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Live Stake and Active Stake, an Important Difference for Stakers on Cardano

Okay, the air, the error cleared. Okay, all right so welcome everyone to digital fortress, this today’s going to be a quick, live stream, and then, if you have any questions, you can ask me and let me know i’m going to uh pop out chat. So I can see it that way. If anybody has questions i’ll, be able to see your questions and uh, so i’m going to explain the difference between active stake and live mistake.

Last night in determining the number of blocks of pool produced based on the amount of steak, and so i’m going to show you what i, how to do it, how to check your the live, stake all right and then i’m going to explain why it’s important! Well, it’s important so that you make informed decisions. Actually, I should say that up front. The reason it’s important to understand active stake is because active stake is what determines the block production? Okay, not the live stake and cardano is now a long game with epics being five days long and the reason i’m explaining this is because I made a mistake and I thought well, if I made that mistake, then other people might so it might be a good Idea to explain the difference between active steak and live steak, where, with active steak, being the more important number for block production, because I realized small pools will suffer the most.

If people don’t understand the parameter, and so I don’t want to see large pools, get wrecked for the wrong reason. I like people to make informed decisions. Cardano is a better ecosystem, because people make informed decisions and they know what they’re doing and they know what they’re. Looking at so, I just wanted to help facilitate good decision making, because the sum of all decisions makes cardano smarter.

Okay, that’s just how large ecosystems work is. If people are making good and informed decisions, then ecosystem uh works better so good morning, umbra mitt p. Welcome good morning john hamilton and pekka, where it goes over to saturation level. I answer questions later, but uh saturation right now is about 207 million all right. So I need to get on to what i’m showing you here and why i’m showing it i’m going to go to adapepools.

Org i’ll, put a link to datapools.Org down below, and i’m going to share that screen out with you guys and i’ll show you the difference between The live stake and the active stake and i’ll give you a comparison. So, let’s get on to that, make sure I do this right. Okay, all right, so I can see the screen and I can see the chat. So let me know hello voyager good morning. Bca all right, so let me show you this very important.

Difference between active stake and live stake and active is the more important number when it comes to block production. Okay, so here’s adapepools.Org beautiful website, great job ada pools a great job to those of you that are the cardinians who are building this um awesome website. So let’s say I go to a to pool’s dashboard and i’m trying to pick a pool. So I scroll down the list here and i’m looking at these uh various numbers and I can sort by various parameters.

I can sort by fees I can sort by pledge or whatever the case may be, and I go oh okay, these pools certain pools are making blocks. So let’s say I sort by block production, for example, and then I say I want to see pools are making blocks well this this block production is based on the stake from 10 days ago or, however long this, this stake was there so, and let me show You what I mean in better detail by using some clear examples, i’m going to use onyx pool that I pulled up as an example: okay and that’s david over at onyx, great guy.

Thank you david for putting pools up, and so, if I go over here, here’s the important number active steak. Okay, the current block production is based on active steak. Live steak is what the steak is today right now active steak is what this the stake was. 10 days ago, which is what the current block production is being based upon: okay and um, and here’s why I think this is important. So there’s one example, so you see, the live stake is 18 million.

That’s the current stake, the block pr! The active stake is what is affecting block production based off of um, eight or ten days ago, or whenever the snapshot was taken. Okay, so this is important to understand when you’re delegating, because it can hurt smaller pools and i’ll. Show you why and i’ll give you an example um last night charles was doing a live stream and a few people in the chat. I was helping some people out in the chat, and I made a mistake.

Someone asked about the amount of ada required to make a block something to that effect, and I told him that there was a pool of smalls 116 000 uh ada that made a block, but I was wrong. I was mistaken and i’ll show you right here. The mistake I made uh – oh you know, i’m a humble guy. If I make a mistake, i’m telling you I made a mistake and i’m going to fix it and then I realized wow other people, okay, so here’s bubba pool this was an example.

