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How Local SEO and Average Time On Page Work Together

I didn’t start YouTube. Sorry, okay! Here we go so that’s kind of what we’re going to discuss today. It’s the amount of time spent on the first page, which is also known as time on page yep. Can you hear me yep? I can hear you okay, okay, I mean you can’t see my yeah start my article so so yeah. What crystal saying is is that is that bottom line is that you’ve got to be it? You know you can do all the local SEO that you want and everything, but if you get people, don’t see you, okay, if people aren’t staying on your site, then you know one of the one of the biggest by the way, this is kind of one of The secrets out there that people don’t know is that you know one of the biggest data sources that Google uses to determine if they’re going to rank you in the search engine is just scroll, Scroll, scroll rate, in other words, how much of your page that people Scroll down and how much time do they spend on the page itself so time on page bounce rate? All of these, the all of these types of parameters, Google, is paying attention to to determine.

Make no mistake about it, not only for you to show up locally for local keywords, but also organically for your website. So if you are creating an experience on your website where people are just bouncing, meaning they go to your website and then the immediately immediately bounce off, so Google Analytics actually keeps track of your bounce rate and you love bounce rates all over the board. You know from you know all kinds of percentages bottom line.

Is you want that bounce rate to be as low as possible so that what what again? What that means is a bounce is when somebody goes your website. They stick there for a little bit and then they just immediately go to somewhere else. That’s the bounce okay, so you want to make sure that people are going to your website. Conversely, and they’re staying on your website, they’re going into internal links, they’re clicking on the tabs they’re staying on the site, they’re not bouncing once they go to your site.

In other words, they see what’s going on and they you you want them to stay there. They see the website, they see that but and you want to engage them. This is the reason why I recommend using chat on your website, because what is chatting cat lives on your website. It keeps that person on the website and a lot of times, it’ll actually get them to potentially even scroll. This is the reason why we say you know above the fold, which is anything that is, that is visible when you first go to a website.

You want all your call-to-action to be above the fold so that and then have a little bit that one of the secrets is: it have a little bit like half and half there like, so you can only see half of what of what is actually showing up Based on the predominant number of you know of browsers and there and and the screen size they have so, in other words, one of the secrets that a lot of really good marketers do is they’ll put a article like right there, okay, that is literally only showing Halfway when like only showing half the article so that they so that you’re, when somebody goes to your website, when they actually see that you know what’s above the full so that they have to scroll down, and what does that do it makes it so that you Know so that when people go there, they actually have to scroll down, and that says to google that so that person is interested right, they are scrolling.

So what we want to do is you want to not only make it to the people scroll. You want to make it so that people also just stay there and they read a article where they chat, and this is the reason why I wanted to talk about this topic today. Is that chat is so powerful when it’s on your site because think about it? You can have a chat conversation with somebody. It can be like 10, 15, 20 minutes long when you won your average time on page is like a minute and then all of a sudden you’re having people stay on your website because maybe 10 15 percent of them are chatting and they’re spending.

15. 20 minutes. In a chat that immediately increase in doubles, triples quadruples, 15-fold, 20 fold increase in time on site or time on page and that’s what crystal is clicking on right. There is the chat, so that’s the chat functionality right there now crystal can actually start a chat there. I will get a notification on my phone and I can immediately start a chat with her at any time and not only her.

Not only can I do that, but anybody on my team, because we have our entire team, we built that we built a a chat culture. Okay, so just like we talked about a review culture, we built a chat culture and I was looking for the name yesterday. Crystal and just there you go, this came to me so yeah, so we’re building it we’re building a chat culture and we’re really proud of that, because by doing that, we’ve doubled, we can double the number of lead, double them and double the number of those leads.

Actually, converting into customers, okay and that’s the bottom line. So if this is the real value of having these type of chat, conversations is is that it does actually bleed over into helping your local search engine optimization so that you show up on the maps as a local business. More prominently higher up and in for more keywords: okay, that’s the bottom line, so, for example, for a property manager.

We work a lot with, so that would mean that they would show up for the keyword, property management can Diego or a property management Miami. That’s their money keyword, that’s like literally 70 % of the traffic that those guys get is from that particular keyword on Google being in Yahoo, so it makes them now. The other thing that it does is because here’s the reason why they’re, actually getting a benefit or a boost for their local of their local search engine optimization, is make no mistake about it.

It’s because they’re getting a boost for their organic searching their website SEO another. What I mean by that is is that this is, and it all has to do with their on-page SEO, because it’s when people are on the page we talked about this a couple days ago. They’re at this is benefiting not just what the keywords, but with the time on site and this, the the the scrolling etc and and the bounce rate when, when the balance rate goes down, the time on site, good time on site goes up, then their website is Going to rank higher in the search result, you notice.

