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Why US Artists Don’t Promote UK Collabs?

I listen before I even get into this man she’ll or drop a like and she subscribe hit that they were notification. But let me know if you want me to do more type of articles like this in the comments to get me obviously active on to off. Make follow me a proper works and in a debate recently about us artists and if they promote in the songs when they do collaborations or ukrs.

So I’ve seen a lot of people be offended by this. Going around saying how the US don’t respect us, and these type of things and part of that is true – that you haven’t got the value first year to genuinely catch these los eyes. We get me and even when it is genuine, you get people questioning like they do with Drake get me so it’s kind of a lose-lose situation. Where is ways, but why don’t you sis collaborations when they do something UK art and a simple answer? Is they don’t pay for in the US? The services are different.

Like in the UK, we do songs, we slap on Instagram these type of things. If you don’t do it, it seem as a disc cool, but in the US is totally different and I’ll lean on Kevin Hart, for example, in 2015, when you did the wedding ring off, maybe he oxd Sony for extra money to promote on the social media, because That wasn’t in his contract. Obviously the Sony reps weren’t happy about it. He loves meat and whatever else, but he basically explained listen.

I’ve got my friends like. I know he might target audiences. If you want me to promote something to my target audience, you’re going to have to pay that’s how US artists and influences actors etc, he thinks so example when play Browns doing a song with young doe for the plug Records. Album go get that s out now, quick plug pun intended. Obviously, the plug are paying young doe for the best and obviously they’re not paying for the problem, like the promo, probably costs more than yes for feature does because of how many fans they’ve got access to and when you think about it, yeah.

Alright, I’m part of song, why not promoting it, but really and truly only person that stands to gain anything from that USR is promoting a song. Is the UK artists which the US fans don’t know or international fans, don’t know about or the record label that they’ve done it for so it’s all about that there’s certain times where I’ve wanted, to example, be a mixtape magnet spot. I was at 5k followers.

It didn’t make sense for me to be on a blog, so I work hard or get into a better position. Then you see me and lead to the V. I do a review at in the last year, so it’s not about being offended or disrespecting. It’s more about what value do you bring to the situation played probably got paid to do that record, but in the UK is custom when your parts I push in the US is not that, and these artists pay PR companies to get their music further out.

That’s what these artists, tweet and out the song is it’s a PR service to get me, so you like just got ta. Remember that it’s not about disrespecting it’s not about them, not respecting the songs car, even in the tory lanez and leave small song. You see Tori singing along with the chorus and nice paws never used to see that back in a day because they really didn’t care. It’s a business. At the end of the day, we’ve got a maximize as much of our business as possible because it’s not as much money in just selling records these days to get me.

So if he ain’t pay for the pro-war artists in America is not going to you out and the argument I’ve seen on social media is are if it was a USI, they would have tweeted it out. You don’t know if that us RS has paid for the promo, and the harsh truth is that us is, is probably going to be more known than any of our UK. I see for me, especially in the US and overseas, in certain places outside of Europe.

So, being that America is a big country, you want people to spread the message to you and all of these things it’s. We are a collaboration from the US side cause lately when it comes time for the return. I look at these ice-t swaps, where they don’t get paid, but all right you’ll do something for me that same artists will follow suit. They get you scratch. My back. I scratch yours, but when it comes to us, people said yeah, louder, us clubs.

I agree man. Let’s focus on building the scene, but then we’ll draw a frozen spot in the UK, reacting with DBE drifting with D 1. As our artists, like that, that’s open we’re getting more and more chart success pick up j1. So the same way we made that Alex from Glastonbury – and I may do a article on that say we made him blow up. You can leave that for the arch that we fucked. If you get me so I just wanted to explain this.

Basically, I’ve seen a lot of people get mad for no reason, a lot of entitlement, and I really don’t have to promote the song for me. So my two cents you for me. Let me know you guys think in the comments below do you disagree. You think they should be doing it regardless. Let’s have a debate drop the comments below make sure you check out. My latest reactions latest vlog, which is the behind the scenes of TV parodies, go check there and there’s also freebies on the blog.

It’s a share. This article up in a social media, get people to join in on a conversation and yeah man up in walks drew salmon Cole I’m happy summer.

My favorite musician as of right now.


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