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Covid-19 And FE Sales – Tips And Advice with David Duford and The Lead Jerk

Thank you so much for reading this quick article Matt at the lead. Jerk asked me to create this quick article for those of you out there. That might be a little worried about selling Final expense with this whole kovat 19 coronavirus crisis. In full force and the reason I’m putting this article together is to otherwise encourage you to not only continue to sell final expense but to ramp up your efforts, because I believe now versus all the time that I have been in the business selling final expense.

Is the single best time, at least since 9/11, to to get people interested in buying burial insurance, whether you sell them face to face or over the phone? So what I’m going to do in this quick little article is explain. Why that’s the case and to encourage you to go ahead and buy leads from that to get your business up and running and to continue selling, because people really are going to need it so right now, if you’re concerned about selling face to face, you should be.

I just got word from the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance that the ability to sell face to face for insurance agents has been restricted. That probably will follow suit for other states as well. So moving to a telesales platform is a logical solution. The good news is that again because of the circumstances surrounding the outbreak, more people now than ever or a at home, be there’s less telemarketing and B there’s more interest, because a lot of the people that have kicked the can down the road for buying insurance.

All these years now wish they would have done it. So, for those people who get in front of those clients are the weather over the phone or face to face are likely to see much higher conversion ratios, even if you’ve never sold over the phone before. So. What I want to kind of describe to you here is again not just encourage you that you’re going to see some results, good results in the final expense space.

I also want to give you some tips that I think would be useful to consider. As you place, your order with Matt, so the first one on the list here is, I believe, a local lies. Lead generation strategy is going to be your best bets. Explain what I mean. So a lot of you probably worried about making the transition. I’ve never done. Telesales so you’re not sure quite to what to expect is it’s the same.

Is it different? It’s different for sure, but you’ve got all these added advantages right now, with the our clients, literally being the ones at highest risk to to die from the stuff they’re going to be a much level higher level of concern to have it covered. So what I think is good to start your transition not to do this long term, but I think it’s good to start with is target your lead orders with Matt and somewhat of a extra local semi regional basis, maybe say a two-hour radius around where you live In that case, what you can do is as you’re calling your clients, your future clients or prospects.

You can say something like hey. This is David. Do Ford I’m calling because you had requested information on the phone about final expense coverage and I’m sure you’re, like a lot of clients that I’ve talked to that are concerned about coronavirus. They don’t want to get sick and die and leave their final expenses to a loved one. So I’m calling because normally I’d meet you face-to-face, but I want to serve you the right way and see if I can help you over the phone and before we get started.

What’s going on how how’s things going for you or you have you been impacted by this at all? Is there anything I can help with what this does? As far as the script goes, is it sets the stage to humanize the call? If you call in somewhat of a local area, you can tell them as much hey I live in Chattanooga. I see you look down in Dalton Georgia. People know about those two towns and both of the towns.

So there’s like that local feel, plus, if you’re sincere about the effort to offer to help them. You might help some people out in ways that you know they couldn’t get from an irregular telemarketer who’s. Just going to read down the script, not really take into account like the things that are top of mind for these prospects, so most people won’t take you up on it, but the big advantage is it’s going to build a level of trust and rapport.

That’s absolutely necessary in order to successfully sell over the phone. So that’s my recommendation as far as telesales go is buy leads format on the basis of a more local lized approached tryout statewide. If you like, there’s nothing wrong with that to kind of buying over a larger threshold or area, I just think it’s a bit easier, initially making the change to do that. A couple other ideas here: if you have to be in a situation again this this is day by day by the time you see this.

This could be an invalid sales technique, so understand, I’m not saying this is hard set in stone. This is all changing in the sensitive day to day on what we can do face to face if you are able to sell face to face. Obviously, when you talk to clients and they’re concerned, you could sell them over the phone up to the point where they need a signature on an app or to do a digital application. Then you can drive out to see em slide.

The paper under the door make sure you use hand sanitizer before and after and then send in the app that way. It sounds cheesy, but there’s agents who are doing that. That’s a valid method as well. We have been not mean necessarily, but others have been suggesting. You know bring a lawn chair with you park in their driveway. Do the sales presentation from the car might work? That’s probably going to be less and less of an option going forward, so the better bet is to just focus on telesales use.

Matt’s leads to focus on getting people to talk to, to have conversations over the phone to help, and I think, if you practice this now and start this transitionary process, you’re going to find that the business of selling insurance has not changed the method of how it’s Done has but the principle the fundamentals are the same. More people now than ever are wanting to buy burial insurance. More people now than ever sitting around the house got nothing to do and there’s less telemarketing calls being made, because a lot of these call centers across the nation are shuttered, because there are groups and trying to restrict the potential for an outbreak within that group.

So anyways, that is my advice to you. I think you should continue to go forward. I hope this gives you some perspective and encouragement on how to proceed. Thank you so much for reading and we shall see you next time. Bigger

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