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Buyers Have To Pay Your PayPal Fees????

Ic sellers try and get buyers that pay their fees. Let’s talk about that. Welcome to today’s topic. Article thing here on the internet: my name is Chris Erickson, I’m going to buy, sell trade specialist, I’m like saying master or a professional person.

I don’t like saying SF, I’m doing this for 20 years. I learned some things along the way. I’r just here to share my experiences and thoughts to help you guys maybe not make the same mistakes I did, and also just where you guys can miss start working for yourself. Quit nine-to-five put that money back in your pocket or just make some extra cash to fund some things that you like to do so. Today’s topic is PayPal and I really don’t like PayPal’s a lot of bad things going on with PayPal and there’s some better stuff out there and there’s a link in description below to another alternative, really really easy to do.

I’r pretty good, but if you’re selling on eBay, you have to use PayPal, I still use PayPal as well for some of my business stuff. It’s just the way. It is because people like to use it and not learn something new us humans are flawed in that way, we’re stuck in our ways once we start using something I mean we know it’s regardless of how good or bad it is. We don’t like to learn something new, so it’s kind of kind of kind of a bummer, but today’s topic – paypal fees.

I see this all the time and it’s one of the things that really gets under my skin and it’s a pet peeve of mine, I’ll see someone listing something for sale on Facebook, star wars, vintage action, figures, super rare hundred dollars, plus shipping, plus paypal fees or Friends, a family: what’s that mean exactly let’s back up and I’ll, explain that to you PayPal when you use the service, there’s two things: two ways to use it, the first way to use it is if you are a buyer and you are buying something, obviously to See you, the buyer, you’re sending $ 100 to a stranger or somebody, you know and trust tip 9 times out of 10 is to a complete stranger.

So you want to send that as goods and services way, your purchase is protected. So if they try to scan you rip you off, you get your money back pretty much. No questions asked which is a flaw on PayPal side, but so how it works, and in doing so, the seller pays a fee on that part that that sale, just the cost of doing business, and you use the service because you’re choosing to use the service. Therefore, you, you know what make sense to pay for it, but let’s say you’re sending the money to a friend somebody, your good buddy, maybe or even just a family member.

You can send it a hundred dollars to your friend, your family, using the service, friends and family, no fees whatsoever, but that money is not protected at all in any way. So if your friend or your family member decides to rip you off you’re just out the money, those are the two ways you use it now sellers are trying to get out of paying that fees. I’r sorry to tell you there is no way out of it.

Unless they send it to you as friends and family and people are finally wising up to that and not sending it as friends and family, but sellers are still trying to get the fees covered. I’r here to tell you, regardless of if you charge them fees, you still pay fees. If you charge her three percent more cuz, that’s basically what the fees in your paint! I think it’s 2.75 percent. You tack that on $ 200 guess what you receive, that money! You’re still paying the fees, that’s just at a higher amount.

Therefore, you could be paying more in fees, so will be the perk of not charging fees. Well, you pay less money and you’d sell it faster and you don’t look like a douche. I know that’s a little harsh, but if you sell in line is 2019 cost of doing business is paying fees on whatever service are using, like I said before, there’s alternatives that are just as good and you don’t pay any fees, link in description below check that Article out explain how setup it’s super simple and everybody guarantee already has the service you just don’t know about it, but it’s something new.

You will have to try it and step out your comfort zone a little bit member like I said us humans. We don’t like to do that very often, so I got backlash from that article. People didn’t like it because I brought something new to the table anyway back on topic, so I mean that’s pretty much it guys it’s like. If who should pay the fees, the seller should pay the fees you are selling the item. Therefore, you have to pay your fees yourself faster just by not having that as an option anyway period.

You just pay your fees, you’re, going to sell something, a lot faster and the way the internet scum is working out. Nowadays, most websites are charging this eBay is, Amazon is like B and H was the first one, and other sites are starting to follow suit because it’s becoming a regulation. Now all internet purchases are going to be required to pay sales tax. So if you are required to charge sales tax on your sales online, no one’s going to buy your stuff.

If you are charging them fees, plus sales tax plus shipping nobody’s going to buy it, I’m sorry so to stop it right now get used to having to pay your fees, I’m a little salty about it, because when, as a legitimate business owner, I’m paying all these Other fees that you guys aren’t required to as a business and then I see people doing this. It gets under your skin a little bit because you’re now your fork, not all this cash to have a storefront, so people come in and buy some stuff and then people are just like.

Ah I’m above it I’m entitled, I don’t need to pay those fees. So that’s all I got for you today. This is more of a rants or vents of anything else. So thank you for humor me. Maybe this helps you and inform to you on some stuff. So thank you guys for reading. If you guys made it through this article, I really really appreciate it and if you want, I have even deeper into the world of buy, sell trade making money for yourself quitting the nine-to-five consider becoming geeks plus number, both Salaf articles in-depth stuff behind the scenes extras Things you don’t see anywhere else link is in the description so check it out.

Also leave a comment below. I read every single comment and I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Am I just insane that end buyer should pay your fees. I would love nothing more than to chat with you. So please leave a comment below idea. We’ve ever seen, one of them. So thank you so much for reading I’ll catch. You next article guys see ya.


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