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Blogging Advice – Dule readership path

And once you do that, you want to go ahead and clean up everything, ok, and so what we’re doing is we’re going to go over here to where it says our post and we’re going to select all posts and we’re going to go ahead and check the Spelling make sure the grammar is correct on our blog, because when I, when I create these blogs, I just want to get content out there, like I said I just you know, start typing things so fastly and I put typos and I and so what I want To do now, as I just want to go ahead and reread my blog article, make sure it’s ok and then clean up any spelling errors or grammar errors, and then I’m going to go ahead and do what is called it as a duel.

Readership path and I’ll show you what that is, so I’m going to go ahead and select edit and it’s going to take just a minute for the page to come up. Ok, so here it is, and what I want to do is I want to go ahead and select text. Ok and then that, like I said this is the visual. So this shows it as what it would really look like online. So first thing that I want to do is this where it says a that was more or less for me, something for my doing, my tracking.

Basically, so I’m just going to put my cursor there as you can see it, it’s flashing a little bit and then I’m just going to delete that no big deal right. Ok! So as it says, it says in today’s article, not only are we going to reveal the secrets to add to a Dean the secrets to adding three to five hundred dollars per month. Added on to your paycheck from your job through a series of governmental stimulus programs.

Go down to the and I can get rid of that period, but also how to keep more than money you earn by allowing the government to support your lifestyle. I’m going to get letter to rid of this such as okay and then I can go ahead and edit that as well so such as, let’s say such as rent rent or mortgage utility bills, gas burning, furniture, electronics. What else is there? Healthcare healthcare close to shopping? Dining entertainment, vocations, etccc, okay, now, as you can see, I misspelled this, so I can’t just put my cursor right on top of it.

Right click it and it’s going to give me the correct spelling of it. Okay, so I want one of the things that we’re going to do now: I’m not going to go through this entire article with you and shown you how to do this. Well, I there’s a few few specific things that I want to do with you here. So in today’s article not only are going to reveal so secrets to so, let’s just say, add three hundred dollars per month: added on to your paycheck from your job through a series of governmental stimulus programs and we’re going to bold that so, let’s click on that And what a this thing that we call has a dual leadership path.

What it is is the main points out of your article. You want to highlight you wan na italicized and then when people can scan your article within just a few seconds and get the gist of your. What your blog post is about. Okay, so so then we’re going to explain why the government is willing to do this, and you know I might italicize that one or I might let’s say underlying it. So I, as you, can see what I’m doing is I put my cursor here, letting it flash hold down.

My left mouse button, dragging it over and across, and I can bold it or unfold it. I can italicize it uh natala size it when there’s even like a strikethrough thing that I could do, I could also underline it. Let’s say I want to do all of them. Okay, now, like I said, I’m not going to go through this entire blog article and show you how how we’re going to do that, but I’m going to spend a little bit of time with you as I do this.

Maybe i’ll review qualified first okay. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to update it, I’m going to republish it just kind of so you can see. What’s going we’ll just wait for that to load up here, okay, there. It is and then I’ll come back over to my blog article, and so you don’t even have that actually up right now, so I’m going to select open in a new tab. Just wait for this to come up can see here.

So here’s what it does. If I was let’s just look at the first couple of paragraphs, if, if I didn’t want to spend some time in the entire article, I would say adding three to five hundred dollars per month. Added onto my paycheck, through a series of government of stimulus programs, we’re going to explain why the government is willing to do this if you’re not already qualified how to do it. Oh perfect, and then I would read the rest of the article now.

Let’s say that I wanted to change the color of this, so let’s say I come back over here. I do the same thing, but the only difference is i’m going to change the color, which again would make it stick out a little bit more then come back over here and do the same thing now. Ideally, I wish there was like a a highlighter and we’ve seen articles. I do that they used to do that, but for some reason maith they’ve taken that feature away.

So after we do that and then i’ll refresh this reload that okay, so if you were, if you were at this article as you can see that that stuff really sticks out adding three to five hundred dollars per month at to my to your paycheck, we’re going To explain why the government is willing to do this if you’re not already qualified how to qualify and we’re going to do this through the entire article. So now there is a lot, but that way a person should, just even without reading the article, a person could just scan this just real quickly and get the gist of what the entire blog post is about.

Okay and that’s why you would want to do such a thing? Okay, but I do if this information has been helpful. Take care of one have a great day, we’ll see in the next article and in our next article I’ll, show you how to go ahead and add a estar adding some pictures. Ok, but we’ll do that in our next article. Bye, bye,

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