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Top 3 Niches That Are DESPERATE For Social Media Marketing (Beginner SMMA Advice)

Yeah 911, I’m in the bud, and I fell in love with this pill and I’m working I’m never chillin hustle like I got children, you niggas, we did this. I said welcome to a brand new article now, as you guys have been very, very consistent with my youtube blog and I’ve actually been putting a lot of effort into it, as opposed to before our focus a lot and the quality and stuff like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I have quality my articles, I would overthink a lot of stuff and at the interning to analysis, paralysis. Today’s was going to be a little bit shorter and I’m a cop on the computer here show you guys a couple slides the top three niches that I think every social media marketing agency owner should be going after. This is also great for beginner entrepreneurs looking to get into the social media marketing.

I know it can be very, very intimidating having to meet with business owners and approaching businesses, so I hope to make that a lot easier and make it a little bit more confident approaching some of these niches, so the top three niches for social media marketing. Here I don’t know why it says: five, I don’t know that’s a typo on my end but yeah, so the top three niches for social media marketing.

Let’s go ahead and hop right in it right so why I chose these three niches right so guys. I need you to really understand something when it comes to this, like social media, they’re dozens of businesses – and I put here niches as well that need – or it could use some form of social media marketing right. So that isn’t necessarily a good thing that can also be a bad thing and that you guys realize that there are tons of businesses that need social media marketing.

That doesn’t always mean that every business is good to work with right. We want ideal clients because, like I said here, weeding out the bad clients is just as important as finding good clients, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a bad client. Someone who’s impatient, expects too much or too needy. So, like I said, finding clients that aren’t good. It’s just as good as find clients who are good.

So it’s very very important that, just because there are dozens of niches out there, that doesn’t mean that you have to go into all of these. A lot of big agency owners would actually advise that you only go for two like one to two niches. Just so you can specialize, then you have a lot of case studies in that particular area field. So yeah, like I said, there’s dozens of senses and niches. I could use social media, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take all those on if that makes any sense right so boom.

These three niches are ideal because it’s easier to bring them in ROI in this an ROI means a return on investment, and this can either mean high highly qualified, leaves or just very cheap elite right. So these agencies that are able to provide the best ROI are going to get paid the most you’re going to keep the most clients and you’re going to be the one who can be able to help the client the most right and that’s your job as an Agency owner is to aid to help the client help their business right.

So I chose these because they provide the best ROI and in terms of either bring you to please or highly qualified leads right. So one thing I want to point write: a lot of these clients are actually all the clients that I aim for and that you really should kind of target. They’re called only solution, clients right. So what does that kind of mean? You’re, probably asking so only solution, clients and I’ll kind of explain what it is here, they’re the only solution to a specific problem.

So right, let me show you here right. So, for example, do you need a haircut? What’s the solution boom, a barber, a hair salon, stylist, etc right, so you know: do you have t-pain or do you want, have a get a tooth removed? What’s the solution boom, a dentist’s right and the third one, do you need a wedding ring? Do you need a you know, a wedding band or whatever? What’s the solution boom jeweler right, so these are kind of what I mean by only solution clients.

These are clients. I don’t want to aim for because they’re the only solution to a particular problem, if you’re hungry, where do you go a restaurant? If you want a beer, where do you go a bar for the most part they’re the only solution? Yes, there are few exceptions, but for the most part, these are clients that are only solution, clients to a particular problem, and these are clients that I really want to aim for, because when you provide the only solution, there’s no need of convincing people to come in.

It’s just convincing people to come to your particular barber to your particular dentist to your particular whatever it is a jeweler right, so you don’t have to convince people that they need to come to a jewelry, because if they need a wedding, but no you see any Convince them to come to our jeweler or to our dentist or to our gym whatever your client is, so I always aim for only solution. Clients, like I said, focus on that when a client prospect, if you’re prospecting a client focused on this question, ask yourself: is this an only solution right boom number one is Jim so right, so why do I choose Jim’s, so Jim’s are one they have a high Ltv, so it’s a lifetime value right and I think it’s very very good to be able to obtain things that kind of have a reoccurring, sort of billing or income and stuff like that.

So Jim’s subscription-based things like that Jim’s. Obviously they get billed every monthly. So the LTV is very high, let’s say Jim charges $ 30 $ 30 a month right, 30 times 12 and then let’s say they have. You know 250 members in booms. You don’t think that’s how you kind of attend the LTV and that’s how their lifetime value is high, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to pay you anything. You know upwards of $ 1,000 for marketing and, like I said one same thing, it’s an only solution.

Right, so if you want to lose weight, if you want to build muscle, where do you go for the most part, a Jim right, so a Jim is so easy, and I really like a lot of Jim’s just really aren’t that good with their marketing. I’r promise you if you look for a local like private gym that does pretty well. You know they really aren’t going to do that. Well with social media and just in general, it’s really easy to get leads for Jim’s.