Now, if you look at live stake here, live stake, says 261 000 bubba pool made a block right here right, okay, but that block wasn’t created based on 261 000 ada. That block was based on the active stake from the snapshot at the end of two epochs ago, when end of every epic, when the snapshot was taken, so the block creation was based on 19.12 million ada and the reason I thought this was important is because this Could hurt the smaller pools the most, so there might be good operators out there who have smaller pools, because maybe they’re not good at marketing, but they’re good at uh they’re good at operating uh bubba is a great name.

I remember that I was like yeah i’ll go to bubba there’s a couple. Others I checked and bubba is not an exception. Bubba is pretty it’s pretty common. I started checking other pools and I saw the same thing happen to other smaller pools. So I thought, oh, I better do a article because that’s what I do and explain to people uh. This mistake that I made because if i’m making that mistake, there’s probably some number of people also making uh the same mistake all right.

So hopefully, that helped clear that up or um it makes more sense by doing that, any questions in the chat, let me know good morning, bca good morning pekka retaining, but I get got your answer on the saturation level, um yeah, cardenasia pool said bubba and t-h-s-t-k Pool will give a good example. Thank you, cardinia i’ll, give you another example t-h-s-t-k. That was the other mistake. I had made last night trying to help out in t h s t k so just another example all right, and so I hit that button and you see t h s.

T k made a block. That block was based on the active stake from a while ago, the snapshot of the end of two epochs ago, but the current live stake is 117 000. So there’s an example of two small pools that made a block that the stake moved somewhere else, maybe because other pools were making blocks before that pool made a block. I don’t know people make complex decisions and I can’t even begin to speculate what the outcomes are.

All I can do is let you know what i’m seeing and then you can help make a better decision and I think part of the reason another part of the reason why i’m explaining this or to show you what I mean. Let me hop over to pool tool, which is another fantastic website, but this is where you could make the mistake. I I always I clear my web browser cache before I start doing a live stream, sometimes because uh, I don’t want you to see all the nefarious websites I go to just kidding, alright, so pull tool.

So you see here where it has live stake. It doesn’t show active stake, so if I were to go here and look on pull tool – and I would say – oh, this pool has x number of blocks like uh. I don’t know, here’s an example. Let me just pick, let me pick another one. Let me do that, so i’m going to do onyx, for example, ronix, because that was an example I use on eight of pulls. Okay. So let’s say I say: okay, you made a block with 7.

1 million and then this one was 18.32 million. But if you look at what I did on eta pools with onyx, for example, that’s a great example: what is the actual stake on that pool? Number one for current block production? Well, the current active stake is 12.8 million right. That is what the block production is based on, but if I look on pull tool – and I see 18.32 – that’s not correct right – and I see this guy here at 7.

91, so you can see the smaller pools can make blocks. Remember the epics are a lot longer now five days, so a pool might have um a a a a modest amount of stake. Good for block production like chris’s pool master right here at 9.13 million um. I don’t know the number that this pool will generate, but he’s already generated a block and he could generate four five. Six, seven eight blocks: you never know how that cruel and benevolent slot lottery works uh.

He could end up generating. You know four blocks in one day and then zero blocks for the next three days. You never know right. That’s just how it is that’s how it is for all the pools all right, so hopefully that helped clarify the difference between live steak and active steak, and when it comes to the pools block production, it is the active stake that is determining the number of blocks That that pool oops that one’s on zero that one doesn’t have any yet the other number that that’s making like my bubba example a great name.

It’s like bubba gump, all right so um yeah. So this pool made a block and the live stake might be 261, but the block was made well. The stake was at 19.12 million and again the reason, i’m making sure that I point that out is so that the smaller pools with good operators don’t get wrecked, because people like fast people in crypto tend to be impatient. Some not not everyone, but in general people can be impatient and what happened is on the itn.

We got conditioned to daily updates. So, for six months, anyone who was working on the itn with the itn got up to 13.1 billion stake on it and the current network. If I go to the ada pools dashboard here, there’s a 12.42 billion, so the mainnet hasn’t hit itn levels yet and what happened on the itn, at least for me and probably for many others, is it got conditioned to day to day and say? Oh today, my blocks are based on yesterday’s stake and then the day rolls over and today my blocks are based on yesterday’s steak.

