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How To Do Basic SEO: A Beginner’s Guide (2019) Part 1

I finally decided to come back and I don’t know if it’s going to be going to be full-time, but I’m going to try my best to kind of publish articles more frequently and this I’m going to do then, this time I’m going to be doing things a Little bit different and I’m going to be focusing more or less on kind of educational series, playlist, etc, and the first one kind of want to focus on is SEO, as you guys have been asking me quite frequently, is how to do content marketing how to do Seo, etc, etc.

I’r like fuck man, I didn’t make a fucking article about this. I’r tired of telling people are talking to people. Let me just make it and set it and forget it, and so I’ve been working in block geeks for last two and a half years, and it’s done well. You know we’ve. On average, we get anywhere between a hundred to one point: five million organic traffic visits a month at the peak of the crypto run.

We had like three four million visits and we’ve done this, not VC funded. You know we don’t have crazy capital. This is self-funded. So we’ve done it very strategically step-by-step and we’ve created one of the best lean mean content, machine website assets in the crypto space, and so I want to kind of show you how I’ve done that. So anyone can do this. It’s like when people say: oh, a mirror, you’re going to marking like bro, I’m a fucking idiot, it’s just no! You know you can laugh now, but it’s the truth.

It’s not like I’m, not a genius, it’s more or less. Once you have a checklist. Everything’s easy, like once you make things into heuristics like simple logic patterns where you know from like point A to point, B, etc, etc. Anyone can do I mean anyone, it’s not like you’re calculating formulas or you look kind of like sitting there scratching your head like SEO, for the most part, is spending a lot of time doing due diligence a lot of time doing research.

The easy part is content. Production in the marketing – that’s the easy part, but the due diligent part is where the magic side and yeah SEO is not a shortcut. It’s a longtail game, but once you nail down the longtail game, it’s the best type of traffic right you’re, talking about intense search people who are who are intently searching for salut or problems on different. You know different search engines out there.

You know where there’s a yahoo being Google Yandex, etc Baidu, and so basically, for this first article, I want to kind of show you a basic due diligence process that I do I’m going to be focusing on crypto and do something new so start from scratch. I this the first I’m going to be doing this and I’ve decided to do on shoes, believe it or not, and so we’ll focus on shoes, and so basically the program that I use is 8 reps and I highly recommend to get this program.

They don’t pay me to say this. I just love it. I used to use many different ones that you see used a majestic SCM rush. I think SEO link profiler is called as well a couple of them I use before, and all of them have like really cool one to two features that each were unique to themselves. So I had to use three to four different pieces of software and more or less the api’s were pretty similar in all of them right.

It wasn’t that too much different data points, but hf solved that they pretty much have all the features and, above all, what’s really good about them. Is their UI UX? It’s just fucking beautiful, like I love it, big shout out to HR apps like what they’re doing and how they’re pushing their business and the whole tool itself is fantastic. Okay, so a couple of things: bang bang boom, leave site text, editor uh shirt.

Leave. It will keep this one open. That’s another tool, we’ll use similar web okay. So first thing we want to do is: do a little deep dot like surface area deep dive so SEO it’s all about, like I said, analyzing your probability for ranking, and so let me pull up something: tofu tofu, tofu yeah, a big one about this booming. Okay. This is it beautiful. Let me open up open link in your window. No, not the window.

Do you want to open a new tab boom? Okay, so before you begin any SEO campaign on any startup, and this doesn’t matter what startup it is, this is the high level view of building out your content marketing campaign. It’s a classical tofu, tofu tofu, so tofu top of the funnel mo foo, obviously middle. The funnel bo foo bottom of the funnel and at the bottom of funnel obviously equals purchases right to Ching, and so how it starts is like any funnel.

You want to cast a wide net right. Middle of the funnel is for more education, more aware, customers who are aware of your brand or who are a more intelligent when it comes to the topic that you’re educating people on all right. So I mean it’s going to be interesting to get to the shoes. One and then finally, Bo foo is a call to action, closing one. It’s like okay, your sales pages, your shopping, cart pages or like a beautiful piece of content, that the end of the content is a call to action which is pushing them to whatever product you want right.

So, when you’re building out your SEO campaigns, this is how I like to build it out. Really simple like I would have a big whiteboard or you can use an online whiteboard and I would have on the side, tofu tofu, tofu and then basically what I do is I would go into eight reps and I would then type in your topical, like your Anchor topical keyword that you want your site to rank for so I just pulled out a random one, all right, so the random one that I pulled out and I have no fucking idea about this industry or anything best running shoes.

