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How My Facebook Ads Account Got Banned and How You Can Avoid It

It’s not a good thing. It’s really bad actually screw us over I’ve. Just I don’t know I’m positive, I’m having a positive day. I want to talk to you about why our ads account got completely banned. I want to tell you how you can avoid it, and that is what I’m covering this article. I’ve got the the advertising policies, I’m also going to link to them in the description, but I’m going to go over the article and the landing page that actually banned that got our account banned, which is so annoying and what it actually meant.

What we lost. We lost so much from it, but before I do this, please consider clicking that subscribe button. If you haven’t already subscribed to my article, I feel like a lot of you are not subscribers already so definitely hit that subscribe button just go subscribe. Button yeah you’ll be able to read tons more. My articles, I mean you’ll, be also that if you don’t subscribe whatever it’s beside the point – and this is all part of my 100 day challenge – I’m making a article every single day for a hundred days and even when the hunt is over, I’m going to try And keep it every single day making article as long as the quality doesn’t go down as long as my quality stays up, I’m going to make a article every single day.

So let’s just get straight into this, I’m going to record my screen here. What’s the story here, what happened? How did my ads account get banned? Well, I’ve had a total of three facebook ads account and you’re, probably thinking oh, my gosh, or some sort of Facebook ad criminal behind bars. No, so the truth is the first Advocate I got banned was really stupid. It was really annoying and it wasn’t.

I was doing anything wrong. It was a policy that they brought out. They didn’t make public, so I didn’t know it was there. The second ads account that got banned, and this is what I’m talking about the first time I’m talking about, because that was like four years ago. It was nothing. It was stupid. This one was based on relevant today things an actual ad that I know I think got it banned. I know I think so.

Obviously there are some Facebook rules that we have to abide by and I’ve got the policies up here and I’m just yes. So we are going to go over these policies, but first I wanted to say what gar account banned. So this article this article that we were promoting it was our English add article. It was kind of funny it this one. Here, we’ve lived in the UK, our entire lives, but we’ve always dreamed of traveling the world.

We wanted to experience new cultures, new cities and fun adventures how we needed a good income. We decided to get started selling on Amazon in the most popular market, America. I thought was a brilliant article. It was actually really funny. It got 500,000 views on Facebook. It did really really well. It got amazing responses. We’ve got so many people taking the training, the free training as well.

People were absolutely loving it. Ah, the reason it got bad, I believe, is because it was promoting three free articles. If you sign up, but when they signed up, they only got access to the first article, and then you got access the second article the next day. So I feel like Facebook didn’t like that, but they never told us when, when you get an ad banned because I’ll ban an ad before they ban your account.

So when you get an ad ban, it don’t really tell you why they just kind of just say it’s ban and give some generic reason. So it’s really hard to pinpoint it only after like redoing it a few times and finding out, then we realized, but at that point was a bit too late. So Facebook has a huge amount of issues when it comes to monitoring and banning and not banning, because they didn’t really explain it.

So it was that article that got us that got us banned so 500,000 views later. With that article, we were also building a brilliant custom audience right. We had a really really targeted audience of people which, unfortunately, we lost when we lost our ads account, which is really annoying, because that audience was amazing. We could have easily done so much stuff with that audience, but unfortunately we lost we lost that audience.

So it’s it’s a sad sad day, but let’s just quickly go over the policies. So so you can avoid getting your ads account banned because, obviously I don’t want you to get your ads account banned. So I’m not going to do all of this because it’s bloody long, but I’m just going to go over a bit of it, so the process. So you’ll make an ad they’ll review it either it’s done by a robot, it’s done by a human and but it’s pretty much done within 24 hours.

They’re going to review your ad and they’re going to review a landing page so, where the ads going right, prohibited content, you’ve got you can’t do illegal products, services, discriminatory practices, tobacco related drugs, unsafe supplements, weapons, adult products, adult content, third party infringement, sensational content, personal attributes, Misinformation, controversial content non-functional all these kind of things you can’t do, I feel like are one came under the multi-level marketing, which is really stupid because it shouldn’t done that it also may have come unto the misleading claims, because we were talking about how Amazon is really Good, but we were only talking about how we made money on Amazon right, so if we were to how much you could make on Amazon, so I don’t feel like it should have come under the the this I mean.

Maybe it didn’t that’s the thing they never. Actually really say it, but I feel like it came under misleading claims or slash multi-level marketing. Did you come under any of these, so restricted content stuff like alcohol dating will, so this isn’t a strictly? This is just prohibited. Restricted content. Is alcohol dating real money? Gambling state lotteries online pharmacies all these kind of things you’ve got to be really careful again, I’m not going to read this on the article, because I want to bore you for hours reading all this stuff, so I’m going to link this in the first thing, conscription Is going to be this page, make sure to really look at this page before creating ads, because you don’t want your ads account banned and then you’ve got article ads? What you can you can’t do you’ve got you targeting and positioning.

It’s really really there’s a lot of stuff right now. One thing that you can do to avoid potentially losing your whole business. If you lose your ads account, because what we did is we had a pie had a personal ads account which got banned within the personal ads account. I have my custom audiences, my custom ads for my all. My data of my pixels was all in this, and when that got bad, it was done because it was a personal ads account.

Now, if you create a business ads account, you can create multiple ads account within the business, so the the audiences and the pixels, and all that that all those attributes are towards the ads towards the business part of the ads account. So if your ads account banned, you can still have the business side of it. So you don’t lose all your information. So, for example, you have the business manager, then you have ads account right now.

All the audiences and everything is linked to the business manager. So if you get your ads account banned, you can make a new ads account which links back to the first business manager and you have all those audiences still. So I learned that mistake, so I like that doing at the hardware getting my ads account banned and now it’s all done through a business manager. So I recommend, if you are doing Facebook ads, make sure to do it under a business manager account just so that you don’t lose your audience’s and you don’t use your pixels and all of these kind of things.

But that is a story about how we got odds account banned. We had this article going to a landing page. To be honest, there was nothing wrong with it. It was stupid, but they they thought it was something wrong with it, so they banned it and then that’s that’s history got ta, learn from your mistakes really and we have learnt from a mistakes. Obviously, our articles, obviously a lot more team and now on Facebook.

With the add articles, the landing pages are a lot more basic, a lot more informative. So you know what you’re getting and in terms of how we run the ads. We run it through our business manager account. So those are three things to really focus on and just be aware of a few. If you’ve ever had your ads account banned, then let me know in the comments down below and if you even use, if you use Facebook ads at all, give this article a like cool to see who is using Facebook Ads who’s, not using Facebook Ads been really Interested to know – and I hope you like this article there’ll – be more Facebook ad stuff coming in the coming weeks.

But for now that’s it, and I will see you in tomorrow’s article thanks for reading

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