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How To Make $100 Per Day YOUTUBE Affiliate Marketing

We won Doddie Doddie. What’s going on family, regardless to your CEO Bulls, Academy, calm, D, wolf of marketing and in this article we’re going to be showing you how to make $ 100 per day on YouTube. Now, if there’s anyone who can go ahead and show you guys how to make money on YouTube, it’s your boy right here, right literally YouTube has paid for this bodily Villa.

It is paid for my lifestyle over the course of the last two years, and it has allowed me to make my first six figures online right. First and foremost, what we’re going to do is we’re going to step on laptop before we do that. I need you to go ahead and smash that subscribe button and hit that notifications bell to be notified every time he drops the movie. So, let’s step behind laptop somewhere behind the laptop, so guys, basically 29,000 subscribers.

How do we actually monetize those subscribers right? So basically, it says how to make $ 100 per day on Instagram, because that’s what I taught yesterday, but today we’re teaching how to make $ 100 a day on YouTube right. So the first thing is, you want to go ahead and actually find an affiliate product – and I didn’t say out of the garden dollars a day on YouTube, but a hundred dollars a day on YouTube with affiliate marketing.

Now you guys can do this with any affiliate marketing product that you’re currently promoting. But if you guys want to know my recommended affiliate products right, there will be in the description there will be recommended affiliate products and in the description you’re going to go to get three of my today program. So the first one’s going to be great photos are made twenty two thousand dollars into Madison affiliates with easy one up.

I made fifty five thousand dollars with the Madison affiliate with legendary marketer. I made twenty three point. Basically, twenty four thousand dollars with them as in today, so these affiliate programs total I’ve made over a hundred thousand dollars with each affiliate program. Now the first step that you’re going to want to do is identify which one is the best one for you guys. So let me go ahead and actually break down which one which one these alright so click one is a free affiliate program, but it’s a low ticket.

But you can’t get recurring income easy. One up pays out a hundred percent commissions, which is my favorite, because they passed the most right and you can generate a thousand and two thousand dollar sell about a hundred percent commissions. The only thing is that you actually have to go in and close. The leaves yourself, so you literally have to do only to get the phone show them. What the how the product can help these people and then convert those people into sell.

Legendary marketer, on the other hand, is basically you get paid 40 percent Commission’s instead of 100 percent commissions. However, you’re going to go ahead and actually get 40 percent commissions, but somebody else is going to go to close the cells for you, so you just got to generate the leaves and people are going to go in and close the actual high ticket sells for you. So as far as getting access to these affiliate programs, you guys can actually click on links and recommend it so their programs.

Now, if you guys, want to close those for yourself and earn 100 percent commissions at a thousand, two thousand dollars simply go to vertex wolf. Dot-Com right and then once you guys, go to vertex wolf coms going to go and actually allow you it’s going to go to this page right here and it’s going to go ahead and allow you to create an account with 100x ROI, which is basically the sells Article that I use for easy one up and then it’s going to go to take you to these pages right.

So it’s going to go and ask you to sign up as in this today and I’m going to be your sponsor and the reason why you want to go and sign up through my affiliate link is because you want to be on my team. So I can go and give the promotional materials that I used to make six figures online. Then um you’re going to go to get access to this and again I would recommend going all-in guys, vertex pervert six, five thousand two thousand dollars so for those people do go ahead and actually go in two thousand and two thousand dollar level.

I’r actually going to go and give you guys access to my affiliate marketing course: wolves, masterclass or a place that thousand, of course absolutely free next, if you guys want to go in and get access to legendary marketer right, if you don’t want to close those yourself, I get it no harm, no foul, not everybody’s, like the wolf of marketing to where they want to hop on the phone and close those.

I get a kick out of that type of stuff. If you just want to go in and sit back relax, let somebody else do the closing and you’re willing to pay them that extra sixty percent – you just take 40 percent of the pie cool you guys can go to marketer right marketer, like legendary marketers, wolf, comm, Marketer will calm and it’s going to go to allow you to sign up as an affiliate join. My team and I’ll also give you the emotional materials now for those people who actually invest until the twenty five hundred dollar level I’ll be willing to go ahead and actually give you guys axe to my course as well right.

So so they’re going to be paying like this you’re going to go to press, get started and then cool boom, so vertex will calm or marketer will calm sign up as an affiliate once you guys have an affiliate program that you guys can promote now, if you’re Already, promoting something as an affiliate, then you guys can go ahead and do exactly what I’m about to teach you guys in this article to promote your affiliate programs.

But if you guys don’t have one. Those are ones that I’ve made six figures with. So I thought I’d go ahead and show you guys how to do it make sure you guys use my affiliate link so that way I can go ahead and give them the tools to be successful now, step number two: is you want to go ahead and actually Create product congruent content now? What does that mean? What that means is basically just help people solve the desired problems, so you want to go to the reverse engineer right.

The content, so whatever the product is, for example, easy one up right, easy one up is a product that teaches people how to make money online. The legendary marketer is a product that seems to people how to make money online. So if you guys notice right, if I go to my youtube blog right all the time, I’m teaching people how to make one in line now, literally five hours ago, I created a article with the three best affiliate programs.

So what did I do? I basically created the three best affiliate programs – I’ve. Basically, he talks about easy when up there’s an ad marketing a cliff funnel and then what I did was I reefer these people to my affiliate links right. So I’m practicing what I preach next is right: making a thousand dollars a day how to make this $ 99. Paydays earn thirty five dollars per day, how to make nine hundred dollars per day so guys, I’m basically just creating content teaching people how to make money online.

