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How To Build A Thriving Business Online With Google Search

My name is Douglas James, and I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article that I made for you in this article presentation. I’r going to show you exactly how we can grow your business online. Exactly how we’re going to get you more quality, targeted, leads or your business, which ultimately is going to increase your business sales revenue all right.

The process that I’m going to be going over with you is called search engine, optimization, okay, we’re going to be optimizing! Your website for Google searches so that, whenever your customer searches for your services online, they find you versus your competitor. Okay, that’s what we’re going to be going over! So, as you can see we’re on my business page, my company’s amped local, we’re an internet marketing agency based out of San Diego California.

So please visit us here for more information all right, so Google Google is the most powerful popular way to extract information from the Internet. Over 80 percent of the population uses Google to find products and services in their area. Okay, 96 % of those searchers are going to click from the very first page of Google. Okay, so for this article I’m going to be using the water damage, repair, niche and kind of I’m going to show you the top competitor, and I’m going to show you someone that could be like you.

That’s on the second page of Google. Okay, that’s not really getting any action all right so for this search, this keyword search, I’m doing San Diego water damage repair. Okay, so, as you may already know, these are your Google ads? Okay, these take up actually about 15 to 20 percent of the total clicks on the page. This is paid advertisement all right here is your Google Maps all right. This takes another 20 to 30 percent of the total clicks.

Okay, this is showing the searcher the local businesses that are in that are closest to them with the highest ratings. Okay, and then here is the cream of the crop of the Google search. Is the organic switch controls and upwards of about 70 % of all of the clicks on the entire page? This is where you want to be. You want to be rain in the top three. Definitely in top number one. Okay, this is the king of the Google search.

This is what’s going to generate you, the most revenue, okay and a nice being here and a combination of the maps and also running a PPC. Google AdWords campaign is going to get you incredible results alright. So for this niche for water damage repair, Google can tell us exactly how many times a month, someone searching for whatever niche so for this and search in San, Diego okay, it’s around 3,000 for even five six thousand times per month, so consistently year-round about 3500 times A month, someone needs this service and they’re searching related keywords.

Okay, and, as you can see, Google is giving us the exact information. We need the exact keywords that we need to rank our business for all right. So this is very, very valuable and, as you can see, this list goes up to almost 700 keywords, but of course we want to focus on the very most, the most profitable ones, all right and she’s, usually the ones at the top of the top. After this page here, alright, so for these guys, the number one guy here is San Diego water damage, calm.

Okay, now the guinea pig for this article is going to be these guys best dry flood and mold calm; okay, so they are ranked on page two. Twenty nineteen they’re ranked number eighteen, okay on page two, alright so they’re kind of far far behind. So let me show you this chart real, quick as I was mentioning earlier. So the number one guy is controlling about thirty: five percent. Okay, it’s it’s a about! A total seventy percent within the top three all right, so that is the king spot right there.

So, as you can see, page one ends at number ten and that’s only three percent of the total clicks and, as you can see, our guy he’s number eighteen, which is not even present here, he’s getting. Maybe a half a percent of the total clicks. Nobody clicks on page two there’s a saying if you want to hide a dead Adie, hide it on page 2 of Google all right. So there’s there’s a reason why that exists right.

So I want to show you how many clicks these two guys. These two websites are getting compared to each other, so this is our guy on page, two all right he’s getting two unique organic visitors per month and he’s probably not closing either one of them. Okay, that’s very very low right to have a website and not only beginning to visitors per month. Now the number one ranked guy for this niche completely different story right 350 per month consistently every month, all right – that is literally two more than two thousand percent increase.

Okay, so that’s huge all right, so that’s the benefit of being number one. You control all of the profit and all of the clicks to for that one keyword search all right. So how do we do it? How do we do search engine optimization? My point to this article: it really is to educate you the business owner on the process so that you understand exactly how it works and what to expect at the end of every month.

Alright, so the first thing is your website. Okay, you may be. Maybe you just had a website built: maybe you’ve had it for 10 years, okay, Google wants to promote and show the most powerful most optimized sites on page one, all right so having a mobile-friendly site is very important. Why? Because eighty percent 65 to 80 percent of your clients are actually going to be looking at you from an iPhone or an Android or a Galaxy S.

