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CB Passive Income 4.0

0 and if you haven’t subscribed, please hit the subscribe button and check the bail mark if you want to get updated for next articles. So in this article I want to tell you about this program here: CB passive income, it’s in short, it’s a done-for-you package. If you wan na start an online business if you’ve never made money before and you’re looking for something easy to get into, then Patrick here Patrick Chan has created this done for you, packets or, I would say online business in a pack yeah.

What he is doing is he basically created a few offers and, like the super affiliate online training offer a bunch of offers he has packaged into this program and what he is offering is that you get your own. You affiliate online training link with your unique idea. So what you can do, then, is that you use this link. So, what’s going to happen is that you will use this link and then people and use free traffic or paid traffic and drive that traffic to this link.

To this landing page here and what’s going to happen, is that some of these people are going to want more information and they will hit this button here and they will put in their emails and then they will be redirected to probably some kind of offer. You know the super affiliate training and a percentage of these people or this traffic will convert in customers and by doing that you will make a commission, so you will make money of other people when they buy a Patrick’s product which is, for example, this training here Or we can take a look at, let’s take a look at, for example, this product here, a simple system that reveals how to start adding 100 to 200 target subscribers every day to your list.

So it’s the same here you know, people interested people will put their emails here and then Patrick will send them to an offer and he will also start emailing them regularly, because a lot of people convert with email, and here he is offering free ebook, for example. So you can see how he is providing you with a whole whole business. You know a ton for your online business with a lot of training, ebooks and stuff, and the only thing you have to do is to send traffic.

That’s the only thing, so you can see that this is pretty powerful, but another thing I wanted to mention – and I think is a it’s – a great selling point to this program is that he has something called inbox pro version and what this basically means is that, For example, other affiliate programs they or like done for your system. They don’t really give you the option to collect your own emails or own leads and, of course, leads into your business is or especially your online business is very important because you, a percentage of those leads, will convert into customers.

So you should definitely be collecting emails and doing email, marketing and a lot of people convert with email marketing into customers, but with other programs you are usually sending leads directly or sending ya traffic to a squeeze page or our page. That collects leads leads for the creator of the program, so you’re not collecting the leads. However, if they turn into a customer, you will get a commission, but the leads are not yours in this program in CB, passive income, that Patrick gives you the option of you know sending him your list ID.

So if you have an autoresponder, if you have like Aweber GetResponse, you know these are the big names of autoresponders. By the way, you should definitely consider buying our auto responder service to start collecting leads, and so you will send him your list idea and he will, you know, start collecting emails and leads for you and you get to keep them into your own email list. That’s pretty powerful, I mean, I don’t know if many other affiliate marketing programs that allow you to do that.

I mean I’m in another program that is way more expensive and the only way I don’t know if you heard about it, is I Pro and it, and the only way to collect your own leads is basically to have to to squeeze pages. So you have, to put, I mean, there’s the squeeze page that comes with the program, but if you want to collect the lead, then I have to make my own squeeze page in front of that. So I had to squeeze pages and that’s not ideal, because people get frustrated if they want to put their if they have to put their email two times so this here, a CB passing con really rocks when it comes to this, and so this is a this – Is a big thing I would say he offers some free training, but class training is offering you some emails to put into your autoresponder sequence like automated emails that go out with somebody signs up, so you can put them in your own autoresponder and yeah one other Thing I mean yeah, you get like some basic information on reports and tracking and lead details.

It’s really basic and that’s why we come to one thing about the program. Is that it’s very simple? I mean this is done for you. So all this business is like automated it’s one basic package and there are not a lot of what what’s the best thing to say. I mean you, don’t have a lot of control over this business. I mean there’s not a lot of things that you can tweak, and you know that I would say is like maybe the decent planets of this program.

I mean I mean Patrick, could one day decide to change something that you know would make this program not work. If with Facebook ads, I don’t know, I’m just saying something out of my head, but that’s that’s the decent man is, I mean you. I would never build an entire online business around this program because of the lack of control. So I would use this – and I am using this program to you – know – complement my online business.

It’s one income stream in my business. However, I don’t build a business around this program because I know that one day this program could be gone or he could make some kind of drastic changes or I don’t know you get the point right. Okay, so definitely check this, I mean try it out. I mean this think of words I can. I can definitely. I can definitely support that plane. I mean this is proven. This is proven and tested.

That’s the good thing these you know you don’t have to go into a/b split testing to see if this button here is it’s something that works. If this headline is something that works. If this offer is good enough to work, I mean he has already gone and tested it, these these squeeze pages they they convert, so that takes a lot of risk and a risk factor out of the equation when you, when you know this – and you only have To worry about traffic, that’s that’s, that’s very powerful, I would say so yeah.

I bought this program some months ago and I’m pretty happy about it. If you are want to check it out, then you can check out the link description. Talk later

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