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Using SoundCloud to Further Your Music Career

So let’s go to the page and start up an account, so we’re going to go to the top right hit the signup button immediately. It actually lets you sign up with Facebook, Facebook part of me, and this is something I definitely recommend, because once you actually start uploading music and sharing things you’re going to be able to share with your Facebook friends as well, so you’re casting a bigger net.

I definitely recommend that you do that, so I’m just punching in a password, I’m not going to actually agree to sign up with Facebook or to get the email updates or anything like that through SoundCloud, because it’s kind of like a dummy account and I’m doing it For this tutorial purpose immediately, what you’re faced with is a username and a, but actually username that SoundCloud automates for you.

I definitely recommend that you make your own and, of course, make it to the likeness of all. Your other accounts that you’ve previously made now right here. This is kind of like the startup page. It recommends that you begin following other artists, and you could do this by genre or by any other type of a audio. You know options that are there like audiobooks comedy ideas, things like that, but I definitely recommend that you just stick with music right now.

All the other stuff is more for, like a different type of leisurely stuff. So right here you can see all the people that I’m now following, which is great, and it also gives you an option right here to do select any of the groups that you just began following on the lower right portion, so you can deselect them now. I’r no longer following these people and I can go ahead and hit, follow and start listening to move on to the next page.

Now the next page is like the homepage of SoundCloud. So what you’re going to see are a lot of the artists that you you’re now following you can listen to your music. Actually, the music starts right away and right here you get an option to upload. You can comment you can like you can reap repost. You could do a lot of different things right here. Definitely recommend that you explore a lot of these right here.

You can even download some of this music and a lot of times it’s for free, so I’m going to go ahead and just mock up a little comment right here and then what ends up happening? Is you when you’re done with your comment you hit enter and it ends up on the little timeline there? If you could notice there’s these little photo icons as the music is scrolling long and those are people’s comments. So that would be one of yours when you post now, let’s go ahead and go back to the upload section and you’re not going to be able to upload anything until you confirm your email address.

So I definitely recommend that you go to your email addresses. I’r going to do right now and view the email that SoundCloud just set you okay, so I’m going to go to my email go to my inbox and there it is so it says: welcome to SoundCloud click. It, and essentially all you really need to do is go to the section that says, click this link and then from there it’ll set you back to your SoundCloud account and basically say that it’s confirmed.

So it’s basically confirmed that I am the person that started this profile and I’ll be able to. You know really start uploading, music and building my profile here so right here. I recommend that you have all your you know: sections ready. You know maybe a quick little bio, obviously any music that you want to upload and any images that want you want to associate with those upload music albums, and you know anything like that.

So right now, as a placeholder, I’m posting up a photo of myself because I didn’t really have anything to prepare like I said this is just for tutorial purposes. I’r making a small little description. Of course you want to do a lot more work on the description. End of things, and, of course tags are very important, because this is what this is a way: people finding you. So if you know you type in EDM and you’re, an electronic dance music, you know producer they’ll, find you a little bit easier with these tags.

As for advanced settings, we’re not really go over that too much, but if you did actually activate through your Facebook account you you right now you already have a chance to start sharing that music. Since I didn’t, i’m, unfortunately not going to be able to do that, but if you did you’ll be able to write a message and then hit activate Facebook and immediately once you hit save any of the music that you created on this profile.

You could now share with your Facebook account even your Twitter and actually, if you have a tumblr account which we might go over in another article, you’ll be able to go ahead and share that music there as well. So it’s a it’s a really great option. So right now I’m just creating a little message right here, as you can see just so that you know you could possibly share and you’re limited to the amount of characters you could use, which is, I think, a thing about Twitter and that’s reason why so, I’m Hitting save and now we’re going to look at my profile, it’s going to be very simple, you’re, going to see some other options right there at the top, maybe a little heart, with a little comment, speaking bubble with a heart.

Those are you know from anybody that likes your music you’ll, get comments there and things like that, which we’ll go over in a little bit right. Now, I’m going to go ahead and stop this music. Go back to my page that I just created and we’re going to go ahead and sample the song that I just that I just uploaded. So this is how quick it is. I’ve already created a very small profile right now, we’re listening to a song that I made just for this particular article, something very small and yeah.

I’r going to be able to do a lot of these same things, if not every single thing that I just did. Probably within 10 minutes, as long as you have all of your elements for your profile kind of on your desktop or at the ready. Essentially so I know we’re listening to a song and we’re going to go to Explorer, which is, I think, like pretty much going back to the homepage. So you can explore new music and some artists, and things like that, and this is actually one of the funner things that you could do as well.

You know a lot of what SoundCloud is about is about finding music and sharing it and sharing comments, and things like that. So I definitely recommend that you check out all this all this stuff out and right here we’re looking at a page where even you listen to different genres, music and obviously a little love wav file right there at the top right will bring you back to your Profile, you can see exactly look here’s where your songs at or, if you’re listening to another song, you could use that fun to get back to that song.

Again, you have the speaking bubble right there with the heart on it for likes. You have your messages and you can go back directly to your profile by clicking the button that I just click right there. I noticed that I didn’t have a picture, so I wanted to go ahead and have a picture. I definitely recommend that you build up your page as much as possible upload, maybe two or three songs. At a time you know – or maybe at least two you don’t want to bombard people with music.

But here are your options. You have a GoPro setting right there. That’s for some different advertisement and paid options which we’re not going to go over through this article, but that’s pretty much it so in our next article, we’re going to cover YouTube, how to create an account how to upload and how to share I’ll catch. You guys, on the next article


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