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Is web development dying? | here is what you can do about it.

Everything is dying from the moment is created in the in the early 90s. 90 to 95. Like the Internet’s becoming a thing, people are like hey, I got ta get on the internet.

I got ta get my business on the internet. I got ta get my products and my services and whatever on the internet. Html was this thing that nobody really understood. There’s people out there a few people who were reading books and buying books and they’re really fascinated about this stuff and those are the ones who went out and they started to build websites and eventually they came. They had built so many sites that they had like a system or a template or a framework or something like that and it became a product.

So you get the WordPress. Is you get the joomla’s? You get the Wix, you get all these other things and then you have people coming on with the specific intent of solving some of what they perceive is a problem, so you’ve got YouTube where you can upload articles, you get Gmail for for mail and you got Google for searching and all these different things – and these become big companies in the in the game of search right.

You’ve got Yahoo best. The the search leader like they’re, the number one in search Google, comes along with the new way to to rank search listings, and everyone starts using Google and then yahoo slowly fades away, and this is the same way with web developers. So the the HTML developers slowly faded away to the HTML and CSS developer and they slowly faded away to the the the single page JavaScript application developer, where they’re building a web page – and it’s all just has to be on one page and they just move stuff Around the Dom with JavaScript, then you get you get frameworks and when we get into the framework area now we’re getting into like employers at one point, a company will hire someone specifically to build a website.

They may pay them thousands and thousands of dollars, but once the site is built, they don’t want to rebuild it now. They just need some sort of system to maintain it. If somebody shows up and they’re like hey right, I can. I can implement this thing to make life a little easier, the, but he begins to sell more products. They begin to grow and now they need to put together some sort of web development team, so they bring on another developer and another developer and they all decide that they’re going to use angular or react or whatever to manage this codebase as the company grows and Gets bigger, you’ve got companies, saying hey, we want people who know react or angular review, whatever framework or whatever library is being used that they’re looking for people to to learn those things, because these sites, these businesses, have these sites and they’re already established.

So now they just need someone to maintain them, so you have people who are going out and learning these frameworks and libraries and it becomes a little harder because, if someone’s just coming into the game and they’re like hey, I want to get a job building websites And they start to look nobody’s looking for HTML and CSS or JavaScript, specifically they’re looking for a react in angular, and you know these fancy buzzwords, those skills will help you HTML, CSS and JavaScript will help you to learn the frameworks and wrap your head around the Frameworks and how they work and be able to to maintain them and implement them.

So if you want to go the job route, then you start out with HTML CSS JavaScript, and then you go on into whatever framework that you want to work on full-time. If you want to be a freelancer, then it’s a whole different story: you’re competing with people who went to college you’re competing with people. Who’ve learned these frameworks and they’re saying I can build these things in these frameworks.

You just have to have a way to set yourself apart. Everything is always dying, the automotive industry is always dying. The legal industry is always every industry is always dying. This is what people say, but in reality the economics behind it all is that the complicated things are becoming simpler or the or the the complexity of these things is being covered up by some sort of system like in the case of coding and programming.

You’ve got libraries and frameworks that make it so you have to write less code and you don’t have to think as much about logic. Some some frameworks, you don’t have to think as much about planning you just you just worry about your core program and the framework handles everything else. At the same time, inside of these frameworks, the companies that are maintaining them better, making them that it building products on them.

They need people who understand these frameworks, so there is always a route to go depending on where you want to go in the pyramid. It’s it’s harder and that could be perceived as dying right before I can learn HTML and CSS, and I can go out and find a job right away. But now I have to learn. You know this framework at this library in VN, I’m still competing with a bunch of people who went to college for all different kinds of things and decided they wanted to be developers and they became self-taught developers too, and all these different things what it all boils Down to is the ability to to understand that that the to go from here, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to react or angular view or something is going to be a steep road.

But there is a lot of opportunity in between that. A lot of people are going to miss because they’re aiming for this specific thing, there’s still companies that need websites just basic web pages and there’s still companies that need that needs custom, setups or custom designs or custom. Whatever a lot of people miss that, because they’re aiming specifically for the job, where they’re going to be doing angular or a reactor view or whatever and it’s harder in those places, because you have a lot more people who are looking for jobs specifically like full-time jobs, Then there are people who are looking just to to build their own apps their own services or provide some sort of web development service or very a specific niche part of web development, like maybe you focus specifically on shopping carts and increasing customer retention or increasing the Shopping cart, size through suggested upsells and down sales and stuff, like that, or maybe you use focus specifically on design and laying out pages that drive people through a certain process that results in more sales and more customers.

Those are just the things you have to do like you have to go from being a generalist to some sort of specialist and as you progress in your knowledge, then you specialize on something that’s going to make more and more money, something you can charge more and More for because somebody else, maybe they’re not as good as better, they don’t have as many examples or whatever team so yeah what development is always dying.

Everything is always dying at some point. The skill that you have right now, the things that you’re doing the things that you’re learning they’re going to become commoditized or the complexity is going to be completely abstracted away. Where most anybody can do these things right, it’s the same using Excel on a computer in nineteen. Eighty is way different from using Excel on a computer right now before it was hard like people were hired specifically just to know how to use that application, and then these things became simpler.

People weren’t hired specifically on how to use Excel. People were hired specifically to figure out how to implement certain that how to turn these large spreadsheets into like these quasi applications, that anybody could use to make calculations and do their daily work. Then at some point that became easy and then you had got a whole nother breed of people who were or their specific job is to maintain databases that maintain an Excel spreadsheet.

So it’s just everything is always dying. Just remember that the best thing to do is to just pick what it is you enjoy doing and learn that and focus on that become an expert at that and being go out into the world with that thing, all right team, that is it for this vlog. If that made sense, leave a comment below share click, the notification bell click the subscribe button, so you so you so you subscribe to the blog and you get the articles.

You get the vlogs on the regular basis when I update them. When I bring when I bring new content – and I will see you in the next vlog team –


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