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2019 MEC 400 Defender Series Versus Competition! – Better Audio

The 2019 defender 400 right here. I’ve also had a few customers. Ask me about what makes this machine so great compared to other brands. So I decided to bring along a second machine from one of our competitors today. Just so we can do a quick, side-by-side comparison. What I’m going to do is just go through a few of the key features of the machine, just to show the adjustments throw a cup with clays just so that you can see how the machines compare to each other.

Both machines are able to tilt back to about 70 degrees, so I’m going to use my 3/4 inch wrench. I can undo the machine like so and tilt it back all the way for a almost vertical teal target, I’m doing the nuts on the tilt base. I can tilt the machine 35 degrees to the left and 35 degrees to the right as well. That’s having it tilted all the way back, so I can throw a looping type presentation with this machine.

Alright, moving on to the pro Matic machine works very similarly again I’ll get my wrench, so I can tilt the machine back 270 degrees like so so I can get those those high targets and I can also tilt the machine left or right. So I can tilt the machine to the left by undoing the 24 mil bolt on the side of the machine like so, and then, if I want to tilt it to the right like so and once you’ve got the angle set where you want, it just make Sure that both bolts are locked together and that’s how you get your left and right tip on this machine, so you can see the difference between adjusting for left and right windage on both machines.

I find the mech is very easy to adjust just with one wrench. So what I would like to do now is just throw a couple of targets off each machine just so you can see how they both okay, so we’re, throwing a few targets and, as you can see, both machines throw the same distance and they both have the Same recutting time, the mech machine on the right hand, side is very easy to address with for left and right tilt.

Both machines also have stainless steel throwing plates as well. A couple of other features I like about the mech machine are, in the electrical box very easy to remove without using any wrenches or screwdrivers. You just have a coupling nuts. When you take the box off, you have a 5 pin 60 amp relay which plugs into a base. So it’s very quick and easy to change. If you ever do need to replace it, and then there is a breaker which has a manual reset button on the back of it and then a small fuse as well.

That is everything that’s inside the electrical box, so very easy to get to an axe. Yes and very easy to change out a relay, if you ever need to I’ve shown the differences between both machines. They both work the same way. They both throw the same distance. You can tilt them left or right to throw curling targets. The best news is the machine on the right. The MSRP is two thousand and ninety five dollars, and this is for a four hundred capacity.

Sporting clays machine made right here in the USA in Mayville Wisconsin. The machine on the left has an MSRP of two thousand. Eight hundred and ninety five dollars so we’re talking an eight hundred dollar difference for two machines that work exactly the same way. You

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