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Business Credit and Credit Repair Marketing on Social Media

As you know, um you know be cash. Credit group is one of the nation’s leaders in business credit, consulting that’s how we made our name in the industry. That’s how we made our name on social media being a company that offered business credit, consulting services, and you know just like any business or any entrepreneur.

As time goes on, you know, you begin to expand and come up with different ideas and different goals and different things that you want to do and that’s kind of what this article is about, because in this article I’m going to show you how to get leads And build a brand on social media if you’re in the credit repair industry. Now let me just say that what I’m about to show you it works for every industry, but we’re going to focus on marketing and getting leagues and customers for the credit repair industry, because I also come from that industry as well.

You know because credit group, although their business credit, we also did a lot with personal credit and I’m going to show you one of the ways that you can grow. Your business grow your brand online organically and have a lot of success. You know, I think, a lot of people feel that you must have you know a huge following in order to have a successful business, and you don’t I mean I have about 10,000 plus subscribers on YouTube which, by YouTube’s standards, it’s not a lot, but you know For me, I have a very intimate audience because we’ve built a relationship with them virtually over time through consistency through coaching and consulting and providing different tools and resources in order to help them build their business credit and so and the same thing with the quick credit Repair and so now what I’m moving toward is, you know doing more consulting in all areas of business.

So, yes, we can help you with your business credit, but we were also happy with your online presence we’re going to help you with your website development, because that’s key we’re going to help you with your social media marketing. You know we’re going to be doing will be providing one-on-one and group coaching. So that’s just a lot of things that we got coming up, but the title of the article revolves around credit repair marketing.

So let me jump into that right now: real, quick and show you how we help or how you can build your credit, repair, business and again any business through on social media using some of the tools and resources that I’ve created. So, first going to hop in to the dashboard of my marketing dashboard and we’re going to go into our social media module. Now, there’s a lot of things going on here in this system that that I have that I’ve created.

I can’t go over to one in one article but I’ll be doing a whole lot of articles about about this software in this system and how you can market and grow your business online, using our tools or even hire us to do the fulfillment for you. So what you’re looking at right now is inside the dashboard and what you see is is I have all of my social medias in one location. So I can respond to my Instagram, my facebook, my Twitter, my LinkedIn all from within this platform.

But today what we’re going to focus on is growing your brand on social media and one of the things that really hurts a lot of businesses is they’re, not consistent on social media. So I want to show you going to go here to my calendar and we’re here in the month of April today’s April, 7th so starting here April, 8th between April 8th and April 30th, and my calendar is not completely full, but you see it’s very.

I have 71 social media posts already scheduled they’re already the schedule to go out right on all the platforms, and I don’t have to do anything else and so consistency when it comes to growing your business is key. So if you look at let’s take tomorrow, which is April 8, I’m going to show you the post that we already have scheduled for tomorrow. So the first post that we have we have going out on Twitter at 8 a.

M. Is just this graph. Just one of our graphics that you know provide some education right. Those of you that follow me you’ve seen this. All the time provides provide some education got our contact information and some resources right. I mean some hashtags we’re not asking to people to buy anything. We’re not trying to sell anything we’re just providing back. Ok, that’s going to go out at 8 a.M. 8 a.

M. In the morning on the 8 on Twitter. Now we have here, you see that same image is also going to post automatically to my Instagram, to my personal LinkedIn, to my business page on Facebook, as well as one of my groups on Facebook and also my linkedin company page. So that’s 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 and including Twitter 6 social media accounts that that’s going to post you tomorrow at 8 a.M. Okay. Then we have another post.

As you see, at 2:20, this post same game, just a website address phone number, contact, information and just a post that we did about. You know the legitimate business related to business credit. So we’ve got a business credit post, basically going out in the afternoon to catch the afternoon the afternoon crowd going to continue on here. This is a different view of what we have going on. So we have these posts going out at 8 a.

M. To those platforms. We have this post going out at 2 p.M. We have a third post, that’s going to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and scheduled for 3:00 p.M. Just show. You take a look at that post and that post we’re talking about a FICO score card, so just great relevant content, educating our followers, our consumers. You know those that follow us we’re just providing value on top of value on top of value, and it’s all automated here five o’clock got another post going out again.

Some contact information got some great hashtags, so we can attract. You know the right audience and we’re talking about buying a home in that post. So, as you see tomorrow, already scheduled for April eighth, one two three four five six scheduled on autopilot because again, like I said we pre schedule and, as you see Thursday, Friday Saturday little different, all unique posts going into next week, post after post after post after Post after post of the post, this is how I dominate on social me and, when I say, dominate I’m really speaking for my perspective as they own definition of dominating.

But what I’m telling you is is this is one of the reasons why I don’t have to pay for leads, because I’m so consistent in my posting and my branding on social media and the information in the content that I provide that I don’t have to go Out and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing, I can teach you some very good strategies using some of my tools and resources that can really help you dominate your social media.

Now I’m going to cut this article short now right here, because there are a lot of other aspects of this platform that I want to go over. But I, but I’m not going to be able to go over it in in one article, because that would turn into a long article. I’r going to break it up into several articles, so be on the lookout on. You know additional articles on how we have the tools and the resources to help you grow your credit repair business and get leads on social media.

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