys enjoy the series. Let me know down in the comments below what you think if you enjoyed please hit that subscribe button, and that, like button, really helps me out much appreciate you guys I’ll see you next time.


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