You can easily provide so a bait or something that would kind of bring in people to the door it can be. You know, let’s say you can do a free meal of free week a free month. You can do you know, call now and get a you know, get a one-on-one session with our personal trainer. Maybe you have a tanning inside of the gym or you have like a some sort of massage person inside of the gym. You can kind of use that to leverage and offer so you know come in.

You can get a free consultation with our physical. You know stuff like that, so it’s very easy to kind of leverage and value stack offers when you’re kind of offering a gym like. I said either offering a free week or getting a free like body analyzer, you can get a free nutrition plan or you can get a free, massage or whatever. It is. It’s very easy to value stack and get a lot of traffic into the door for very, very cheap, which in turn, can create a lot of sales right.

So number two right – and I have here restaurants now for the most part, like I said restaurants, same thing: it’s the only solution, if you’re hungry, where do you go most likely a restaurant right? So it’s very easy because one, a lot of ranchers on attack with social media, marketing and stuff, like that, the typically aren’t that good with, if they’re a little bit more high-end than obviously yes.

But for the most part, local restaurants are not really that good with social media marketing they can use a lot of help same thing with the restaurant is very, very easy to get clients because one people are always going to be hungry. If there’s one thing that people love its food, so especially if you have a good restaurant, it’s very easy to get people through the door. The same thing with like a value stack, you can even tell them hey, you know you can get a free beer or you can get a free dessert or get a free meal.

If you you know, vote in this, I don’t know you know stuff like that. You can create a whole bunch of offers to get people in and one my favorite is obviously like a buy one get one or you can like. You know, send us a message, because you can do like a Facebook ad. One sitting message: send us a message of your favorite alcoholic beverage and you can come in and get in it like. You know, get it for free right.

So someone you know they. You know they opt-in or whatever, and they say they like Bacardi or whatever. Then they can come in and get a free drink right. So it’s very very easy to Bradley sach. You have a wide range of thinking. It like, I said, free appetizers whatever it is, it’s easy to create a bait to get a lot of people in, and you see free food like who doesn’t like free food right. So it’s very very easy to get people in through the door same thing with the restaurants and gyms.

It’s a lot of people come in and, like I said, people are always going to be hungry. So it’s not that hard to keep a customer. If you like it one time you’re going to keep coming back, so it’s very, very easy to get a lifetime customer. So number three is real estate agents now same thing: it’s a one-time or what only solution right. So if you need a house or you need to sell a house for the most part, you know when you go a realtor, a real estate agent or a real estate agency firm right.

So it’s very very easy because one like the money, typically it as long as they’re good, like you, know, real realtor as long as you’re, a good realtor money is the issue they can get quite a bit of money just on one sale or one deal with The house, because real estate can’t get you a lot of money like that, I mean they just don’t know how to leverage social media marketing and it’s very, very easy to target people who are looking for a new house.

We need to sell a house, it’s very easy to do that with Facebook targeting and it’s very easy to get them a lot of leads like. I said it’s very easy for them to pay you a thousand thousand five hundred two thousand dollars, because you know if they’re getting a lot of money, you only need to get client for them to like ten times. You know what you charge them, so it’s very very easy to charge people comfortably, especially when it comes to real estate, because you only need to get them like one client or one sale in order for them to you know, make ten times of what you know.

You’re charging them, so it’s very very easy to get them in auto. Why, if you literally get them just one deal you’ll, be straight and that’s why it’s very very easy, like I said all it takes, is one lead and that’s all it takes for real estate agents. So that’s why I really like them. Just the ROI is incredible and you can get them a lot of leads and stuff like that. Yeah, that’s a very, very short article.

Thank you so much for reading. I know the slides. I know the slides weren’t very in-depth, like they usually are, but this time I really want to just kind of like hit the point hit the point at the point you just kind of get you guys out of here. I hope you guys have taken a lot of value like I said. Thank you so much for reading it, for you to my blog, I’m starting to upload every week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so new articles every week, free knowledge if you like to subscribe.

I’d love to have you a part of the family, like I said, I’m sharing a lot of knowledge, and I just saw here just top three niches for any social media marketing agency for beginners. Like I said, these are all easy, ROI clients and they’re all one or only solution clients. So that’s kind of the main point setec over here, easy ROI. It’s easy to get a lot of traffic in and their only solution, clients.

It’s that’s kind of what I would kind of recommend. Obviously there’s a lot of other. Only like solution clans, like I said I didn’t – cover any barbers or dentist or jewelers, but those are things that can also work well because their only solution, clients so yeah. Just keep that in mind next time, you’re looking for a client prospect kind of use that as a checklist – and I hope you guys really enjoy the article, but that’s pretty much going to conclude it.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please remember to like and subscribe and remember, building dreams through dreams. I’r out peace.


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