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Your Brand: Build vs. Buy

Are you looking to starting your own brand? Read this before you start!

Brand Building for Small Business

Identifying, refining, AND communicating your business’s brand can be the most important step you take in marketing (and selling!) your product and/or services. Whether you are picking a name or color to represent you or creating a web site, sales literature, ads, letterhead, packaging, etc. (this list goes on and on), each decision you make and action you take will help build your brand (i.e., fix an impression in people’s minds about who you are and what you do– hopefully in a memorable and desirable way).

All too often, small businesses neglect this opportunity to send a strong message to the public and view each of these communications as separate and distinct (rather than as opportunities to reinforce an overarching brand).

The first lesson that must be
learned and practiced by a small business is to treat branding as a set of
golden rules applied to all activities.
Once you…

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By Jimmy Dagger

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