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Writing and Addressing Envelopes With Your Cricut

In today’s article, we’re going to teach you guys exactly how to address your very own envelopes, it’s a very highly requested article. I get emails about this comments all the time, so we’re going to use our Cricut today and Cricut pins to be able to write on our envelopes the return address and the address we’re sending our envelope to so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

You can use your maker any of the Explorers, have the pin slot so therefore you’re able to take advantage of that as well, and it’s the same process for either machine. So hope you guys are excited and let’s jump into it. So I like to start with how it looks when it’s finished, and this is a big step of the process. So what we like to do is have three different layers going. You want to have your rectangle to the shape of your envelope.

For us, this is about a five by seven envelope, so we just created a rectangle five by seven and put it as our background. Next, you want to have the return address and we’ll teach you exactly how to format that text, and then we centered this text right here now we’re using fonts from our membership site makers going to learn calm. This is our Gracie Lou font. I think it’s perfect for using pins, and I love the quirkiness of this font alright to get started.

Let’s go ahead and zoom out and have some more space right here on our iPad. Now remember you can follow along with this project, whether you’re using an iPad. Your iPhone or your desktop or laptop so let’s go to shapes and insert a square. We’re going to take this square right over here and we’re going to select edit we’re going to make the width 7 and the height 5, just like. So once we’ve been able to do that, we’re going to go ahead and just change the color of the envelope to white by selecting the layer just making it white.

As you can see here all right next we’re going to select text and we’re going to select from our system font Gracie Lou if you’re a member to makers going to learn, you’re going to be able to get access to that font for free if you’re a Year, member so be sure to have your your membership to get access to our font library, with hundreds of fonts to choose from anyway. Now we’re going to type out we’ll start with the return address like we have here.

So I’m just go top into my name and then an address of your choice. I just keep making up random ones as we’ve been planning out this article. So, as you can see here, we’re just typing in whatever we’d like your address, and you can see here a few things now. First compared to our finished one right here, the line spacing totally different. This one is actually centered and we need to align it to the left.

So, let’s start by doing that, we’re going to add it and we’re going to select line space now be sure to work with different line spacings for different fonts. They all require different things. Now, next again, this is still centered, so we want to go and select alignment and we want to align text left. Look at how easy that was so now pretend this is your envelope, so you just want to start sizing this down.

Let’s lock that and we can position it right up here, so that’s our return address and then what we’re going to do now is we’re going to get our app another text box under text. You select a Gracie Lou and we’re going to type in whoever we’re sending a message to a little letter, I’m going to send it to cor so we’re going to type in or address so now we type that in and again it’s already aligned for the left.

So we just need to select edit and we need to align Center first and then we’re going to select line space and bring that down too. Then we can saws that down. Some maybe thought this one leave that here and saws this one down a little bit more and move that up just a tad. Sometimes you will want to turn off if you’re, using an iPad smart guides. So it’s easier to position exactly how you want it.

Smart guides kind of snaps things into place and you usually do not want that all right. So we have this right here. This looks pretty good. I love when I’m filming articles giving the example first and then recreating it for you guys, so you can see why we’re doing different things. So this one looks fun, we’re going to lead it and just go back to the one we were working with. What we’re going to do now at this step, if you notice, we press make it, it is going to go ahead and put this on a two totally different mats and it’s going to look very different than as it looks on our canvas.

How we need to make this stay together is first, we don’t need this back this white rectangle at the back anymore. This was just for reference on our map, we’re going to select the X and delete, and now we have this right here. So we’re going to just be able to select that and we’re going to click actions and select. Attach one big note is that you need to in the layers panel change from cut. You need to change that to draw so, instead of cut we’re going to select right and you want to select the pin you’re using now today, we’re using the gel pen 1.

0 black. It tells you right here on the pin, so let’s just scroll through and find that pin and then we’re going to repeat that to our Tanner text, so right and 1.04, the 1.01 here and now we’re good to go. It’s ready and we’re going to be able to press make it we’re going to select, replace – and it’s already formatted right here on our mat. So now we’re able to take one of our envelopes and we’re just going to place it down on our mat right up.

In the top left-hand corner – just like so so you can see here we have our envelope we’re going to move our little gods back. We were filming a knife blade article, so that was fun, but we need our well guides back. We’re going to load that into the machine and now that’s ready to go. We can press continue, we’re going to connect via bluetooth. So now we’re going to take our pin open it. A great tip for this is to take this cap and go ahead and put it on the top of your pin.

Do not leave it on your craft table, maan gets a little messy and you will lose it. It’s a great reminder for, when you’re finished, to take it out and put this lid right back on so now what we want to do is just simply open, clamp a and it’s honestly, this simple you’ll find there’s a little triangle. You just want to take this and pop it into place. Once you hear that click, you know, you’re good, to go, you’re going to close clamp, a it’s very simple, a lot easier than clamp B.

I do have to say, and then you’re ready to go for us we’re going to select that this is light cardstock for the envelope and then we’re going to turn fast mode on just so it you know and right for us, you don’t have to and another Great tip is that if you do not want to go through the referencing process and you’re using an iOS device, feel free to use snap mat to put multiple envelopes on your mat and be able to align your return and sending addresses manually.

That way, it’s a great addition and we’ll try to link our snap in that article down below, for you guys to check out and learn how that works. It’s super fun so once you’re good to go, we’ll press the flashing Cricket button and it’ll start our drawing all right guys the drawing has completed it. Lets us know on our iPad and then the flashing unload button is happening. So we just want to press that and look at how beautiful this turned out.

I love love, love. The look of this guy is such a professional look and it’s amazing, so you’re going to be able to do this. One tip I do have is when you’re taking it off the mat, don’t just pull it up, cuz. It then could curl flip it over and just let it peel off the mat itself and maybe even use a light grip mat umm. If you want to as well, I think they both work great. As you can see here, the standard grip mat worked wonderfully and we used two different pins here, but it honestly turned out beautiful.

