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4 Attraction Marketing Tips To Generate Leads Online

Marketing tips to generate leads online for those of you who have no idea who I am, I am the founder of set up my ads calm. The author of the book Internet traffic and leads make sure you get your copy on Amazon and I am a proud to comic club earner and if there’s one thing that I love to talk about its lead generation.

So if you want to generate leads – and you want to use attraction marketing to do it, okay, this talk is definitely for you, alright. So what I always want to do is make sure you understand the importance of the content that I put out because I put this out for you. Okay, I want you to get results. I want you to generate leads. I want you to make a lot of money and that’s why this content is produced, but what’s in it for you, okay, here’s what’s in it for you! If you want to build a brand and if you want to be a quote-unquote influencer okay, this is definitely going to be a talk for you if you want free traffic to your websites.

Okay, if you want leads for your business and if you want to make more money, my friend this article is for you and with that said, let’s dive into the content. So what is attraction? Marketing, okay by definition, attraction marketing? Is the process of drawing interest to a company product or service using carefully devised techniques? Okay, the goal is to attract potential customers to the way.

The item is bettered the sellers own life. The goal is to attract potential customers to the way. The item has bettered the sellers own life, alright, so, for example, okay, I have leveraged traffic, lead generation and marketing to grow several companies that generate over eight figures and combined revenue, okay as an internet marketer. So when I’m sharing these strategies, ok, I’m playing to you that the information that I’m sharing with you works because it can help you actually build a business, and you know every business out there.

I don’t care what it is. You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you’re not getting eyeballs on it, if you’re not getting traffic in front of it, you’re not going to make any money. Now, when you learn how to use traffic and lead generation – and you combine it with the traction marketing, it gets extremely powerful and attraction. Marketing is the reason why you tend to you know, follow the influencers that you typically read.

It’s the reason why, when a and that you look up to an entrepreneur or a business professional, they do something. You’re constantly feel yourself drawn to them. Okay, what they do was they leverage attraction marketing? I want to show you how you can do that with content. All right, so, let’s dive into the tips. Okay number one! You want to make a list of objections, and/or questions, okay, that your potential customers may have about your product or service all right.

So right now, okay, I want you to pause this article. I want you to grab a piece of paper. I want you to start to jot down some of the biggest objections, some of the questions that your potential customers may have about your products or services, and your goal is to simply jot those down and be able to position yourself through content to make sure that You’re the person – that’s answering all those questions.

Why? Because you know, when you’re the person answering all the questions: okay, you’re going to be the person that that individual looks towards when they have additional questions or objections about certain things. All right. This is how attraction marketing is built. So let me give you a couple of examples: okay, let’s say that you were a social media, advertiser. Okay, so, like myself, I teach marketing lead generation right, I’m teaching people how to get more.

You know eyeballs in front of their products or services. So what are the types of lists that I can create and questions that I can write down for future content all right, so here’s what I would do so, for example, if it’s social media advertising, I may say what are some of the things that people may Ask about social media media if they’re just getting started, they may say like. Should I run ads right, they may ask: how much should I spend or invest in advertising they may say: will it work for my business right? If I do social media advertising, is it going to actually work for me? What platform should I use? Should I use Facebook, so I use Instagram? Should I use Twitter? Can they may say you know what are some simple strategies for beginners, I’m just getting started? I’ve tried social media before what are some basic strategies, so one of the best things that you can do is jot down every single objection, every single question, anything that would come to mind, especially the bad things, and you be the person.

That’s actually answering that question via content and if you’re the person asking all the answering all the questions with content. Okay, when individuals are looking for answers, because they’re going to find you as the answering that question and there’s no better value that you can provide to the end user than to solve their problems and be the person answering their questions alright. So if you ever had problems creating content, just figure out what it is that you’re selling write down all the objections, all the questions that your potential customers may have and all you’ve got to do is simply answer those questions.

