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Youtube Featured Channels Edit // How To Share Favorite Channels

So let’s say: there’s a blog that you really enjoy reading or you want to support another blog good, good friends of yours or whatever. You can support the other blog by featuring their blog right here on the right. So when people come to your blog and they’re reading, your articles, they’re checking out your blog they’ll, see other blogs here on the right that you also like to read that you recommend in a way and that just creates um more seo back linking for you and For that, other blog plus, it creates more views, which is great.

You know like the more you share, the better it is, so i’m going to show you exactly how to do this. It’s really easy, but first take a minute to subscribe to my blog. I hope you enjoy the articles I create and I really appreciate your support. So what you want to do is you want to go here to this tab on your blog? It’s called customize, your blog click on that, and then you want to scroll down a bit and over here on the right, you’ll see it right here, it’ll say: featured blogs, you can edit it.

So I already have mine. So you right now click on this. I can either remove it or I can edit this module, and here you can change the name to this module. So I put blogs. Oh, I got ta add an s. I put blog blogs. I or I should put other engine. Let’s. Let’s just fix this um youtube all right. Let’s change that youtube blogs. I enjoy i’ll, put an exclamation mark, let’s capitalize, that e and then what you’ll do is you’ll put uh the blog that you want to feature you’ll put the blog’s name or the url of that blog.

So you get the url by going to that blog and then once you’re on that blog, you look up in your browser and that blog’s, url or link will be there and then you’ll you’ll put it in here paste. It click, add and voila. It shows up. Click on done, then, if you go back to your blog now, how do I do this? My blog right over here and you can see it? Oh, let’s turn this article off. You can see it right over here on the right youtube blogs I enjoy.

So that’s it guys, just quick, simple little tip for you about featuring other blogs, and maybe you got some buddies that are youtubers. You can get them to get in on this with you and you can help feature each other’s blogs help promote each other and it’s a win-win for everybody. So with that being said, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and hit that notification bell. If you’re already uh reading my articles but you’re not subscribed, please subscribe.

It really helps us youtubers, like it’s really huge to have a subscriber to our blog. It helps us out so much and it helps us it help encourages us to bring you more content. More fun articles to read more helpful articles makes us want us makes us want to create content for you even more than we do now. So with that being said, also leave me a comment below and hit the like button and remember. I always appreciate every each and every one of you that read my articles have a great day and we’ll see you on the next article you


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