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How to Awaken The Force in You and Become Force Sensitive

Out of this blog, I am David Wong, and in this article I will talk about how to become force sensitive, just like in Star Wars, how to become one with the force, how the field of force, how to use the force in the shop. We’re going to talk about that in this article, so stay tuned so before we can learn how to become force sensitive. We have to understand what is the force in first place.

So, according to obi-wan Kenobi from Star Wars, he says it’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us and it binds everything together or binds the Galaxy together. So that’s what he says in Star Wars, but you know what the force is not limited to just science fiction, so Nikola Tesla. He said that if you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration, now that’s the color Tesla, but let’s take a look at some ancient religions.

For example, Christianity in the Bible says that in the beginning was the word and we translate what the word means. It is the word logos and logos literally means frequency or vibration. So that’s from the Bible and if you study some other religions, such as Buddhism Hinduism, you have a concept of prana and you have a constant of the universal field and in Chinese culture and traditions we have the concept of Chi and even Taoist and Zen.

They all talk about the same thing, so we have different religions from different times, even different different release. All talking about the same thing talking about the universal field. Now, there’s been a lot of research and development in the quantum physics area to explain how the world works with particle accelerators and particle colliders, and from that research we found that most of us is just empty space.

So you think that existence is made out of something hard yeah. You have rocks that heart or mail. That’s hard embodies that physical, but actually most of reality is just empty space, and most of it is just particles, spinning around each other and in just a calculation and equations, our probability of waveforms. So what is that? That’s also a frequency. So you come to think about it. The world, as we know it, the lifetime experience the reality that we perceive is just all frequency.

Your body is a frequency, health or disease. Is a frequency your mind? Your brain operates with brain waves, which are also frequencies and so think about it. Pretty much everything we know in existence is frequency and vibration electromagnetism its frequency and whole, even the visible light that we see is frequency so more that we look into it. The more that we research, we find that the world is just a big symphony of frequencies.

Okay, so now they understand what this force is now you can start to realize and be more aware of it. How do you be more aware with it? Well, start to be more aware about what frequencies you are allowing to that’s you and what frequencies you are projecting out. So if you think in terms of that start thinking about how your body is an instrument, think of it as an instrument just like a guitar or a piano when you pluck the strings of that instrument, it will vibrate and it will create a sound wave that Projects out so in the same way, our bodies are like instruments, but instead of having strings that we pluck, we have our nervous system, which are also like strings.

If you think about it, because they extend throughout our whole body. And if you line up all in Earth’s from end to end, it will go around the whole planet. That’s how many of these nervous! These nerves are in your body, so think of your nerves as stringless of your instrument of your instrumental body. How can you tune your nerves so that they vibrate at different frequencies? So with that being said, you’re probably asked any well if there’s so much force around us.

If it really exists, then how come? I can’t feel the force. How come? I can’t see the force. I can experience it. What a problem is that imagine that all the strings on the guitar are made of rock made out of something that doesn’t move. How can you vibrate that you can’t vibrate it if it is all solid and stiff and stuck so? The first thing you need to do is to start to tune your nervous system start to tune your nerves themselves and your brain waves in your entire nervous system.

It includes your brain and your brain stem and all your organs and all the nerves too. So in order to tune them and soft them them and make them more pliable so that they can actually vibrate that’s the first part is you cannot play a guitar with strings made of rocks? You need to play a guard. You know you need to play an instrument where the strings can actually be plucked. They actually can vibrate.

So first is to be able to vibrate those things in your body, be able to vibrate a nervous system and there’s a lot of exercises you can do. For example, in meditation in Qigong and in exercise even to a certain point, but it has to be a combination of training of your mind and your body at the same time, and that’s why martial arts is a very good way of tuning. Your nervous system need to combine your breathing your intentions and your mind, your body, what you’re doing in your body and and do that over a long period of time and you’ll be able to start to loosen up and relax those parts of your nervous system.

To allow you to be able to start to feel their vibrations, because, with a loose, more looser, more relaxed, nervous system, a looser string will be able to also receive vibrations as well as resonate vibrations. That brings us back to the analogy of the tuning forks again. So if you ring one fork: okay, you’re bringing one of these Forks, you can feel the other fork vibrating here, because it’s getting closer and because the sound waves from this fork is actually affecting the sound waves or this work.

So the same thing happens with your nervous system. Is that if you are loosening up your nervous system, relaxing it and tuning in then you become more sensitive to vibrations and frequencies that are all around you all the time and at the same time, you’ll be able to admit late, those frequencies and vibrations in yourself. So that they will project out whatever you want, so I’m going to explain that in the prosperity pyramid how you develop that life force, I call that life force, because that is the source, and that is the foundation for building your life force.

Being able to have a nervous system with your mind, your nerves and your body and organs that allow you to project out and also receive, and it takes a lot of training. I’ve been doing Qigong for many years. I’ve been meditating for many many years in order to be able to become sensitive, but once you get to that point, then your whole world just opens up you’ll, be able to experience so many more things, and recently I discovered and been developing technology that will help Anyone be able to speed up and shortcut that process of being able to become more sensitive, just with some technology that I’ve discovered something that combines frequency, vibration and yeah.

Based on that, so it’s very exciting. If you want to learn more about that. Just come to my webinar and we’re going to share with you how that technology works all right. So if you like this article, make sure you comment like and subscribe to this blog and you get all of the new discoveries and new lessons, I’m coming up all the time and make sure that you share with your friends so until next time, I’m the prosperity Alchemist David Wong so use the force and prosper.

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