Alright, so that becomes your content and that becomes the information. That’s out there, it’s going to basically attract potential customers to you, which leads me to number two. You want to think of your business like a media company and what you think of your business like a media company. So one of the reasons you tend to go towards specific types of influencers or particular specific types of you know, business owners or anyone.

That’s in your particular niche or field, let’s say you’re working out, you tend to read a certain individual who is a fitness guru or whatever it may be. Okay and the reason you do that is because they’ve positioned themselves as a media company, you feel, like you have to go to that individual to get the information that you need to take your business to the next level. So I want you to start to think of your business like a media company, and in doing so you want to go.

Look at all the media companies around you go find all the publications, the magazines and all the things that produce content about your particular types of businesses and then what you can do is reproduce that type of content as well or use strategies that you see that Are attracting you to those publications, so here’s some basic tips to remember number one. You want to educate and entertain right.

If you look at most media companies, okay, they do very creative headlines. They know how to get you there. They know how to basically tie you into what it is they’re trying to basically share so make sure you do the exact same thing by educating and entertaining your audience. Okay, you also want to leverage trending topics alright, so if there’s something that happened in the world or if there’s something that’s going on your specific industry or something that maybe is controversial, okay be able to produce the information and content about that topic, and you will Definitely see yourself attracting more people, so an example of that would be recently.

Facebook and Instagram went down for literally several hours. I think over 10 hours, I think, was the longest those sites had ever been down and immediately. I started to think to myself man, I’m so happy that I built a list, I’m so happy that I captured name and emails because I’m never dependent on Facebook and Instagram, and these are things that I’ve been teaching for years to business owners to leverage these social Media blogs, but to build your list, the money and the powers in your list.

The fortunes in the follow up, and I think that people that aren’t building their lists. They got a a tease of what it would be like if all of a sudden, Facebook and Instagram went away didn’t matter. If you had a million followers, they weren’t good to you, but because I’ve built a list of over a half million opt-in subscribers, I could easily push a button and continue to generate profits and generate sales.

This is why you know you can leverage. You know. Trending topics and then you can put that content out there. That’s going to attract more people to you, here’s something that you always want to remember. Your perception is created all right and a lot of people don’t realize this. So, for example, you know my brand traffic. You know internet marketing, lead generation, my book, internet traffic and leads okay, that’s created! That’s something that I consciously thought about.

I said if I consistently put out information about marketing about lead generation, I can create that perception. So when people think about marketing lead generation, they say who should I go to when it comes to marketing and lead generation? Okay, I can create that and your perception is created. So whatever you want to do is step back, take like a week or two and jot down and say to yourself in a year who do I want to become okay, and you can definitely do that, which leads me to number three.

You must be consistent and play the long game. Okay, most people aren’t consistent, they put out a article, they put out a piece of content and they wonder why they generate any sales and they wonder why they’re not attracting new customers. Okay, it doesn’t work that way. The world won’t allow it to happen. You’ve got to pay your dues and you’ve got to be consistent. The good news is, it doesn’t take very long for you to pay your dues, because most people can’t stick through things very long.

So here’s some more basic tips to remember. Okay, you know who do you pay attention to now? So I want you to step back. I want you to jot down all the people you pay attention to and then underneath that I want you to write down. Why? Why do you pay attention to those individuals now? What is it that they do? Are they consistent? Are they playing the long game or they putting out content they’re doing all the things I just shared with you and then, when you ask yourself, why are you not doing that? Alright, so you want to say how can you provide more value and be more consistent than your mentors? Okay, so there are people that you’re reading right now and they’re people that you look up to and there’s a reason why you pay attention to them step back and ask yourself: what could I do differently? How could I provide more value? How can I be more consistent to those individuals so now people are looking at me versus looking at them because a lot of times we end up reading everyone instead of saying.

