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I tell you that the most professional crew I’ve worked with in yours, even better than the 2020 crew was in here about three years ago. Okay, whenever you read it market, this is Chet. Reading get reading kick to welcome to Sony Music in New Jersey. In March I placed a panicked phone call atomic productions because corporate wanted us to do a article here at Sony, Music Pitman of what our efforts in regards to environmental and recycling within the community.

So Tommy productions came in, I shot the article, they did a great job. We hustled the article off the sony music corporate japan for some of the meetings there. It was presented to corporate management, they loved the article. They saw what we did here on our location and, as a matter of fact, the New Jersey State Assembly asked for a copy of the article. They showed it to the legislature and Sony Music.

Pittman was presented with an award from New Jersey assembly legislature congratulating us on our efforts within the community in regards to recycling and the environment. It was a pretty big deal. We take that pretty pretty seriously here, but again we couldn’t have done it without Tommy products. Is coming in and helping us out, my name is Ken mccullough and I’m the food safety manager here at the Andrea produce, a nombre de frankton drea nostro presidente me gustaria darle la bienvenida, a todos y cada uno de ustedes, a Dondria produce hola bienvenidos, a bond Drea produce mi nombre salias en el dia de hoy Sarah’s instructor estaremos hablando de seguridad alimentaria, a los que me pase, un tante reproduce los que me pase una posibilidad de todos es anum en toe elahi, any personal son parte integra de la responsabilidad de cabin play.

Ah de los lentes sauron possible este proportion, Ahriman tener, un ambiente de trabajo, seguro Olympio, establecer, a hacer, compras losser, Oh Marty, trabajo de conducta, hello and welcome to Dandrea produce will be talking about good manufacturing practices. The topics we will discuss our personal health, food handling and safety and sanitation at Dandrea produce good manufacturing practices are everyone’s responsibility: slight sanitation and personal hygiene or integral parts of each employees.

Responsibility management has a responsibility for providing and maintaining a safe and clean working environment. Safe equipment and safe tools, establishing and enforcing work rules and conduct, and I wan na see only hakushin, don’t programa de Cassian fontina para probar altos de trabajos sakulos, a henna co SI SE siente enfermo Talas como Graffiato sino, SI disse infeccion de garganta dense a rebel Todd o zoo supervisor inmediatamente SI la condiciones severa, no debe venir, a trabajar hasta que si.

I a sonado tienes personales day Monday, said practicamos la whole area. No s permit e de el maquillaje excessive, oh no se, debe ser, durante la manipulation de alimentos, los empleados de bin siempre tratar, a los de mas de una, manera professional lyrics petrosa, a los empleados SE le per meter otra air con vida la compania sala de Descanso todos alimentos dentro de la cinta, la Sione’s, sarin al maseeh nose and every hug welcome back just to review.

The most important thing we do here at Dandrea produces provide our customers with safe quality food, para pasar, lo mas importante, kasimos, a quien and reproduces ofra. Sarah nuestros clientes alimento seguros y de calidad after hours, formal wear, is a member of the David’s Bridal group, which includes David’s Bridal, after-hours, formal, wear and Priscilla of Boston. After-Hours formal wear is the u.

S. Leader in tuxedo sales in Rome, where Miss ma’am, brother David’s, Bridal group, equal incluye, David’s, Bridal, after-hours, formal, wear, a Priscilla of Boston, after-hours, formal wear SI leader in la venta alquiler de smoking, Oh trajes de gala, en los estados unidos Tristano servicios a client, a central valley serving customers in 31 states and the district of columbia, as the premier provider of formal wear for rental and purchase after ours is committed to providing customers with a wide selection of quality merchandise.

At a consistent satisfying customer experience, la parte de la terre de una maquina de limpiar sensor kocaman consists a de una puerta que ce o — para como una maneja con sarah dura un panel de control. You me interrupt or para casos de emergencia, estos son, los elementos mess, OT rosado’s, por, ello parador de latin terraria. The front of a typical dry clean machine consists of a door that operates with a locking handle control panel, an emergency turn off switch.

These are the items most used by the dry, clean operator, NOP dad or Dave a registrar, esta carga en el reporte seminole de limpiar sense echo. We made the front page of chemical week welcome to the corporate headquarters of awesome at us. A thoroughfare New Jersey, a world leader in foreign chemistry and an iso 9002 manufacturing certified company mod, employee and contractor is required to report any illness, injury and near-misses immediately to their supervisor or awesome on representative.

But behind this hey prepare yourself for a long day. Action 3261: this is security code, is tape too lively, ready, Curtis, cmf Steve. Take one action I can remember like it was yesterday, I’m at the counter just cleaning up when investors we got any big. He looks around see, there’s nobody else in the store. Next thing. I know he Spears the me to give him the money. Did you give it to him? Nope company policy says, cooperate and do as you’re told so.

I did and I made sure to give him the two-dollar bait bill. So the central monitoring system will receive the high priority alarm from the money kick device. Ah, so taking out that two-dollar bill really sets off the alarm exactly it’s a lot more comforting. Knowing that someone is here reading I mean I was still afraid, but now I knew that there was someone else with me now. They also tell the police about the two-dollar bill and give them the serial number off it after he leaves the intervention specialists make an announcement 2608.

This is security. Please pick up your handset. I’ve been robbed seriously. When I would have seen that Robert, I would have been it you’re, a good man. Thank you, Charlie, but you cannot do that. I mean you are only supposed to use the Irish system when you know it’s safe. I think you put it best. Tony. The Irish security system is like having a big brother reading over you. They’ve all left. The training center Frank is locked and secured.

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