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FreeNAS Mini XL+ 10G and Editing 4K Content.

For so you we can see certain performance things from benchmarks and they do provide some value, but they’re not always definitive, and they may not represent your use case in the same way that you think they would so you can say, hey the benchmarks said it would Do this, but when I actually used it, I ran into this problem.

So let’s talk about real-world use, so the FreeNAS mini xl+ and in article editing, that’s something that came up because I thought it was interesting. I liked Linus’s article on the jellyfish fryer, all SSD server and by the way, if you haven’t been to serve the home great website, excellent enterprise reviews on there, so I thought it was cool that they had to serve the home people on there. Also, they did use FreeNAS spotted on there right away.

Now I would love to build a twenty eight thousand. I think that was what he said. The price was $ 20,000 all-flash FreeNAS system for article editing and, as you get into youtube, you realize there is a definite need to have a way to store all the data you create. But for many of us that aren’t at the level that Linus is at, we can’t – or he has key Bhd near – we can’t afford $ 28,000 devices for that.

You know hoping to get there one day, but that’s not my today situation. So let’s talk about the freenas many xl+ configured with and someone’s going to cringe a little, but these are really reasonably priced. These are 5400 rpm Western Digital Red’s. So this is not a real expensive drive. It’s not a really fast drive. It is a solid, reliable Nash drive a I’ve had a lot of these installed. We’ve got a lot of systems that are storing data for our clients, built with these and they’ve, been really really reliable.

They’re low heat, low energy they’re great mass drives I’ve. The holding up Western Digital red series has proven to be quite reliable, overall they’re, not high performance, though at 5400 p.M. I will throw that out there, but when you configure them in a FreeNAS system and we’ll go ahead and look at how we have this configured go to pool status, we have a raid, z2 config. So, with a raid z2 with 8 drives there’s redundancy and we’re going to get some performance out of it because we’re sharing the load across the drives, so editing articles not going to be tragically bad, that’s important.

So this is going to be an affordable for those of us that can’t afford the $ 28,000 high end servers way to do edit in store in our article there’s a lot of people getting youtube and there’s all the struggles of figuring out. What camera and gear and what you’re going to do on YouTube? But then the storage people kind of put off to the side and even some of the bigger YouTube blogs Linus has gone through some of them and yeah.

They admit to all, have leaning lost data. Cuz saving it just on your computer can be a problem and a risk when you have a single Drive for doing this, this is just hard drives fail. That’s a statistic: having a raid rate is for a reason, even with this, you should be backing it up somewhere else. I do have my own two FreeNAS set up, so I have one free natural replicating to another one, so I’m at least that level, but at the minimum, having at least a raid array to dump all your data to and edit from is ideal and the freedom X, mini XL plus having a 10 gig, and I have a 10 gig switch, does help that now there is a way to do this, and maybe I’ll do it this in a future article where you can put a 10 gig card in your computer and then Directly connect it to the freenas mini, so you don’t have to have a switch, but you’d have to do some IP assignments and make that work without a switch.

They will direct connect, but that’s for a later article. This is at least assuming that you have the freeness mini XL, plus a 10 gig switch, I’m reusing the unify 1 and a 10 gig card in your computer, and my computer has the Asus 10 gig card in it. Specifically this one right here: the Asus XGC, 100 C 10 gig adapter. It’s someone has commented that they get a little warm. I hasn’t really been a problem.

It seems to work perfectly fine and doesn’t have a problem. Transferring at 10 gig hasn’t really been an issue. Alright back to the box here, so width is configured and I got the dashboard pull up here. We can see we’re at 197 and I have this right here. We’ve got net data opened up at 197, and now we can show you here is this: you can see. This is a SMB share. 3.1 97 article editing test and I actually I’m a Linux guy, so I do edit in kdenlive.

So here’s what it looks like when you’re just scrubbing around through data – and this is only shot at 1080. This is not stressing it out in any measure, so this is probably I can edit fine. I can jump ahead, jump and preview. Things play the article: that’s not going to be a problem, that’s not where you’re going to be more interest. So let’s go and look at some 4k article, so I let’s grab something off my GoPro and see how quickly I can open it.

This is a single 4k article, I don’t even know which one it says I mean goofing off on my motorcycle at a car cruise, it’s seeking ahead. It’s it’s really immediate here. Obviously, no pausing, no problem, let’s jump to another article played that one fine randomly grab. Another one here me goofing off at the office alright, and we go back over here, there’s all that stress at a diner, because someone said oh, the atom CPUs yeah they cert they’re not going to have a problem handling moving the data around like that.

You do see the you know a spike here and some of the traffic sent so now, let’s go step further and let’s say, let’s get a bunch of articles, so I think I can open them like this. This is and we’ll open all four at once now. The computer may choke on it because it’s going to open all these 4k articles at once, but they’re all playing. So how many is that that my computer’s choking, but let’s see what the FreeNAS is doing sending me all the data completely not stressing out we’re still sitting in all of a couple percent of CPU and no problems? The disk reads: spread across not a problem and we’re 170.

180. 185. It’s still going up with 4k article playing them all at once and here’s our network traffic, my computer’s hesitating it does. This is just mine’s an older i7 computer here so but yeah. Oh here’s. Our CPU actually getting a little bit of usage. We’ve we’ve hit the 3 % 3.6 % mark. So if you’re wondering if the atom in real-world use can handle it, obviously that’s not the problem. People seem to think it is and, like I said, the 4k I know chokes on my, but it’s obviously not a problem.