Well, the problem with having five day epics is it confuses me right, like days are one day long and weeks or one week long. Just kidding weeks or seven days and epics are five days and then I go okay. What day is the epic going to roll over and I have to either think through it or look at a calendar. So I just want to point that out to you make sure you guys know, active stake is what current block production is based on just to help you make a more informed decision and I think cardano would be better off in the long run.

I didn’t mean to go too long and be preachy, but I did want to make sure I got the word out. So people understand this better and great job to cardenians on this website. Fantastic website they’ve got a telegram bot. If you use telegram, you can get their telegram bot here and it will go bling. You know every time your your favorite pool makes a block. That’s cool. A pegasus app will do that too i’ll.

Do a article on pegasus tool on how to use that tool. That’s a fantastic tool you can put on your mobile phone and if you want to donate to the cardenians or adapuls.Org, they have a donation tab here you can click on that and they run a pool, the cardenians pool, which is doing quite well but uh yeah. Just give them a little bit of a shout out and shout out to david as well over there at onyx and uh.

Just uh want to let you guys know. So let me see if there’s any questions. Are we good here? Let’s see big pay good morning, big peg good morning, sir. Oh well done big pay with the balloon pool, you’re doing fantastic, buddy um. Let me see I stick my ata someday pay and I and the big pools the pools. We call big pools today. We’re going to be competing with the telecoms like you know, verizon or maybe the big financial like jp, morgan, chase and and uh me and pay are going to be the guys out there fighting a good fight.

You know to keep keep the pools community based we’re going to be going against heavy hitters in about a year from now or easily, so we got to get ready for that. We got to get ready for the we got to get ready for the big fight. All right so, mr mun, I staked my aida a little um. Mr munn says I stuck my a little late but ended up delegating hours before the epic and the pool solved the block. So why haven’t I seen any rewards yet? Okay, good question, mr mont? Nobody is seeing any rewards wet, yet that’s the problem with the itn.

It conditioned us and conditioned me. It conditioned everyone for immediate gratification. Cardino is now a long game. It is a long game. No one will get rewards until august 23rd. If you staked your ada before the snapshot that occurred on thursday, you will not see rewards until august 28th. Okay, you will not see reward 28th or maybe even september first, third, whatever um yeah. So if you just staked during the last snapshot, you won’t see rewards until at least august 28th.

But if you staked at the beginning of jo of uh blah august uh august 3rd, then um actually august 8th feed the stake. Before august 8th. You will see. Rewards august 23rd. Okay, so that’s how that works hopefully answered your question, mr mont. Thank you for that malki dot says: is there a difference between digi and digi ii? No, there’s no difference. They are running on different nodes, but they are both.

They both have the same horsepower and they both have the same set of peers, but yeah. They have the same set of peers out in the world out there spread across the planet. They have peers. The relay has peers they’re, both pointing to the same private relays or public relays. I’r sorry, so digital digital point of same relays and those relays are pointed to all the other relays spread throughout the world in north america, japan, south america, europe all over the place.

So canada, oh that’s part of north america, so um, let’s see other questions, do I have to redelegate a wallet if I continue to add ada to that delegated wallet from umbra? Thank you umbra. No, you do not. You do not have to redelegate a wallet if you continue to add ada. It will be automatically delegated from that wallet to the pool that you already have delegated good question, and if you want to delegate to multiple pools, you can create more wallets.

In the same instance of daedalus, and you can delegate to multiple pools from deadlifts, currently you cannot do that from euro okay. Currently, you cannot, unless you make multiple chrome, logins or multiple firefox logins and under each login you delegate to a different poll, so you can do it from your roy. You just have to make a separate login for each uh. You open up a browser in a different instance.

