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Drip Review | Why You Need To Switch To For Your Email Marketing

So drip is a tag based system.

Aweber is a list based system and one of the problems with Aweber is you know if someone’s on five different lists or ten different lists, which you know if you’ve had a over for a while, you know that’s a real possibility, then what happens? Is they charge? You for each time that person’s on the on the list, so if one email address is on ten of my different lists, well, I’m charged for ten different subscribers, so you can see how that can compound over time.

The other thing is: there’s some great. You know drip is much more flexible, much more fluid for creating workflows and let’s face it, I mean now. You know you don’t just have because, because you’re, when you’re building a list, you don’t always just want to get people on a new list create a whole new email sequence for that, which is what you need to do with Aweber with drip. What you can do is once someone takes an action and that could be, you know, click a link on an email.

You know visit a certain page, whatever it may be, then you can start a sequence. You don’t need to add them to a list. So, for example, if someone clicks on a link and say yes, you know I’m interested in you know XYZ, let’s say Bitcoin for example, then no matter what other sequences that person is in, I don’t need to add them to a different list. I can just get them into that workflow, so they start going through the sequence and it’s it’s a lot more flexible.

Finally, drip is free for a hundred subscribers and I really like that because I think new people, starting out you know they were going to ask me. Where should I start, you know, I would say, start with with drip, because you’re going to be much happier long-term and it’s going to be more effective for your email, marketing? Okay. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to click. Try drew it for free and we’re going to sign up and see how this all works.

Okay, I’m just going to add that to blast pass and it will just say what are you currently using and I’ll just put drop down? Alright, let’s see here other, let’s say a weber, Curless size and then put in payment information, okay and we’ll just pop that in there okay. So now we’re going to go to the next step, all right! So once you sign up you’re going to see your JavaScript code – and you can put this on every page of the website again because this is going to allow you to trigger something – let’s say if someone goes to a certain page on your website right.

So someone goes to the contact form where someone goes to you know a sales page or something that you have a webinar on or, let’s say, click funnels. You know you have someone that’s on a certain page for a certain amount of time. Well, you can hit them with the sequence and put them in right now. So there’s a manual code there’s the word press which you can install the plug-in – and this is the plug-in here and there’s your account ID and you can use segments as well.

So I’m going to skip this step for now. Okay, and what we’re going to do is so there’s a bunch of things you can do import your list connect your marketing stack, automate, collect leads, send emails explore, ok, so I would start with the with the Explorer. So what you can do is go to email setup. You know, usually, when I’m setting up something you know I’m going to go to the to the account settings and you can see the account settings here integrations I’m just going to pop it in the integrations real, quick and you can see all these integrations.

All these things that integrate with drip and that’s the other thing you’re going to find a lot more services that really connect with this, which is great so again, you know what this does is this can connect, and if someone you know is reading your article, then He can perform actions on them, which is awesome. Ok, so you want to set everything up: a power, bi drip; okay, that’s fine and click on your site, setup! Okay, members! You can invite someone here if you want, but we got to do is set up the email settings, so this isn’t allowed.

You can’t use a gmail address. You need to actually have a real email address, which is good because that’s actually going to help your deliverability. So I’m going to set that up a little bit later and but that’s the first thing that you want to to set up. You’ll see the unsubscribed links here and what this allows you to do is to display this group subscription management page, so they can choose which is probably better because then they can see paint, maybe I’m on a buyer’s list or that sort of thing.

Recent confirmations. What what happens is drip will automatically reset a confirmation if the subscriber doesn’t open it in two days. So you want to turn that on reply tracking it tracks, email opens and clicks automatically, and if you want to track when subscribers reply to your emails, which is great because if you say in your email they reply to me and someone replies that helps your deliverability.

All that good stuff, so we want to add that as well, Google Analytics this is, is kind of how it sets up. So again. You know this fits into UTM code. So if you using that in your marketing, that makes a lot of sense. So you want to turn that on sending domain so that they’re through high high reputation sending domains, so you can actually do that and you can send it through your own domain. If you, if you want to do that, that’s more of an advanced feature snippets this! These are like tags.

You can apply to any email, okay, so, for example, you can create a snippet and basically have like a you know, a footer that you use. So you can kind of add images. You know just kind of make it nice and then you can just add this and just boom click it in put it in just just one time and then expiring links. You can actually have the link expire and then, instead of going to you, know, Page expired or something you can actually send it to something else.

So that is another cool feature. Here’s the integrations under here you’ll see groups. So this is a way to organize your campaigns, forms and workflows, so you can basically create little boxes to help help help you get organized templates. This is basically what you want to send in an email. You don’t want to have a lot of raw HTML stuff, but you can add to the HTML if you want, but basically you want something.

That’s you know nice-looking easy to read that kind of stuff. A lot of you know, I guess they’re paleo people here. A lot of paleo references in the preview lead scoring is another nice thing so lead scoring. You can update it. Basically, what happens is someone goes to a certain page. They can get points so and they can also get negative points to email engagement. They get points track, custom events, all that kind of stuff so and this is a lead threshold.

So once a certain once the subscriber gets to be a certain level, then they move from just basic subscribers to a lead. Okay. So the point of this is really you know to allow you to look at your hot leads right. So this is something you can’t do in something like Aweber, but you can see hey this guy’s. You know been clicking on a lot of emails, engaging going to the pages and stuff, and so that’s someone you can look up in your CRM and start connecting with them through multiple blogs right.

So maybe you can look up see if they’re associated with a Facebook profile and then connect with them on Facebook. You know and that’s how you kind of can become omnipresent. This is extremely powerful also if you have a small list right, so if you’re, just starting out, you have a small list, this is going to be incredibly effective for you to to enable the lead scoring. Webhooks are an advanced feature, so we’re not going to get into that and then here we have campaigns.

So this is basically, you know, allow you to make a campaign broadcasts. Are you know, one-time emails? The really nice thing about broadcast is with this. Is you? Can you know you want to save your recipients and stuff all that kind of thing, but you can make your email and then, when you send it, you can send it a test version. You can auto generate the plain text which is which is very effective as well, but when you actually send this, it’s not going to, let me send it yet, but basically it’s going to allow you to resend automatically in two days to the unopen.

So what that means is, without you doing a single extra thing. You can actually just the people that have not opened they’re going to get that we’re going to get that that email again and you can change the subject line, which is really cool, very, very cool. So again, you know this is kind of the main difference so, rather than people being on different lists, you can actually filter them based on all these things, so you can look at the ones that are leads.

You can look at the ones that are that. Are that are tags? You know that have had you know a certain email activity or certain inactivity, and what this allows you to do is to really be more effective at your online marketing, okay and they also have some pruning operations, so you can unsubscribe, you know automatically if they haven’t Done anything: okay, I haven’t clicked anything and you can customize all that.

So here’s forms automation, your workflow and your rules, and this is where the magic happens and then your analytics, you can see all kinds of of analytics. Okay, so an opt-in form. This is, we can just make an opt-in form here, create a form and put in the the fields that you want. Okay, so email address is required and you can add different fields as well. Okay, so that’s pretty much how how it works and again I think, once you get the hang of it, you’re going to see a whole lot of read these.

These help articles you’re going to see a huge amount of benefit from starting with this, and you know, then you can kind of really scale up and build your marketing the right way so once again, its 2018, you need to be having a tag based, auto responder System like drip – and you know playing around with drip, really happy with it, so give it a try and also as you’re thinking about it. You can actually move some of your old lists over to drip once you see the power of it, and you know how much more effective your email marketing is all right.

So I hope that was helpful and we’ll see on the next article thanks