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Meet Business Development Manager, Mark C.

I was intrigued by their inclusion in the process. A lot of places are very top-down and you’re just dealing with leadership and ownership, etc.

So I thought that from a team standpoint it was good to be inclusive because we’re all going to work together here. So so that was one thing I found intriguing because I knew if that was part of my process to be interviewed. I knew that would be the process that I’d be involved with moving forward. The other thing that I thought would make it intriguing to work here was the challenge, the challenge that working in the staffing world and aligning it with my professional business sales experience was not necessarily unique, but it was definitely going to be different because people are kind Of used to doing things one way, so the challenge of forstuff accomplishing goals and meeting those kinds of expectations, but also thought of changing people’s hearts and minds.

One thing I really love is: if I could take music listening and music trivia into an Olympic sport that would be phenomenal. Now, personally, in the next five years, I’m going to be a little more outgoing, I’m looking forward to some international travel. I have a couple spots in mind and I’ve always my love of music we’ve been blessed here locally in Milwaukee, there’s a lot of things to do with Summerfest and some regional fest, but I’m reaching out now to some of the other music fest that go on Around the country, which are are not too far away and don’t require a whole bunch of planning that it might do to go overseas.

So on that level and my agenda

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