Okay, let me see here me go um. Well, I hope that screen share helped i’m going to go through a few more questions and wrap it up. I didn’t want to run too long. Oh lots of good questions in here pool tool shows a tada pool pledge. 3.5 million declared pool pledge 2.5 million yeah. That’s okay! That’s fine! If uh! If, if a pool operator raises a pledge above the declared pledge, that’s fine, that’s good! That’ll still it’ll still make blocks so a lot of pool operators might practice that, because you want to have a buffer zone, you say: okay, i’m going to pledge this much and then i’m going to put so much more on it.

That way, if I have to move funds, I don’t drop below because you never want to drop below and that’s what the pool operators are working on. Uh roo, 33, hopefully answer your question here: ruru 23, hello, there, hi, uh, ruby, says hello. I have a little question: what is the risk of staking? There’s no risk uh, you can’t you, you cannot lose your funds staking just points to a poll and there’s no risk of losing your funds to the pool.

You are always in control of your funds. So the only risk that you do have there’s no such thing as no risk like right now. I could get hit by an asteroid. Okay, so there is a risk with doing a live stream, but the risk is, if you compromise your own personal computer or the key. Is you compromise your 15 word seed or your private key there’s the risk, but the risk falls entirely on the individual person delegating staking and holding the private key.

The pool does not impose any risk to you as far as losing ada. The only risk is not gaining ada by staking to a pool that is not functioning correctly. Pools must stay on line 24 and 7. The relay that their block producer points to has to stay up 24 and 7 and it has to be connected so relay might be online, but it’s not working correctly because they didn’t put in the topology correctly. That is possible.

Let’s see here, uh. What’s the rest of your question room 23: is it possible the pools run with your funds when they are staked? No, they can’t do it. They do not have control of funds. Thanks for the articles, love the blog. Thank you ruru. 23. Thank you for the questions. It really helps because usually if one person has a question, there’s probably many other people who have the same question: okay, uh also get zen says if it is automatically delegated.

What happens when you want to transfer funds from the wallet? Do you undelegate or just send the funds you just send the funds, if you undelegate, if you’re using daylist and on delegate you’re supposed to get the two ada deposit back. It’s a two eta staking registration deposit to to register that wallet uh staking key okay. I think you get it back, but you don’t have to un-delegate. You can just send the funds.

Ada is never locked, it is never locked and that is the beauty of cardano uh. Let’s see um trader pikachu hello trader pikachu I like playing pokemon, go. I, like pokemon, pikachu, hey there rick thanks for doing this. What’s the biggest risk one would face as a stake pool operator, the biggest risk a staple operator faces is well there’s many. Let me think what is the biggest one is having your keys, stolen and having your data stolen.

So if you put the private key to your ada on the stake pool on the relay, the relays are a little bit more vulnerable than the average device or the average node, because they are exposed to the public internet and they’re on 24 and 7.. So if, if some entity manages to penetrate that relay, it is difficult, but it is possible very remote possibility if an entity manages to penetrate that relay and the private key state are on there, they can get the private keynes okay, and that is the biggest risk.

If the pool keys get stolen, then your risk there is you’ll have to create another pool. The pool operator would have to create a new poll and as long as the nodes stay online, the stakers will still get their um rewards, but there’s a possibility that they won’t because of malicious activities. So but it is it’s really hard. It’s really hard. I don’t know how you’d penetrate the crowd. What’s vulnerable is like the cardano server uh.

The cardano note itself is not the vulnerability. It’s the server it’s sitting on, and the tcp and the operating system, environment and all the other things is where the vulnerability lies is: how can someone get in there and get to it? The node itself doesn’t appear to have vulnerabilities, and I wouldn’t know anyway, but hopefully that answered your question. Aruba steakpool asks hi. Rick might no reason why livestake might differ from ada pools and pull tool than cn tools.

This might affect operators negatively promotional, wise and you’ve. Had this issue for days, that’s a great point: aruba stake pool. I do not use cntools, so I cannot answer your question about cntools, but that is why i’m doing this article because we are seeing there is a difference between active steak and live steak. So you got to check cn tools and check to see if you are looking at active stake in cntools or live stake and you’ll see that earlier in the article that was what I explained using adapuls.

