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How The TikTok Formula Will Transform Music Industry (It Already Is!!!)

Com, because I saw myself now we got to talk about two major ways that tick tock is it’s ruining music and a lot of people’s opinion, but really the impact will be everlasting and A lot of people aren’t even seeing it right now all right for me. It started on January 22nd of 2018, when I said there would be a unique artist with a unique hit.

That’s only 15 seconds long, but some people didn’t take it too. Well, people are saying things like absolutely not lol. I can’t see it being 15 seconds I wouldn’t enjoy it. Maybe 30 seconds see I’m a push back on that, because there’s already some 15 seconds hits out there and y’all actually probably know of them. Michie got moves said. I rebuke that in the name of Jesus and Bull City, Dion said maybe 30 seconds, but not 15 seconds.

That’s not enough time for anything, but understand. I’m not saying that everybody will create 15-second music, not intentionally at least, but I am saying the format will become more popular and hits will occur and before I get into that, what better way to actually make the point then starting with music in the first place. So we’re going to show some examples of why this has already been present in some ways anyway in music over the years, because there’s been a lot of odd moments in music.

So, let’s start with rowdy, which, though, if you know about rowdy rich rowdy rich, is a rapper from Compton. He’s really been rising it up starting in 2018, and he has a song with marshmallow EDM producer. The song is called project dreams. It’s about two to three minutes, long, that’s it, but somebody actually took this song and they looked it for an hour, and I know that sounds weird, just listening to the same song, looped and loop in luton and looped it for an hour.

But for one we do like to hear certain songs on repeat, but this song being looped for an hour sounds absurd. However, I’m not going to lie when I was playing this just to see what it sound like. I end up long portion of this, and I was feeling it personally but check out some of these comments as well. Now, out of all these comments, the most interesting one is Jase Jones. This is my second time listening to this in a year.

Oh and if you go to the article you’ll see that his comment isn’t the only one like that, so just being able to listen to one song again and again and again and again and again is interesting. So if you want to argue for the 15 second hit, let’s think about the fact that some people say that’s too short. But don’t we already listen to songs and repeat so? Maybe people might want to just loop that for like three minutes and then they still get their feel just like.

We listen to other songs and repeat and just listen and listen and listen. Even if you think about how certain production is made. Some people literally take 15 seconds nine seconds 20 seconds of a beat and then they’ll loop it and that creates the entire beat for the song. So that’s something to consider as well. For example, this song by a group named mandrill is called children of the Sun. Came out in 1972 people and it’s a five-minute song.

You know it used to make some long songs back then. This is probably short for a song back then, but what’s important is from 314 in this track to 325 there’s this portion of the song. That sounds nothing like the rest of the song in that portion. That 11 second stretch was actually repeated again and again and again in a song called. They know by shawty low for three minutes long, so they took an 11 second sample and then literally just looped.

It for three minutes, and that became a hit when you think about something like that is not even that foreign of a concept I would play the two songs and instead, I’m going to put them in the description below just because you know YouTube with these. Copyright strikes, I ain’t trying to get one and I’ll make sure I provide the timestamp below as well, so you can easily see where they match up, but let’s play some other songs that were legitimate hits in their time.

That song only had six unique words in it: the entire song and we talked about format and why it happened. It’s going to be a glaring insight for you to understand why tick tock is going to be a huge part of this moment in a way that some people don’t understand, but here’s another song only has about 15 unique words in it. Here’s another song with only a few sentences and here’s another song with only a few sentences.

Now, while I use so many examples, well just to show the range, if you’re already able to have songs to only have a few words in it again and again, and they become hits or songs, they have the same beat over and over and again and they Become Beats, or you have songs that only have like two or three sentences and the whole song, and all these things that become hits in their own way. It’s not so bizarre when you think about it that way to have a short song, especially when you think about the capability for it to just be looped.

Just like the marshmallow Andrade, Rich project, dreams track and as a reminder, you can see links to any of the articles or just music that I’m referencing in the description below. But let’s get back to tick, tock, so co2 child fast. Now some people actually know the song. Some people don’t realize they’ve heard the song, but trust me there’s a good chance that you might have heard this song. So, but let me go ahead and play the snippet buzz fo hundred on the fifty five bills per city.