So, let’s say hypothetically right now: I want to rank for best running shoes or I’m building a new running shoes, ecommerce business. Okay. So what does HS tell tell me? You know keyword, volume, Bob 3.2, K, global volume, 88,000 CPCs of people bidding on this about 90 cents or a buck give or take talk to countries. You kay United States, India’s third candle show in Indonesia. So it’s good GDP countries ki were difficulties 29.

So this is really cool, but HS gives you it gives you the difficulties and actually tells you how many backlinks you’ll need. So in this in this isn’t rocket science, not like you, have to get 35, because there is. How do I put this there’s different criterias when it comes to ranking like domain age domain, ranking trust flow for your website, etc. But basically, what I’m doing over here is that I’m actually going down and I’m seeing who’s already ranking for on Google, so SERP, and so these are the top features Esquire.

So basically, what I want to do is I want to bang go for the best five. I just want to check it out right now. What we’re doing except me. I guess I have to right now we’re just quickly, although then I get accept, this is gdpr cool. So what we’re doing right now is just glancing on what they’re doing you know. Why is Esquire? Obviously ice core is a massive website right. So if you’re going back, what’s Esquire look domain ranking of 87 URL 22 backlinks 32, which is not that much but they’re getting about 2,000 a month so which is pretty good.

You know I have the out of the 3200, and so how did they design this right? It’s like, okay, you know nice image, they did a checklist right, checklists, always work. Well, then, each one leads to the shopping store. So this is kind of like the bottom of the funnel stuff for them. Alright, so I’ll go to the next one right best running shoes for every type of running. So how do they have it kind of like the same thing, a little bit more detail? Three shoe right runners: the world.

Has it twice? I think no, it’s the same. One, no block block okay, smart living. How do they have it all right kind of like a checklist, but they go into real detail alright compared to Esquire, which is like just like a Meta Description right here right and so basically, what you’re doing is scanning you’re scanning and you’re making notes right. So then, I would have like a we’ll go back to online text editor over here and so basically, what you’re doing is you’ll take these you’ll plug them over here as a bookmark right, bang, bang, bang, bang and then right, you’ll.

Take it you’ll. Make notes, write, checklists work, well, Rea checklists work. Well, you know high quality, high quality pictures, you know formatting is proper, etc. This is just for your own records, okay, and so let’s go back over here. So the key word or the anchor key word that we want to start our website with the eventually like I said, you’re not going to be ranking for this right away is best running shoes and so we’re going back to over.

Here we want to go, see the Esquire one. What I like to do is do go a little bit deeper. I see they have 32 backlinks, which is competitive and traffic value, organic keywords, etc, strong site, and so this is something where, like I’m going to add, then when I want to create something, call it the running shoes list, I’m going to add this keyword there, a New keyword, a new list so cute she was done okay, so this gives me a sense of who’s who right who’s.

Who for this keyword, next cool thing I like to do is what HS provides is something called search suggestions? So I click that – and this gives you longtail keywords that are related to your main anchor text. Keyword that you want so in this case, look at this boom best trail running shoes, global vol, 17 K, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, good GDP countries right people are bidding on it, 80 cents ray search volume, it’s low, but very specific, But slow start rolling for my country is from Canada, but global search volume, 17 game, but it’s low competition 13.

You need about 15 backlinks right, and so basically, what I’m doing right now is I’ll. Spend the next 2-3 hours going around. Put that in shoes right going around into a deep dive of different keywords. Right then I’ll go once again I’ll see who’s ranked you look runners world again, okay, let’s pull that up. How do they have that page same thing right so I’ll go back over here and I’ll say this is a keyword for like best trail shoes right at example there.

So I need my examples. Alright, then I’ll go again social suggestions and go down best trail. Shoes. 2006 best women’s trail, shoes right and you just do this all the time right. So I do this for a while, and I collect keywords and the next thing. What I like to do is: where is that website Runner’s World Bank? Once I find a direct competitor? What I like to do is plug them in see what they’re doing boom it’s powerful beast: whoa strong, strong, like bull gang traffic, two million they’ve been around forever 85 85 14 million backlinks.

This is a movie myth, but doesn’t mean you can’t steal some traffic from them. Bank attacks runners world at brands, brand brand brand brand cool cool cool. Basically, what I like to do is go to their keywords, see what they’re ranking for best running shoes they’re in third position on the open that next thing running Nike running shoes, open that as well. Half marathon training open that as well.

I’r schooling and opening up things that kind of catch, my eye, half marathon, training, sure Foam Roller, yon, core workouts, right, Brooke, shoes, sure best running shoes for men; yep. Let’s open that up minimalist shoes of let’s open that up: okay, that’s good! For now; okay, so best running shoes, global 88 semi-difficult! I don’t care! I want to add it like right now what I’m doing the editorial already had it cool Nike, running shoes, I’m just adding it so like.