Org and pull tool. Steenbot asked how much time you spend running the state pool each day. I understand it’s 24 7 position, but how much actual work is done? Well, it depends on the pool, I would say, uh between me and the two other uh, my two technicians, my sons, con christian, who are doing a lot of work. The actual time on the pole itself is maybe 20 minutes, checking health and verifying it’s working correctly, but in these in these early days it’s not so much that it’s you check health more often to make sure things are still running, because it’s early until confidence builds Up but most of the time is being spent, I would say four to five hours a day: doing: testing failover testing and writing scripts, because christian and kyle have built christian built ansible scripts kyle is testing the ansible scripts for failover, backup redundancy alerts because we’re not Using other people’s scripts, we built our own scripts, so i’d say four five: six hours a day in the early days, just like the itn, the itn early days were 20 hours, but the haskell note is so solid and reliable that it doesn’t require as much babysitting And the cool thing is: is that we’re doing more work on automation than doing work on uh survival right? So that’s where most of the effort is taking place right now, uh, let’s see what let me see, crypto collector says: what do I do to stop? My addiction of reading blocks being made uh, nothing just enjoy it.

Go fishing. Take your cell phone when you go fishing and uh and set the alert on pegasus tool and it’ll go bling whenever you get a block on your favorite poll and you can still catch fish cool yeah, I don’t know how to solve that addiction. I have that too bca ask says: thanks for the screen share, rick helped a lot and also where to find the info on live steak and active steak. You’re welcome, bca you’re welcome dan norman says: can you talk about saturation? Does it still matter? Yes, saturation matters.

Saturation is about 207 million right now, so if the pool doesn’t hit 207 million it’ll be okay as long as k equals 150 and the total available ada for staking is 31 billion, so about 207 million. You can check that out on ada pools. It shows. Let me check the dashboard on the aida pools. I know I saw it on there. Oh where’d, I see it i’ll have to check i’ll, have to look it up. Oh let’s see but yeah you can check saturation 207 million right now.

Crypto collector loves fishing good for you, man, that’s good good, good, crypto fishing, good combo uh. Let’s see uh there’s a couple of small pools with less than 300k staked edimenting blocks, maybe metroplex. Possibly. I think there are um, but you got to check active stake versus livestake, because I found a pool that had 161k live stake that minted a block, and then I went to check wow. How did that happen and come to find out? It? Had 19 million active active is the important number, and that was the important part at the beginning, live stream.

So if someone did if a 300k pool minted a block at 300k, congratulations, that’s fantastic! That is incredible. It’s like buying a lottery ticket, kyle sullivan thanks for making this article. Thank you frogpool for all the work that you do. Uh, let’s see uh any other questions, i’ll wrap it up, so that I don’t keep you all on this beautiful saturday morning where it’s raining in virginia north carolina.

It’s been raining for a couple days. Kyle knows what i’m talking about, because if i’m getting rain he’s getting it too, it comes from his direction. Let’s see aruba staple says, congrats on the blocks. Yeah yeah, digi and digi-2 are doing well they’re doing they’re doing about the protocol norm. Uh they’re, creating blocks in about within the range of the what the protocol says they should be doing so.

That’s fantastic um umbra says: do you have multiple internet failover connections? Yes, I do. I have two active fiber connections. I have a third fiber connection available and I have multiple internet failovers. So, yes, I do, let’s see and plus like if worse came to worst, let’s say uh, some an asteroid impacted this area right and just blew it away and I somehow managed to survive. I would just bring him up on cloud servers.

Okay, it wouldn’t take long. It wouldn’t take long. It would only take a few hours maybe to bring the pools back up on the cloud servers, but I like the security of having a high-end commercial-grade firewall, securing the block producers and uh preventing bad things from happening to the relays. It’s just my preference. I mean the cloud servers work great as well uh I just like the the processing load to go on the asic based firewall, because you got high speed, four microsecond a6.