We love it. It’s such a fun way to address envelopes, and this is such a highly requested article. I hope we answered a lot of your questions on how to do this process and it was super fun if you guys have any questions about this process, be sure to leave us a comment down below give the article a thumbs up and subscribe for more cricket. Tutorials, we’re super excited to be bringing more to you every single week and we look forward to seeing what you guys think of those but as always, be sure to check us out in the links below check out our membership.

If you want exclusive article trainings on your diking machine and exclusive access to our fonts, as well as our over 700 plus file library, thanks for reading guys I’ll see you later bye,

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How To Write and Cut with Your Cricut

But more than that, I am a self-proclaimed die-cutting enthusiast myself and I love creating different projects. One of the questions I’ve been getting all of the time is: how can I tell my cricut to draw so in today’s article I’m going to share with you exactly how to make a super easy Father’s Day card with one of our digital cut files that you Can get if you’re, a member of makers that I learned if you’re, not a member click, the link below come join us because it’s a lot of fun.

You get so many digital cut files and you can learn more about it link below. But let’s head on over to design space and start designing our card, okay, guys! What you see right now is that we’ve already uploaded our image from makers going to learn, and we already have a 4 by 4 card base designed and added the score line. It’s super easy to do this, I’m going to teach you both of this right now before we even talk about drawing.

So what you want to do is click upload and we’re going to upload the Father’s Day image and right here you can see we have it and drag it and drop it. So this is an exclusive cut file that you can only find at makers online, and I love this file because you’re able to create such a simple card with it and I love it so just like so you have it. So it’s right here on the map. We already have one side, so it’s good to go.

If you wanted to create the same card base, we have you want to click on, shapes, add a square and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to unlock right up here, and we want the width to be 4 inches by 8 and then press Enter and you can see here – we have that so we’re going to lock that and we can go ahead and make that widened. So we can visualize a little easier click shaves and let’s have a score line so right here we have this score line and we’re just going to rotate it just like so and then we’re going to take this over on our card and expand it out.

A little bit and then we’re going to select both of those layers, I accidentally selected what I didn’t need and we’re going to click a line in Center, just like so once that’s complete we’re going to click and attach and check this out guys. You have an awesome card ready to go and all we want to do is drag the happy Father’s Day over onto the card, just like 7, once you’re happy with the placement now we’re going to want to go ahead and change this from cut.

So when you upload a file straight to Cricut, it’s going to have the little scissors, and that means it’s going to cut in the layers panel. We want to click on that and we want to click it to right and then we’re going to click on the other layer and we’re going to have it right that as well. So now right now, this is going to have it cut all in one color. We want to tell it to write in two different colors, so let’s select the little tie, let’s change that color, so we’re actually using our calligraphy silver.

So I’m just going to slip a silver metallic and it’s going to draw silver metallic and then write in black happy Father’s Day, so didn’t create this project. The last step is we’re going to select both layers and we’re just going to select, attach that’s going to tell it to draw and cut right like we see it in design space to make sure that looks, good, we’re go, select, make it, and you can see Here it’s going to score, draw and then cut you can see this by going over to the left hand, side bar – and it’s going to tell us so if you’re happy with this, if everything looks good, really easy, we can click continue and then it’s connecting to Our machine via bluetooth and now we’re going to select our material we’re using a white cardstock that we really love.

We found it on Amazon and it’s perfect for printing cut, it’s perfect for drawing, and it’s just a really great go-to white cardstock. So we’re just going to select medium cardstock right here and it’s telling us that we need to load our scoring stylist in to clamp a so all we want to do is open, clamp, eight, like so grab our scoring stylist and we’re going to pop it into Place and once you’re ready, we can go ahead and take our mat.

We’ve placed our piece of cardstock here and we’re going to load it into the Michigan awesome, it’s loaded into the machine and now, lastly, we’re going to turn on fast mode and we’re going to press the flashing Cricket button awesome, so it all it did was to Do the score line, and now it’s telling us to stop it’s time to change out the tool. What we’re going to do is open, clamp, a pull out our scoring stylist and place it into the department, and now it’s saying that it wants us to add our silver metallic pin.

All we want to do is take off the lid and a fun tip is to place the lid on the top, because if your craft space looks anything like mine, you will lose it. So all we want to do is press this into the machine. Just like we did with the scoring stylist clamp a is so easy to work with and then we’re going to close it once that’s ready to go. All we want to do is press the flashing Cricket button again awesome it’s time for another tool change all.

We want to do is open, clamp, a pull out this pin and we’re going to put the cap back on it and then we’re ready to open our black pin just like we have done previous and pop it into place, and then, lastly, we’re going to close It and when you’re ready to go press the flashing Cricket button again awesome guys it’s done cutting. What we’re going to do is we’re going to add our map, and you can see here we have an awesome Father’s Day card.

What I love is that you can have the cricket draw cutting pages little cards. I think this would be awesome for the kids to be able to color in the Happy Father’s Day, and it would be a perfect little card that they’re able to give for Father’s Day. I love that we have this score line here, because it’s already creasing it for us, and now you have an awesome Father’s Day card. It’s super easy to make.

I hope this shares with you some helpful tips when you’re wanting to draw with your Cricut. If you have any questions, leave me a comment. Give me a thumbs up and again make sure you’re subscribed for more DIY articles as well as creative tutorials and again, if you would like to get this cut file and 500 more digital cut files, come check out makers going to learn calm. We would love to have you, as we have live workshops exclusive to the members and a member.

Only Facebook group thanks so much for reading guys hope you have a great day bye.

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