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Irish People Try Taco Bell For The First Time… in AMERICA!

It’S needed we’re all living together in America, getting to know each other real, Oh Taco, Bell yeah, let’s tackle tacos. The only thing coming up my talk about is that, apparently it gives you the kid yeah. My friend messaged me earlier and hello Vincent. He said that he’s going to hold a candlelight vigil from my arsehole. Do you think, like a douche? Does this smells like McDonald’s smells like a deli counter, so you want to move all the meat bids over to my side.

Yeah! That’S a good idea into the wastes in them. So anyone who’s doing this talk to my stock. Oh, oh, oh ready, ready! Oh! Oh! You must have see it so it makes to read. I don’t know if you know that, but Shawn likes to read. Well, I think that I’m bored that’s good. It’S real good, alright that it feels very much like something I could make at home. Debra Messing sauce hi, my name’s Anne demon, for some dirty vu.

I just I’d really love it. If I could taste something offer, you know, there’s no secret sauce or special, like I’m not going in the mega. I hope to put that Taco Bell’s, no yeah. It’S very dry yeah and you took salsa sriracha or something very much. You just have meat lettuce and cheese and no sauce. That’S just a sandwich where’s that secret, like Jesus Christ. Well, it’s looking like a little mini burrito there yeah do.

I cook them now see what happens. Oh Jesus Christ, it’s cheese and rice. Oh, what’s this, this look like you’re, not amazing, so it’s a quesadilla miss with the burrito this wraps in wraps, like that’s Irish right there at that cross-section, isn’t it! That is, that’s an finally wrapped shit, oh well, it will be. I like you, can put that in a museum on a under players will be able to come in and buy it for two million I’ll.

Just stick that bit of duct tape. There you go yeah. It’S very cheesy, there’s a lot of crammed or something in there as well. Well, it’s going to taste like all the toppings you’d have for like a nacho or all the dips in one thing, definite substantially better. Oh yeah man, yeah, it’s got the rice. It’S got! The cheese it’s got, the I mean like and that’s a wrap, and I guess it would be like a burrito you’d have at home.

It’S like a mini burrito. It’S very small burrito ito mmm. I won’t be, I hope, you’re done again. I mean I didn’t order. It in the first place – this is definitely warm moist, I’m okay. With that word, some people aren’t. I’M I’d eat the contents of it in a bowl with some lettuce yeah. But can you get? Can you get a kiss a readable? Is that a thing nice and spicy, and that and that’s what I’m looking for it’s not overpowering, you know it’s like taking consistence place as well, we’re getting there how I’m getting there looks good, it’s a double toggle thing: the hard shell in a soft shell.

I heard in a soft Wow: that’s how I feel like when you put a hard shell stuff in with all these things. Generally, it gets hot enough that it melts and it becomes softer. You know it seems to be a soft Torito. It’S a very, very sexy cross-section. Isn’T it if you, if this person even packed my suitcase for going home that’ll be great, because I am the cheese of crimson here we go. Let’S do it like it’s, not pretending to be anything fancy, I’m not! I don’t know.

I appreciate it for what you know. It’S also often it’s oh. This is normal. This is like the last one really and then BAM. This hard boy comes out of nowhere. He ages, he hits different. The hairy boy doesn’t eat the nacho. Is nobody? That’S a hard shot, there’s no crunch to it whatsoever. You get the nice flavor of the nacho show door for net. I know you think it’s worse than the cheesy mess of it, just huh um Kelly! I’Ll, be honest.

It’S been a long trip. No, I have no idea. What’S happened. It’S been a fun road trip, but but everything’s mashed to get. We drank a lot of drink, I’m very tired, so uh I am sold, but I again, if I was there, I don’t know if I’d be actively picking these. That’S good, that’s it! We are three for three here we’ll talk about, I must say yeah we’re going to. I think when you get down to the bottom, I sobs a bit look yeah it’s more meager and getting the meat more Doritos, Locos Tacos.

This came out and like talking about like a few years ago, and everyone just went apeshit for these things and then they were just like. We just have to keep selling these Doritos Locos Tacos. That’S a joint tour! That’S a giant Dorito chip yeah! If they just the spicy Doritos, maybe they they do, they do have fire eaters. I think exactly. Okay, look! So oh. Can we oh that one’s definitely just stuff they powdery cuz of Dorito sake, petroi, like Jesus get a bit of sauce in there? Do they not like, so is there a soft shoulders going on here? See you feel like Doritos are just you know.

They were coasting off their name here, huh, but no like to read no enjoy. I’M outta fired more stable and sturdy and solid of a fat wetter, and I will after eating this. Oh, I have sweet memories of the first one I’ll just get the man with that. You know Jeremy yeah, whereas so like. If these four, that we’ve had, if they’re all, I like you, know going on the o3b like they’d, be having a good time, and then you got your locals to read those talk, we’re just following along this.

One turned up broke yeah free games too hard yep. We’Re like four Locos Tacos where’s, this buddy seen us was responding. See like I want this to you know rip and you Eric sold off for me. You know that’s what you’re looking well, it’s still nice Kelly, no Kelly! Think of your bum last one last taco for all time: knob taste we’ll never talk about this again. I see vegetable chalupa supreme. Tell us this! No, Jean! What’S a chalupa, doesn’t she? She goes that new rule, some deep-fried soft shadows like such a pained bird shock, and I want spice spice girls – teaches nothing laughing.

Okay, final one, I’m back! I’M bored, hey ya, know I’m liking the tomato in the veg. Alright, it’s a bit dry. There’S one thing I’ve ever talked about. I suppose you would be there I mean. Who knows you might begin some extra sauce or something? Are you be pounding back a fuckin yeah? How do you eat yours like? No? No, Oh paddy! I know I think I’d like that. You know just a plain soft taco, but do not do like dough balls are like yeah, you get like double chicken or double whatever crazy, and that’s why I’d like big Mickey? Oh our sauce, someone again, this mayonnaise is a disaster, no eye doctor deep-fried one now, although I don’t know if you’re going to eat many, if you’re in a rush you just want to pop in and get some quick first ones perfect.

If you’re going to talk about and having to sit down, I’m ordering that bad boy, that’s I love that! That’S really nice! Thank you! No back, oh and I’m sure looping my mind over here. I’M feeling the Taco Bell sleeps. I liked it too real wooden. You didn’t nope stop using Doritos and your your foods I’m going to give Chuck over the benefit down. I’M sure, there’s stuff there that they have I’d, love and I’d, be like yes, that’s it follow that quesarito ii.

Oh, if that quesarito was back three times the size, I literally be horse them into me every day that we should bring a talk about from here. An entire entire rent us on the plane, bring it over to Ireland, set it over. I think we do really well. It actually would talk about what do read about yeah. Do they do taco bowls cuz? Then you know, if you just did both, then you can just be like be able to get all the best parts and he’d fenced it.

Like a weird softshell or hey, no fiery dory I’ll go in a second and say we know a fiery. Had you know Doritos tortillas thing, maybe there’s livery driver realism. I forgot to give them all the sauce he’s just bringing it back. Man. There was some good. There was some bad, and now we just have to see if we got ta shoot ourselves too much yeah. Oh, if you want to see important, believable content you should like and subscribe and click that we’re in America doing articles you see more of the man

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