So real-world, can I edit all these articles, sure they’re all playing perfectly fine, and I don’t know why I like this is burnouts and things like that. Welcome to you know we have a. We have a big current culture here in Detroit and people like spinning the wheels and that all that black you see is that so it’s just funny, but you see other than my computer pausing a little bit playing knows. That’s not pausing, because it’s waiting on hard drive, the hard drive, isn’t even pinned out to its max potential here on the free NASA.

Neither is the processor so when it comes to doing some of the editing. This is a article I’ll be editing. This article will be uploaded before this is showing how an on surf works inside of there not a problem. Let’s just obviously I’m not going to save it like this, but let’s throw a 4k article file in it’s only reading the sound which takes a second. But it’s available immediately. Here’s that article not a problem, there’s another one, not a problem now granted when you get to something like lioness or KB, HD and you’re shooting in not 4k but 8k.

You’ve now quadrupled the amount of data, so yeah there’s probably going to be some slowdowns if you shoot an 8k, but if you’re using an epic red dragon at 8k, a hundred thousand dollar camera. I think that’s what those cost roughly in that range, with the accessories and lenses and mount kits yeah, you can probably afford something more than a freelance mini XL plus you can go to one of the enterprise trueness all flash arrays.

There are categories that will scale with you, but I just wanted to demonstrate that the freeness mini XL has new problems with 10 gig, and this is our peak with all those articles running that we did for the processor just nothing running. You know for 4k article for 4k, article stream to my computer, even with my older eye 7, which someone’s going to ask so I’ll pull it up. This is an i7 4770k at three-and-a-half gigahertz with 16 a minute.

So I do not have a killer, fast machine that is doing all this. My plan is to build a rise in for those that are asking. What am I going to build it soon? When people pay some bills I have outstanding, I will definitely be building a new rising machine. The performance is really nice. Um, I’m excited about that for article editing station, but for about for now this I 7 does get the job done. It renders things reasonably fast, and it’s really not much stress on these two will pull the reports as well.

It’s not here’s where we speak some data in here, but we are not at the limits of this system. So to speak. When you look at the CPU here, yeah we’re far from the limits of this system in terms of CPU and performance, we’re mostly idling this thing even pulling all that article. So for article editing system, the freeness, many experimental, the Western Digital red 5400 rpm little – is going for right now it looks like they’re about hot still about the 115 each.

So, let’s see you know, and this comes down to planning – you can go all the way up to the 10 tb’s 12 TB opposite 12 kind of depends on where your price point is, but it’s still an affordable way to build a system that will edit in 4K without having to break the bank – because I mean yes, you can go pro if you need something faster and say: let’s go up to the larger cache 7200 rpm class and the 40 B’s at the pro start at 160.

So not too much more. So it kind of depends on where your budget lies for storage planning, and someone will point out that, what’s only a little more for the 71 RPM, I see how but you got ta multiply. What is that little bit? More is times 8 storage planning can be challenging, Sarge planning is challenging because if you say I think I need this much storage, you probably need more, and ideally you should have at least one other machine that doesn’t have to be as fast that you also are Backing the data up to again, because even though you’re have array array which protects to some extent, there’s still more data or back it up in a cloud, you know you’ve done a article on this.

You can take FreeNAS and say: hey, send it overall, send it all the back plays that way. You have one more backup of all of your data, so keeping redundancy is important, especially when you have off-site redundancy in case. Anything tragic happens to the environment that you’re in, but I want to show that I edit not on the mini, Excel plus and pushing. I can send this one back. This was sent to us courtesy of the folks at Iook systems and FreeNAS, but I’ve showed the articles on the systems we have the custom-built freenas boxes, we’re using with 10-gig in them.

That’s what I’m running on right now for my normal article, editing and it works wonderfully. I don’t have any problem using freenas for article editing. I mean see if you’re using Adobe or something like that. You want the fancy plug-ins the jellyfish is kind of cool. I never used a product, but I read little articles on. I think it’s kind of a neat product, but overall I just want to make sure you to let everyone know.

Yes, you can met it edit on a 5400 rpm raid or a real-world usage opening up. All these articles – and I’m this article not well not – these ones – can’t delete this unless anyone wants to read my crews article and if there’s a demand for it, I’ll put it on my other YouTube blog. It’s not really content there, but no problem editing articles. I’ve been playing around with the last couple days. I edited a couple of the this article is going to go on there and a couple others that I made before I have to send.

This back will be edited using the free NASA mini xl+ and, of course, as I shown in the other article, it does have the SSD you can add internally. So if you wanted to add a write, cache or a read cache to it to speed it up a little more, you can, but this article was done without those enabled purposely to show you know. People who are budget conscious, go, and I don’t have all the budget for all that I just want to be able do it and if you’re wondering, if you can edit at one gig, yes, you can.

I did test that it is slower. Of course, it’s one. Tenth the speed, so I highly recommend when you get into article editing, if you’re doing anything in 4k and you’re dealing with putting together a lot of multiple article files. The ten gig one is a nice option and even if you’re, not using a 10 gig the same day, you buy it being able to upgrade later is great versus trying to buy another one later and it has ten gigs going to be a little more expensive.

Alright, this article will be edited on it, and you’ll actually see this article before this and it’s actively being edited right now. This one will be uploaded first, the parrot one which will be edited on the mini XL plus, and the mini XL plus article about the mini XL plus, will be edited on that too. Alright, thanks and I’ll leave to the previous review. If you didn’t see it thanks for reading, if you liked this article, give it a thumbs up, if you want to subscribe to this blog, to see more content, hit that subscribe button and a bell like on and maybe YouTube will sense you and notice.

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