What have you a mobile device? So your site has to convert so these guys that aren’t page to rank number 18. Their site is not mobile, friendly and, as you can see, when you look at it through this graphic here, you can’t even read it right. So this is very, very important. All right, so Google actually just released a recent update a few months back where it really really penalized these clients that had these websites alright, so you definitely want to have a mobile-friendly site.

So if your not mobile, that’s the very first thing that you want to take into account and have taken care of right away all right. The second thing is, I’m going to be talking about, is authoritative content. So let’s go over to this guy’s page, alright. So, as you can see, best dry ink flood mold, specialist okay. So what Google wants to know is: are you educating your client when they visit your site? Are you mentioning all of your services? Are you mentioning where you’re located? So this is San Diego, so they should be mentioning all of their keywords, combined with the city location many times, and they want to.

You need to be bolding out, highlighting underlining the key primary terms and the most important thing is: you want to have at least 1500 words on the homepage, all right. So for these guys I only see about this much information on their page. Okay. First of all, the site isn’t mobile friendly. Second, it only has maybe 100 200 words on the home page all right. So there’s a reason why this paid this this website’s on page two: okay, it’s not really meeting Google’s optimization standards, alright, so and Google’s eyes.

It’s not taking it serious because it does not have enough content. All right. Google can read content even photos, okay, so we could have pictures of safe. This was you know, water damage repair. We could have pictures of giraffe and animals all over the place, but if each picture is named appropriately because when you take a picture, you can name it on your computer correct. So you want to name it relevant keywords.

So all of these keywords that we want to rank in, we want to be mentioning these on the home page and naming our photos and media with relevant keywords, including the city that we’re servicing right. So let me give you an example: what authoritative content looks like? I went to Google type in elephant. All right. Bear with me Wikipedia is notorious for being number one for these searches because of their authoritative content.

So if you look at this page, there’s endless amounts of information about elephants, their evolution where they sleep what they eat. Everything: okay, this is probably 50,000 plus words all right, but just to give you an idea, you want have large chunks of information like like this, something like this. Okay, just on your home, page 1500, words minimum all right. Also, if you want it to have, you know, if you’re having multiple services that you want to rank for in a city, you won’t have you know separate pages or even separate websites built out for those services and again you still want to have at least 1500 Words and have the the whole SEO process go in full circle.

Okay, so that’s a thought, 8 of content. So the third thing I’m going to talk to you about and the last two things we talked about was kind of the it was the on-page optimization. Now I’m going to talk to you about off page optimization, okay, so after your sites, you know mobile friendly, you know authoritative, content, tons of media. Now we want to rank locally okay in San Diego in the Google Maps.

This is very important, so we want to get Google verified, there’s going to be a Google, my pit, my business page, and that profile needs to be filled out: 100 %. Okay. So once you get verified and you fill that profile out, 100 % you’re going to want to start adding local citations to get ranked in the top three here. So here is our guy best driver flood and mold mold specialist. They have an error rate of 86 %, okay, so their local citation back profile is not a hundred percent.

It’s actually eighty-six percent of it is in error. So only fourteen percent is correct, has correctly filled out and it looks like since there’s a missing missing listing on Google. This is telling us that they’re not verified at this address. Okay, so this is really bad, so they’re actually not going to show up in Google Maps at all, because they’re not verified with the correct address. You have to have a specific address to be verified in okay, even if you provide mobile services.

So if you serve your clients at their location, that’s fine. You can verify with an address, but it doesn’t have to show up on Google, but on the backend. There should be a listing here. The that makes sense. So, as you can see, you know some examples of these: are Google Yahoo, Facebook being yellow pages and white pages okay? These are, this is how we get our information out there on the Internet right they’re very important to have, because people are searching in these as well all right, not only so, you want to have 100 % corrected a hundred percent compliance with these citations and, as You can see he’s missing listings, you know the there’s coming from address discrepancies missing.

Listening is the biggest thing here. Right he’s only filled out fourteen percent correctly, so this is huge. This is a big one. If you want to be ranked in Google Maps, you have to be verified with an address and have a 100 % backlink. I’r sorry, a 100 % citation profile filled out all right. So the fourth thing I’m going to talk to you about is backlinks. Okay. We also call these influence pages so say you have a client thoroughly impressed with the SIRT your service right.