Now, if you guys don’t know where to start as far as the type of content to make, then what I would recommend is typing in the keyword: how to make money online right or whatever your product solved right keywords that people would search for we’re trying to Solve that problem, and then, if you notice you’re literally three ways to make money online, even if you’re broke, I can go ahead and literally read this article, wipe the title and then make similar content and use the same constant, similar thumbnail and basically use that to Redirect traffic to my up-to-date offers, I can create one little similar thumbnail and earn 300 dollars per day by typing names on.

Oh God. This is make money online content. If you really now, let me be transferred with you guys if you guys make money, make money online content. This is going to go ahead and get people to take action on your offers, but it’s still not as congruent as the product yourself, because your product specifically for the ones that I’m telling you to promote it’s going to go in and teach you specifically how to Make money online with affiliate marketing, so you’ll make you’ll get a higher conversion rate if you teach people for their marketing content, just I’ll teach you guys affiliate marketing, content, affiliate marketing content and promote an affiliate marketing product, because if I’m saying about creative, a YouTube articles, Saying how to make money with e-commerce and then selling? I just taught you this method, but I’m telling you to buy this product.

That’s going to teach you a completely different method. Then it’s not going to be as congruent. So I would recommend, if you guys, want to right go ahead and actually start teaching people the actual skills that the products going to go on and teach these people right. But here’s an example guys literally just look up the keyword that people would be searching for and your model people’s constant.

I do it all the time you model this thumbnail, so just to give you guys an example right I’ll, go ahead and put affiliate programs, and if we look here the seven best affiliate programs, we have audio productions 158,000. You six months ago, now guys I planned on already making this content before I before I got ideas, but what I decided to do was I created the concept first, but I dropped this article a couple days ago, depending on when you’re actually reading this, but I Created the constant first so guys I did not read this article right.

I simply just saw a winning thumbnail and a winning title. So what I did was I mimics the title. It says these bet the seven best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 2019. So I said the three best, because I was just talking about the three that I’m promoting as honestly, I didn’t even read this article. I just saw okay, what is the most successful article around the specific keyword, so the keyword that Oxana rank for was affiliate program.

So I typed in affiliate programs. I found his article, so I just modeled the thumbnail right look: bracelet Donnell, the seven thousand today programs mine, says the three best of the new programs is how the orange background mine has a yellow background. I know from marketing experience that yellow captures people eyes. I could have even used red because it’ll probably captures people’s ideas or more and then I might just mimic the title I made me title boom.

So if it’s proven to be successful model, successful people so guys, if you guys looked here, basically step number three redirect your affiliate products so have a strong call to action at the end of your articles. So, as stated before guys, legendary marketer right easy one up. Click funnels were basically of the product, the affiliate product that I was promoting. So if you look at my description here, what are the free affiliate programs that I have right? I have my affiliate links to these three things.

So literally, click follows affiliate program, easy one-up, affiliate program, there’s no, your marketer for this program. So these people click these links. What’s going to happen, is people are going to go out and actually sign up as an affiliate, I’m going to go and get paid enough for the Commission, so it’s just going to go to an add-on to that income that I’m already making as an affiliate with That being said, all you have to do.

This is a simple three-step process right, find an affiliate product create products that are congruent with create products that are congruent with the actual product that you’re solving. So, for example, if I was promoting quick funnels as an affiliate, I’m not going to be teaching people how to make money online, I’m going to be teaching people how to build sales, funnel I’m going to be teaching chiropractors how to build up photos real estate agent, Not are you selling them, I’m just going to be teaching anything funnels related and then what I’m going to do right the process, the problem that my product solves I’m going to create that type of content solving that solution, and then I’m going to go to actually Recommend the affiliate product so with that being said, um then here is an example right, the three of three programs, and actually you have my call to action and that’s it.

This is how you do it guys. You literally have the article and create value and, at the end of the article you’re going to go ahead and have a strong call to action, saying if you want to learn more about building funnels, go ahead and click. The link in my description grab access to a free trial for cliff limits or, if you want to go and learn more about making one outline, click the link in the description and figure out my number one recommended affiliate program or whatever that looks like guys.

So, basically find a product to promote right start, creating content, the problem that is solved and I have a strong call to action at the end and again, if you guys don’t know what what products to create literally going to model success. Vine, the stuff that ranked number one within that keyword that you’re trying to rank for it and use similar thumbnails use. Similar titles – don’t steal it. You notice, I did three instead of seven, don’t fill it and then go ahead and give people value, give your audience value and go ahead and redirect them to your affiliate offers.

Now. One thing I want to, let you guys know guys just does not get rich. Quick, this isn’t free cannot make a article today and I have to get rich today. This is slow and steady wins the race, but if you’re an entrepreneur you should be doing long-term thinking, anything you should be doing should be investing into the long-term guys. So I’m literally creating constant today to make money way down the line, guys that’s how it works.

If one of your articles go viral, then over time it starts to get cash traction that’d, be a whole bunch of traffic to your affiliate offers again make a whole bunch of money right. So you guys want to go ahead and actually learn more about it. For the market, you guys want to learn more methods than just what I taught you and you guys want me to go ahead and teach you guys how to build sales funnels.

You guys want me to teach you guys how to drive traffic other traffic methods and what offers to pick so on and so forth. Simply go to the first link in my description or depending on where you’re reading sister will be a link or a button down below click that link and grab actions, a free training that will go and teach you guys how to do the step by step. And you guys need access to my resources, my traffic sources, my software, that I use for my business.

There will be a resources section and recommended training, section down below and last but not least, guys hit the damn subscribe button. If you guys haven’t hit that already and hit that notification bug be notified every time I drop some in heat when that being said, hopefully gain some value. I’r going to enjoy my day in Bali today. Would that be said, I’m going to stop saying with that. Being said, your boy Eric Ellis jr.

Checking out Street smoke, so we won, we won body, we were naughty

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