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How to use Audience Behaviour Reports in Google Analytics | 2020 New Google Analytics tutorial

You know the same thing and what it is is that you can look at how often and how engaged are your users when they come to your website and so the first report, your new versus returning visitors will show you, the new visitors, behavior services to be Returning distance baby, pretty straightforward the second one here, what I will show you is the count of sessions here like if, in this case, when 558 people have only been on the website, one time where 39 have been on the website two times, seven three times with 14 people here have been on the website 201 plus times.

These are probably my most loyal visitors or bots. Who knows I for sure, going to grow this number over the year, like anyone who has a loyalty business would want more people to want to come back. What I can tell from this is that I have a website that is a destination, but not something that people want to subscribe to, and I really want to increase that count over the year. So over the time I hear I wan na, I want to even these out a little bit so that more people come back a second time, a third time and a fourth time for the fifth time.

So that’s what this report shows the third one here, what it shows you is how many seconds they spend or the session duration they happen. Session duration is pretty it’s pretty tricky because it’s measured. You know between from the first engagement hit to your second engagement, which means that you enter the page. That’s one engagement hit, but then it also has, if you don’t do anything else on the page that Google Analytics registers such as this is another page, then what happens is that a your session duration is zero, so they count the time between the first two, the Last kid, I must say so, if you do several different things and you on the website – and let’s say you do the first three things within 30 seconds, but when you keep the website open for 22 minutes and do the fourth thing then, and what happens is That your session duration is counted as 22 minutes, so that’s what session duration means and then it’s the number of sessions that were you know, shorter or longer and as you can see here, I have a problem and I need to fix it.

I need to make my introductions more interesting, compelling I need to make sure that some bots bounce from my website. I need to do a lot of stuff here to make my my thing broke, all right. So that’s the behavior tab and these are just definitions as we that we’re doing right now, and so please get back to me if you have any questions about something that you need to find Google Analytics. If you like, this article then hit the like button.

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