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Best 5 FREE Sites All Designers Should Visit (2020)

However, I want to make sure I only pick sites that I know for a fact that you guys can use if you don’t use them already, so I hope you guys do it in this article.

All the stuff you guys see in the article will be in description down below now, with a few more of the things I want to put in that I couldn’t fit in the article, but if you guys have any really cool things that are like not in The article here today or in the description please let me know what kind of like resources or it’s like haha, I’m resources, influenced and kind of, like just literally anything that will just help motivate some people in design and help them out and any way possible.

So let me know what I probably putting calm or dead, because I don’t think what YouTube will show it so love you guys along love. You guys hope you enjoyed today’s article and I funny guys see: let’s do it. Alright, oh man, so the first site that show up a lot of you guys is called remove dot, BG, remove dot, BG’s a super easy source for you guys to help cut out backgrounds and have focal points such as for a lot of people.

That’s cutting out people so for a lot of designers, the usual select object or even the new object, select that came out recently and then you see like layer, masks and brushes to fix the cutouts, a super great option or the case of using a pen tool To come out an image, or even like you’re, using a quick selection tool and letting the shortcut Q on the keyboard for a quick mask mode and then kind of coloring around where you want to fix the mask.

Even though those options are super easy and Bible. For most designers out, there there’s also a few designers out there who just still do not know how to cut things out properly and that’s pretty much what the site could be used for. It’s a free resource for downloading the low-quality cut out images. However, guys a quick tip you can actually do to get around the low-quality file size that I’ll give you is, you can actually see the actual downloaded file size, you’ll get right below the actual download button.

So all you have to do is take that same exact file, size and put it inside Photoshop. Take your newly cut out image from remove BG and your original image and put them in the same exact document size as you guys just created, then only have to do a select. The thumbnail of the cutout image by this holding ctrl on your keyboard. To get the marquee selection, then you can click back on your original image.

That is not cut out and it’s also way higher quality and let’s use the layer mask chin, just really quickly cut it out. Then you guys can, of course, just grab it and move it back to whatever document size. You actually need to be in and turn up there you go so yeah, I’m saying if you guys are ever having issues with cutting things out, remove diabetes, a super solid spot to go for next site. Friends is a place where I was actually newly introduced for icons.

It’s called the noun project. If you guys are anything like me, and you have two designs, for example like stream packages, and you have those things, those little icons. I would usually have right next to the words like new follower, a new subscriber, even people who are even in like web design. This site offers awesome free icons to use an HD as well, something having a lot of you. Guys can really fall in love with and enjoy, as I use it myself when it came to my actual stream concept, and I thought it just the icons that gave you were just like literally what I was looking for.

One of the really cool things is: you can even rotate flip and like even change the color of the icon before even downloading it. I think it’s a super awesome site to bring light to you for a lot of designers out there. Okay, so this next set is more like a plugin. You still got ta go to the site to actually even get the plugin, but it’s called light shot. A lot of what the screenshot community uses generally is known as Gaia’s.

Oh, however, guys with light shot, you guys see me use it a lot in my articles. In my streams, it’s activated by pressing the screenshot button on your keyboard that pretty much allows you to select any areas like usual screenshot programs would, however, with live shot. You can choose to draw make lines, quick arrow directions, change, color of whatever you’re doing it with and even write text on the actual screenshot itself.

Then, of course, you can upload all those marks that you made very easily the same way with like a cloud upload service that, of course, again a mini screenshot services have. However, when uploading, I mainly use the control C and control the option, of course, copy and paste to simply copy and paste anything. I’d like to just share my friends on my clients. It comes super in handy with drawing on your screen to show corrections to a certain design and you’d like to make, or even just like a note to yourself, one of my favorite ways to do.

It is actually just giving feedback to other designers and just taking screenshots of their projects and kind of like pointing out where I think things can be fixed and tweaked, which is super helpful for a lot of people. A really great program that I think you guys should truly truly truly download, if you guys do not have it already, of course, using the regular print screen and all that good stuff is dope.

But this one for me is probably the most top-tier one when it comes down to it, but honestly, if you, if you’re still using guy hazel bro like nothing against it, but like you know it’s just not like shot alright guys. Next up is something I feel. That’s actually really truly underrated, which is Adobe and Google Fonts sites. First, when talking Adobe fonts, if you guys have a Creative Cloud account, it doesn’t even require you to even download the font.

All you guys have to do is actually just active it through the site and it’ll appear in your Adobe program. The filters on the left side of the page really help those in search for specific fonts for their projects. It even offers a really cool, quick preview text for every single font listed on the actual page simultaneously, something a lot of professionals use across the board, because every font you actually see on Adobe, fonts and google fonts – are all free for personal and commercial use.

So if you’re stuck on looking at places like the font or be hands and trying to figure out where to actually find some new fonts try out adobe and google fonts to get those projects looking right, okay, guys so the last site for this article. Since we talked about the elite prints being program and some fonts something I used to find similar fonts that I love in projects – and I see around the world – is known as what the font.

What the fun has helped me in never having to really ask people. Hey? What is this font? Because it comes in handy to be able to drag a picture I saved with a print screen that shows the actual font to then proceed to a list of all identical fonts. That could be the one that you’re looking for or something at least super super similar granted, most fonts shown from what the font are purchased focused.

You can highlight the font that you would like to get and paste the same exact font name in Google with the word free at the end of it, and you can see if the actual font author has personal use versions or weights available most times through my Searches, I’ve been able to find some really cool free versions of the font that I’ve been looking for and honestly, you won’t have to now go crazy for like what is this font? What is this font? And you know this is one of those things one of those things you guys absolutely should know of, because it does come in handy all, right homies.

That is the end of the article here today. So, as always, if you guys did love the article, please be sure to leave a like, and I would also like to know what kind of websites are using, whether if it’s for like influence a little bit inspiration a little bit of like resources. Anything basically without actually having camera net cuz you’re, probably going to get like deleted from YouTube and since of the comments, so don’t do that.

But just put like the you know: if it’s like you know it feels like B Hanscom be like you know what to be hands. Go check this out. For this reason, I would like to know some new things as well, and of course, I do have other things that I do not mention in today’s article. In the description down below is their links as well, so please be sure to check them all out. As always, guys I’ll talk to guys later, assess ohq out, do not forget to keep smiling stay positive and stay a freakin productive, guys.

Much love later.