I said what I’m doing right now, just really high-level tofu. So right now I mean categorizing these keywords per se. I’r just doing a deep dive and looking for potential keywords that other web sites are ranking for that have some potential for me to rank right and just quickly putting them in right. So this one’s 11 global people are bidding on it, which is really important. You know and I’m going when I’m looking this one 34 half-marathon.

Should I do it hard. I don’t care, let me put it in right. Put it into my list right, half marathon training sure put into my list: Foam Roller global volume, pretty hard. I don’t care sure, let’s just put into my list Brooke shoes, don’t wan na die days, but look people are bidding on it, a buck ten globally and it’s medium right fifteen. This is an actually really interesting keyword. I don’t even know what Brookes shoes are, but are they our brand shoes, they’re brand shoes boom, Brookes running sweet? She pretty cool all right.

Add that to my keywords and this one’s even super cool I’ll, go into more search suggestions here, tennis shoes. Look at this keyword. Volume is pretty low right. Brook shoes near me Brook shoe sale online, look super specific bang boom, three four five hundred volume for sure bang, so I’ll spend a long time doing this just going in and out looking at different keywords and putting in the list – and let’s say you spend a Couple of hours on that alright and let’s say, if you’ve accumulated forty, fifty keywords – you’re, obviously not going to target all them.

The next thing. What you’re doing for is. Let me go back to. Let me go back to this next thing. What you want to do is categorize, what’s what right, which ones are top of the funnel right best man’s running shoes for trails would be middle. The funnel right, so that’s very specific or like just good running shoes, would be at the top of the funnel. I’r just pulling things out of my head right now and it’s not science right, but I would spend time categorizing where these keywords would fit into this funnel now, once you have, let’s say how I would personally do what I would have and depending on the cadence Of how frequently you want to publish etc? Let’s say you have about: like I don’t know five keywords, each single one, then, what do you want to do is really narrow in the opportunity cost you’re going to look at ones that are going to take a really long time and you’re going to look at The ones that you have a pretty good chance, because, when you’re building out a new site, it’s going to take a long fucking time right, you have very low domain rankings.

Age of the domain is new. You have no backlinks built. You have no trust flow. So it’s going to take you a long time right, but there are much easier keywords to rank for than utter others right and so like, for example, Nike running shoes. You know this is just one thing: backlink, 79, 11. You know etc, and so basically, what you want to do is once you have everything categorized. You want to look through these keywords and you want to ask yourself: okay, which ones do I want to do first, that I know that I can kind of rank within three to four months based on keywords and which ones did I want to do that.

I know it’s a longtail game plan, which is like one in your minimum, where it’s going to take a very long time for me to build backlinks for that, it’s going to take a very long time for indexing. It’s going to take a long time for me to work up the positionings within Google, and so you have two parallel campaigns going in the exact same time. You have keywords which you can probably rank for within half a year, maybe in quicker, and you have keywords which is going to take a very long time and obviously each of them is in a different section of your tofu tofu and buh foo.

And so you spend your time, you know analyzing this and for me like in real time. I look at this AB like that’s kind of hard I’ll go back to this best running shoes, I’ll, go back to search for the suggestions and then I’ll look for something low. It’s like, like honestly, look at this keyword. Difficulty. 13. Let me click. This people are bidding on a 60 cents, organic 83 most GDP countries are good and I’m looking at my competition over here, it’s like okay, this one backlinks, only seven yeah domain.

You know strong its runners world, but still you know you’re not you’re not going to get number one, but you can probably get up to number fifteen on Google and slowly work your way up and so Mike. Okay, this one might make sense for me to start right away. It’s like spend money, I’m going to see who are the top five already articles, I’m going to do a better job in them and build my backlinks to this.

So that’s how I kind of start right: it’s not rocket science, but it’s more or less spending a lot of time and analyzing your customers and analyzing their keyword profile like at the end of the day. My listen here would be probably hundreds of keywords. I would have at least 15 to 20 competitors over here, but this is like the starting point that you’re, like fishing you’re, just kind of like massaging understanding the keywords, understanding who your competitors are understanding who your indirect competitors are and just understand the landscape and slowly Building off of that, so that’s kind of my first lesson when it comes to SEO stay tuned for the next once only kind of diving into more technical stuff really into the mofo bow fool funnel and really understanding of why’d.

You need to pick a certain one to go like. Why do you need to pick this keyword now as opposed to something else like so once, you’ve massaged everything once you have understood it every once you kind of publish a couple of guides and got in and get your site going, how you know, how do we Actually maximize our opportunity cost to move forward so stay tuned for the next article, and if you enjoyed this one leave a comment and I’ll talk to you guys soon.



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