You know four microsecond latency, that’s nothing! You know, and so that way it’s sorting the traffic at ultra high speed and the traffic is very restricted. Um yeah i’ve got special rules turned on to help prevent certain things from happening. So, let’s see here any other questions and i’ll get on hello from gloomy soaking, wet south africa, hello, chenille, javon, it’s like virginia in north carolina right now, wunderless asks.

Do you think a pool etf is in the works to support small, medium and large pools? I don’t know I don’t know what etfs what’s etf, I can’t remember what that is. Yeah, I don’t know. I think what the best thing that a small medium pool could do. I don’t even know if etf is related to that actually um. The best thing they can do is market and get their pools out there somewhere outside the bubble of the current crypto bubble space uh, because you know we have a there’s over a thousand pools up now.

So, theoretically or hypothetically, you would have a thousand marketers out there out there in the world promoting their pools on their facebook and promoting their pools wherever they find their clever ideas to do it like i’ll. Give you an example: if you’re promoting your pool on the cardano subreddit, that’s a great start, but if you got a if you got a lot of balls and you’re, not afraid to do it, try going to the other subreddits like the eth subreddits, I mean you’ll.

Probably get banned so don’t use your permanent reddit account but go into each subreddit go into our cryptocurrencies go onto our cryptocurrency. There are two different ones and and introduce them in a very polite and kind way and or whatever reddit likes and say. Look: here’s how it’s working on cardano, maybe ethereum 2.0, will work the same way: here’s how my pool works and then you can market your pool like that and maybe they’ll um learn from that and in the long game.

Maybe that’s a good marketing technique so, but I don’t know what etfs would have to do. Etf is essentially a group of pools. Yeah. There are pool alliances like spa craft forming, so um spocker is a stake pool of alliance. That’s that’s come up um. Basically, you know alliances help build stronger communities, it improves the skills of the members or some and, and it helps them establish standards of quality.

Okay, for example, um is what those type of alliances would do all right. So let me see: are there any other questions in there? Let’s see all right, I don’t see any other questions. Okay, I wanted to be brief. Um again, quick summary. Let me do that screen share again real quick and i’m going to and i’m going to punch out so over here. Here’s what we covered is on ada pools and I think my screen share is going out.

Hopefully I picked the right one yeah. I did okay, so on ada pools you have the dashboard. You can search and surf the pools to find your favorite pool find a pool of interest in in the list here: okay and then, when you search that pool, let me use another example. Yet again you can search that pool and you will see the active stake versus the live stake and the active stake is what the current block production is based upon, and then you can compare that block production to the active stake and then find out.

You know what exactly does that mean here we got pega the creator of the pegasus app and the live stake is 24 million. This is current, so today pega stake is 24 million today. So if I go to pull tool, let me check that I got that right, i’m going to go to pega, okay, yeah 24 million. You see that 24 million. Then I go to ada pools and it’s 24 million, but the block production is based on like about 10 days ago, eight days ago, the snapshot the 38 million, so this person lost.

This is the person who created the pegasus app for the mobile phones and their stake dropped from 38 to 24 million. So that’s not a smaller pool. I’d say: that’s a small to mid-sized pool it’s kind of hard to say I mean it’s kind of a subjective number at this point in time, but you see what I mean and we saw the same thing with at the beginning of the article where I showed Pools like bubba, for example, okay, where bubba had 19.

2 million generated a block, but due to people’s decision-making processes, they left this pool. And now the live stake is currently 261. So it’s going to be harder to make a block in the future. So that was the key is to inform people. Um about active stake is the important number, and that was the main thing I wanted main point I want to get across. So thank you. Everyone for reading digital fortress, i’m going to punch out now go get some breakfast get some coffee and you all have a great weekend.

I hope this was helpful and informative, and if it was, please feel free to share with your friends, because the smarter we are in cardano, the better we are in the long run. Okay, all right, you all take care punching out have a great day. Thanks for reading digital fortress bye, you


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