I didn’t talk about Google, my business, Google. My business is a separate entity that Google gives you at owns so that Google, my business page for your business, it owns you, so that’s basically something that Google gives you to show up on their Maps system. Now there is a very tight correlation between your business showing up higher organically for your website and that website being connected, because you literally when you set up your Google, my business page, you connect your Google matters page to a website URL and when Google sees that It’s ranking your website higher.

It ties the authority of that website. Okay, yep see, there’s the length of the website. That’s attached to their Google, my business listing there that crystal circling and make no mistake about it. When your website is ranking higher, then your Google, my business page, will rank higher as well. That is what Google looks at when it’s determining if it’s going to rank your business higher or not, let’s scroll down cliff, so I want to see if there’s any.

I want to see, if there’s finally starting to show off our stars for our for those first parties and use that okay they’re not not yet, hopefully soon, though so anyway, I just you know, I wanted you guys to see this. I want you to see the you know that again just to wrap it up, and just to summarize, you know when you actually pay attention to the details of creating an experience for somebody when they go to your website, so they can start a chat conversation with You or anybody on your team it’s available at that time by clicking, so you know yeah Chris yeah right there, so there’s a little chat button in the bottom right hand corner of our of our website.

Somebody can start a chat right there and they’re going to spend more time so on the page, so their time on page is going to go out. Google Analytics record that they also see that the balance rates going to be lower because, most likely, you know, once you engage in a conversation with me, or anybody on my team you’re, going to explore further just by mere fact that you’re actually gotten hold of somebody.

So your curiosities and then raised so the bounce rates going to go low, it’s going to be lower and most likely they’re going to scroll a little bit more as well. So all those things contribute to your website ranking higher in the search results, not your Google! My business page, but again your website and when your website is connected to your Google, my business page, Google, my business will rank your Google, my business page, Google will rank your Google under the page on the maps higher and why is that important? It’s important because that means that group like, for example, crystal if you go to, if you go to google.

Com, that a you and let’s do that, search that we did yesterday last night. I think it’s really telling okay property management, Rockingham, there’s a property manager in Australia that we really worked hard to get them to review. They’ve done a great job, getting reviews and yeah. I think it’s Rockingham w-a because you got to make sure yes, yes, W ask there, you go be specific there, you go okay, so if you scroll down there, okay, you can see the ads at the top of the screen right there.

Those two there’s two of them: okay and then, oh, so the ads, not there right now, but you can see there. There’s professionals, Rockingham 113 reviews, 4.8, star rating way way more than century 21 or whom to home to home and there’s a look at look at. Are we surprised that their Google, my business page, is showing up where it is when you can look down right below home to home, and you can see professionals Rockingham website? That’s exactly what I was talking about showing up organically.

We call that the organic section thing – it’s not the maps above this section right here at the maps, what we’re just looking at that’s the Maps – okay and this down below here – that’s their website. This is like, if you most likely 60 to 700 times when your website is ranking in the first. You know one two or three positions there you’re going to rank on the maps as well. Look at their central 21.

Are you surprised? Are we surprised at chapter 21, even though they’ve got a bad reputation or not as good a reputation they’re showing up in the maps as well, because look they’re right below professionals, rockingham and and so there’s about five major factors that determine whether or not you’re going To show up on the maps, which is really the money game, you know you want to show up there like I’ve talked about before, but this is again the reason why you want to get that time on site high.

You want to get the bounce rate low. You want to get the scroll rate, you want to get the scroll rate high and get people scrolling all over your website, because Google sees all of that in analytics and, as a result, that’s what’s giving them the rankings for the website right there and that correlates Into the improves on my business page ranking higher as well and that’s it and if you have any questions, what do you think crystal crystal? I don’t know if this is, can you hear me okay? So if you have any questions Mary yeah, can you hear me yeah? So if you have any questions, go to em me forward.

Slash, accelerate marketing. Again, that’s MDOT me forward slash, accelerate marketing and will answer any questions there that you have and we do have some really cool. You know ten mistakes you want to make you want to avoid, so you can type in either the keyword, mistake or mistakes in order to get that download. If you want to take the reputation quiz, you can type in reputation quiz and you can take the quiz there in order to see you know how you stack up in terms of your reputation for your business and yeah, it’s pretty much it any other.

Anything else crystal nope, nothing else, I think all those links in the comments if you are joining us, live through Facebook. All those links are in the comments as well. Cool awesome thanks crystal alright, well create a great rest of your day. Everyone


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