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JoomlaShine Template Configuration | 6: SEO & System Configuration

Template is a very important thing with an administrator. So when we made the Joomla template, we tried to optimize it for SEO as much as possible. Joomla default. Doesn! ’ t allow us to put headings in H1 tag…, but, as you know, the H1 will be visible to search engine With JSN. Epic H1 tag will be shown with website name and logo slogan,.

….., on top of the logo. When you enable Top H1 tag Next, you can see the feature allows you to put the’Go to top’ link When you enable the “ Go to top” link. There’s a’Go to top’ button at the bottom of page. It will smoothly scroll your page to the top, which is convenience for website usability. Jsn Epic is able to detect links to various popular file, extensions and assign icons. Accordingly, If you disable it, icon will not appear automatically.

When you enable this function, icons will be automatically assigned to links. Printing Optimization will give your website visitors a totally optimized page for a printer Turn. This feature off, so the whole page will be output to a printer Turn it on only the important content is included,…… And nothing else is printed, such as the side-column content In JSN template. You are free to integrate your social blogs without digging into the code.

Just click the button on the right of the the parameter, “, Social icons, ” and add new URLs to the pop-up “ Social Network, Integration – ” the corresponding social integrations will be shown up. You can integrate up to 12 social blogs and remember to click save when you finish, You can also change positions of social icons by dragging and dropping them To put the analytics code and to choose the code position.

Google analytics code has two script versions:……, with difference position to put the code before the ending HEAD tag And before the ending Body tag Input your Google Analytics code here,……. The code will be installed in the right position automatically When you have special dedicated CSS file for content. Styling …just put custom CSS files into template; ’ s, CSS folder,…,… And define them in template, parameter “ Custom CSS File, ( s )”.

This feature allows you to load multiple custom, CSS files,……, along with template default files By enabling both CSS and JS compression feature. You can reduce your requests and increase your website performance by about 35 %. This feature combines all CSS or JS files into a single file,…… And delivers it in a compressed state to the browser. Compressed files will be stored in a cache folder.

You can define any folder starting from Joomla root folder. If you want to exclude any file from compression, just define it here With Squeezebox when you disable Mootool Squeezebox function won’t be automatic. When you enable it JSN template will load automatically modal files…. Let you use modal boxes anywhere In some cases, when you want to move the script tags from head section to the end of body section, You should enable optimize script tags function, So we ’ ve finished SEO & System configuration.

Thank you for reading. You can keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter Thank you for reading. You can keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter with the username Joomlashine


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