Maybe they have a website. Maybe they write a blog. All right. What’s going to happen, is that client can actually post about your business online? Okay, whether it be on their website, their blog on someone or someone else’s someone’s mentioning you online and linking to your website so whoever’s reading that article or that comment can click a link and they go to your website. So this is a backlink all right and every backlink has an anchor text that they click on.

So the anchor text could be for like this niche. You know water damage, repair which is going to benefit you now. Backlinks are phenomenal and you have to have them. So this is the pretty much the King, daddy of getting ranked organically all right, so you want to have relevant backlinks that are high quality. So what Google wants to know about these backlinks is: who are they where they come from and are they popular or not? Okay, so the higher the quality, the more Google is going to take that serious, okay SEO.

It truly is what you say about your business online and what everybody else says about your business online. That’s what that’s all SEO is that’s what we’re doing so with these backlinks, as you can see, our guy best drive flood and mold. He has 23 referring domains. Okay, is that that’s 33 sites mentioning him online and the quality of those sites are two, so this goes from one, I’m sorry from a hunter from 0 to 100, okay and they’re at it to citation flow goes from zero to a hundred.

This is pretty much the. How often is it is it happening? Okay, the frequency okay. This is the quality Google wants to know the quality. This is very important. This number is important. Okay, you want. You want to have a lot of these, but this is the most important one. So that’s these guys! Let me see our guys on page two, so here’s our guy on page one, okay, water, damage San Diego calm, so he has 16.

Now that’s less than the other guy right 23:16, but look at the trust flow. The quality is 14. Let me show you this chart. Not this one all right! Let me show you this one. So this is your backlink quality meter. Okay, so at a two, you can see that these guys are not even actually meeting low quality you need. You would need a three these guys at 14 are meeting low quality, but they’re actually just missing medium quality links.

Okay, this is so very important. You want to have all of your backlinks. You want to have them over 20. This is going to give you the power and the popularity that you need with Google to rank your business high in the top spot. So, actually to me you know if I wanted to get into the you know: water damage, repair, business. I would go ahead and just launch a site in San Diego and throw our powerful links to it and we would be ranked number one pretty rapidly, because at this site is has a trustful of 14.

So if we throw a start, throwing our twenty twenty-five plus links to it, we’re going to rank and go above the number one competitor in all of San Diego. So this is very, very important. This is the this, the King, daddy of all of SEO, right here. So, just to give you an idea of how powerful our links are, I’m going to show you a couple of our clients, alright, alright. So this is um Robert Sunstein he’s orthodontist here in San Diego.

So, let’s look at the power of this site since we’ve had him so look at this site. Only 18 links trust flow 30 off the charts. Okay. This is the type of power talking about San Diego, auto connection, huge used, auto dealer here in San Diego ranked number one. Let me show you the power of his site, I’ll, even show you our agency site for amp local 28 trust flow, very high pause, all right, 32 links.

So let me show you even amp local, it’s real, quick, this last one. I just want you to get an idea. This is this is so important if you’re going to be ranked on page one if you’re going to beat competitors if you’re going to go over the top, if you’re going to increase your sales and increase your web traffic increase, your targeted lead acquisition. This is how it’s mainly done. Is these backlinks these influence pages these these popularity links? Okay, you know: do you want an average blue-collar worker writing a blog about you, or do you want Warren Buffett, mentioning you on the internet, that’s kind of to put it in more perspective.

That’s what I’m talking about here. You know what the Warren Buffett links and we have the Warren Buffett links alright. So again, that’s that quality is, is unbeatable over 30 plus off the charts. Okay. So, like I said when I first started this article, the whole point in this article was to show you search engine optimization. Why it’s important you know what does it take? What does it do and your why your business needs it? You know, as you can see being on page 2 of Google, is not going to get you anywhere.

It’s just going to get you a pretty representation of your business online. It’s not actually going to generate leads, so I really hope that this made sense for your. In your business again, I really appreciate the time you took to read this article. You have all my contact information, I’m really looking forward to having a conversation with you about growing your business. You know I’m all about transparency and that’s the point of this article.

I’r all about value, and really I want to lock elbow elbows with you and I want to grow your business. So again you have my information. Please reach out. Let’s chat and I’ll be in touch again. Thank you so much for reading this article. You have a great day,


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