Well, I see what they’re doing. Why not just go ahead and mirror it, but make it better? Okay, I made a conscious decision to do that years ago and you want to make sure that you continue to do that with your business as well. Here’s the good news, 52 hours a year, can make you rich. So what do I mean by that? Okay, you would have produced one article a week, okay and you spend an hour a week. Okay, doing that it would take you one hour, which is 52 hours.

A year and if you produced a piece of content every single week for the next year, okay, it could absolutely make you rich, especially if you’re focused and you’re, targeting the right type of individuals right so you’re making articles. And you are creating your perception in your reality and you become known as the go-to person for that specific product or that specific niche market. It doesn’t take a lot.

You just have to jot it down and plan it into your day again. 52 hours a year is all that it takes and you can absolutely dominate all right. So, if you’re getting Val value, do me a huge favor, go ahead and smash the like button and does subscribe if you’re reading this on youtube or follow me if you’re reading it on social media, I gladly and greatly appreciate it because again a hold of the Content that I create it’s created for you and by you hitting the like button or commenting below for getting value.

Okay allows me to know if I should create more content than is similar to what you’re reading right now and also do me, a quick favor. Okay in the comment area go ahead and comment: okay, if number one two or three or you know one of the topics that you could see yourself implementing quickly all right, so we just covered three of the four tips. So great and comment just comment, one two or three of the one that you see yourself being able to implement and get and being able to use them utilize it effectively all right, which leads me to number four.

Okay. You want to advertise to the people that are paying attention all right, so a lot of times. What we focus on is advertising the people who aren’t paying attention to you. Okay, you want to pay put your information in front of the people that are paying attention. Even if that starts off with five people reading your article, you want to be running answer those five people, because here’s the cool thing about social media, which I think people forget about by you staying in front of the people that are paying attention.

They’re going to be the most engaged you’re going to be the people like you that are commenting that are showing love, which I greatly appreciate, and by them doing that. Okay, that automatically you know kind of tricks, the that starts to put it in front of other people that are searching for similar topics. So, for example, let’s say that I decide like I am to be the guy who everybody should come to when they want to learn strategies when it comes to pay-per-click advertising to get leads the lowest cost with the highest return right, and I make articles and I Consistently run ads and I stand in front of the people that have readed my article all right, because I’m staying in front of the people that already like me and they’re reading more of my content.

It starts to put my content in front of people organically who are looking for a similar topic and, as you know, if it, when it comes to business, most people need traffic, they need leads and they want to learn social media advertising. So by me, picking that niche market and by me being consistent, I’m actually attracting new people by simply paying attention to the people who are already paying attention to me and the way that I do.

That is very simple. Okay, I turn on the wheel and I simply stay in front of those individuals everywhere that they go so here you can see some of my ads on TMZ. Okay here you can see some of my ads on CNN. Okay, here you can see some of my ads on ESPN, okay, and here you can see my ads even showing up inside our individuals. Email account alright, and these are the people who are actually paying attention.

I only advertise to them and I’m able to grow my business inside and out alright. So, let’s recap: what you’ve learned we talked about make a list of objections, and/or questions, okay, make that list that becomes your content. Think of your business, like a media company, alright, so look at all the media companies out there. How do you want to be what how do you want to shape your ideas and your concepts? What’s going to make you different, you want to be consistent.

You want to play the long game and you want to advertise the people who are paying attention and with that being said, if you are reading this article and you want to get more customers – and you want to learn how I advertise on multiple blogs and how I generate leads I’m at a low cost that convert into sales. Okay, you definitely want to go to set up my ads dot-com, and I can show you how you can work with my team and we’ll show you how to run ads online if you’re a person that wants to make money – and you want to build a business Online simply go to ads Agency, network.

Com and I’ll. Show you how you can get businesses to pay you a lot of money to help them get customers alright. So I appreciate all the feedback again. Please definitely comment. Let me know which one of the four tips you’re going to implement an executor or which one you got the most value at, and it will be me that actually replies back to you with that being said, hope you got a ton of value and I’ll see You on the next one later


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