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$150/Hour Retail Arbitraging For 6 Hours

You guys can see that over there, after six hours of doing retail arbitrage and all that stuff, you know straight. Oh, he was on a mission today because a few people been hitting me up about an hourly rate and it was like well how much do you make per hour or you know, what’s like an average hour or stuff like then I’m like, and I would just Reply, I don’t know like I’ve, never really calculated any of this stuff an hour like.

I never really cared about any of that stuff. You know so today we went out and we did six hours straight. That’s like everything you know. That’s packaging labeling. You know again we’re at UPS right now just package yourself off like after I finish this article, I’m going to take it in there. So it’s been a total of around six hours, so we’re looking at around nine hundred and thirty dollars in profit and that’s just like just just straight profit like I’m able today, I’m not going to lie.

I got lucky buddy going to lie. I got extremely lucky, so I went into a store that I rarely go into you’re, not probably going there like once every two weeks or so like I mean rarely going in, go in this store – and I find this product that you know I’m normally like selling. All the damn time – and it was just sitting right there on clearance, so we’re going to be making around seventy dollars in profit on each one and that’s after all fees like I wish I could have found more because that would have been great, but I mean It is what it is couldn’t find that many of them – but you know picked up – you know, picked up what I could and you know, took him home, packaged everything up and sent it right off.

So that was pretty much the end of it and the best part about it, too, is that I didn’t have to like go and look for the product or hope it was going to be at a store or any of that all you have to do guys. Instead of like using like something like break, seek and stuff like that, now I’m not saying don’t use it, but for me personally, I’ve never really had like major major major success with bricks things.

I’ve seen some people just absolutely crushing a big brick seek. They go to store the products there, the whole nine yards. For me, the product was never there like, especially at Walmart. I didn’t find. I think I only found one product that was on brick seek and at Walmart I’m brixey going to be like oh yeah, there’s just many there you get to store there, isn’t any of them there at all alright. So when it comes to them using like the little gun thing like a little phone like gadget, whatever thing they got or whatnot, it sucks that we can’t get that Apple.

I even acts like hey. Is there any way I can get that up? There’s like knowledge is for employees only so that sucks or whatever, but you know they can scan a product and it’s like 100 % accurate, like YouTube like. Oh there’s, just many over here this many over here this many over here this many over here. So all I have to do is just take down the addresses of where they’re at and then just go pick him up.

That was literally how simple he went today. The only downfall was that they were so far apart. So it took me wrong, like partly three hours, some chains just driving everywhere to get there, but I mean it was stupid. He’s like I said, 150 bucks basically an hour and we only burnt like 20 bucks worth of gas. So I mean he get $ 155. Put up per hour whatever, if you like, break you down and divide everything up, so it was real, simple, stuff, good and easy day.

I even found a few products over at the goodwill I stopped through there and if you guys, aren’t a line chart profits. Member definitely joke, you know, go join there and read gems in plain sight. Tell you guys, like you’re, going to kick yourself in the face when you realize all the products you walk by in the goodwill, a just crazy stuff like this product, I’m actually going to be sending off for whatnot.

I think okay well three dollars for and it’s selling for what was it a hundred, it’s like, let’s say out, 100 plus dollars like and there every single time. You know like not every time they’re in it, but they come in they’re like quite frequently, and is there just like right there and people just don’t pick them up. I was passing the ball, the damn time myself or whatever you know until I just started like looking stuff up or whatnot, but that’s pretty much it guys.

So hopefully this gave you guys a more of an insight or whatnot. You know on how to do stuff and how much you know you can make per hour and all that, like, I said, keep in mind, this is just my experience. It could be completely different in your area like if you are doing like what do you call it just straight thrift, store and stuff like that, it will take you a lot longer than six hours to like put all this stuff together to be 100 %.

Honest because, like I said for me, it went by like 30 minutes and everything in a box label and everything was cuz. I only had like two or three different products right, so I just escaped. I just you know, put everything on there and you know, put the labels on and then literally put in the Box took like 30 minutes max right. I didn’t I’m now, I’m just driving up the street, taking it to UPS now, when you got a bunch of different products like if you’re doing thrift store.

You know you’re going to have like a hundred different products on take you like two or three, sometimes even four or five hours, depending how quick you are to put everything in a box label, it check it the whole nine yards with this stuff. I didn’t have to check it. I didn’t have to do any of that, but that’s pretty much. It guys, don’t fertilize subscribe and all that fun stuff.


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