Footage now I played a real short snippet of stepping at the beginning of this article because it took off on tick-tock and fast did the same thing, and this is where it gets interesting, though, because if you go to the YouTube article, that’s where you can listen To the full track versus just you know, being on tick-tock, look in the comments and you’ll see something pretty interesting. Business from area 51 said at six seconds: tick tock has entered the check in at 22 seconds tick.

Tock has left to chat. Now that’s about 16 seconds when that adds up, but even somebody named babby BAC said maybe 20 seconds actually so that takes it down to 14 seconds either way it goes. You can see we’re straddling this 15 seconds that I’m talking about. So what exactly does that allude to? What does it mean? Well, the big point that I made in my original article is musically, first and foremost, because musically was the thing back then it was it tick tock, but you get it they’re.

The same thing at this point and on musically people be listening to this content right, I might take a song, let’s just say, fast, existed back then, and then I’m listening to multiple people take the exact same loops from the song and then also dance to that Song for the most part, because either I’m a content creator, I’m trying to jump in so I’m going to take that same 15 seconds or I’m the listener and I’m just reading all these different pieces of content.

But I’m not necessarily going back to the same song. So to clarify the impact of that and what that actually looks like, let’s think about the platform, tick-tock who’s, taking the challenge method right, and they basically put that on crack. It’s exploded. It’s a far greater version that then we’ve seen on any other app at the time. I’m recording this article, the music article for fast, has four million views.

Now, if we go to Spotify, we can see that there’s 31 million streams of it and I’m sure it’s around that number as well somewhere on Apple. That’s a lot of place, people for it to have blowing up on that platform because for y’all who don’t know so good, a child did use tik tok to blow this song up. But at the end of the day, if you go back to tick tock, you see three million. Ninety seven thousand 44 post on fast.

What does that mean? That’s not streams right! That’s not place! That’s unique articles that was created on this, so you’re talking about four million views on the music article versus three million different articles, no telling how many individual plays each article collectively got in this category, but what we can do is just scroll a look at a Few of them this one article on fast got 2.4 million streams, this other one 1.

7 million 1.6 million – where are already clearly above the amount of place for the music article 1.3 million 1.2 million 1.2. 1.2. 1.1. All right now just 70 that, like we’re slowly getting down there right, but it’s going to take a while, and we have three million of these articles. So I guarantee you that these articles add up to over 31 million streams. So, let’s stop and think about a few things one.

You will have a lot of people we’ll hear this and then they go find it in other places because they’re like yo. I really like this song and then some of those views on the music article and the streams on Spotify they’re, coming from completely outside of tick-tock people, and I hadn’t seen it on tick-tock. So there’s a huge portion on tick-tock. That only saw the articles posted on the platform, and this is really going to lead to this second huge impact that tick tock is going to have that I’ll mention at the end of the article.

But for now focusing on this, you have to realize this means that a lot of people only know the intro. Basically, they only know a hook to the song, basically even further an article on the ringer that com called memes or the new pop stars how tick tock became the future of the music industry has a quote by a guy named Jack. Who’s worked at companies like planned, hora and United masters, and he said, YouTube created a class of five-minute content.

I’m curious if tick-tock will create the 15 or 60-second song and then that journalist writes the error of the tick-tock single is upon us, and why are they saying this? Well, one of the big arguments that I stated on why I see the 15-second song as a real thing and a real possibility is because it’s all about formatting. They mentioned YouTube just because of the amount of time that it allowed of content to be posted.

But then, at the end of the day, when people were playing around with the amount of time that actually creates an effective article on YouTube at a specific era, it was around 5 minutes right and it’s all about what the actual platform allows. Tick-Tock does allow for. 60-Second content, which is why the person in the quote said the 15 or 60 seconds song but 13 to 15 seconds, is where you see the most viral post consistently on tick-tock and that’s important to consider.

So we were thinking about content and format, restrictions, particularly around the success right where people are finding that people are going to mimic the areas and things that give them success on specific platforms and the limitations of whatever the success formula is is how people will adjust To once the content creators are just to it, then you have the consumers who become adjusted as well, because they are consuming that consistently somebody who’s born in nineteen, eighty or nineteen ninety something it might not be completely adjusted to listening to really short music into them.

It sounds absurd, but then you have somebody else coming up that is used to that format. They hear a lot of the content and consume these bite-sized pieces. So it’s not that bad of a concept and to truly solidify how it’s not just whatever we want to create what we think sounds good and more about the restrictions, the forces to do things differently if we still want to find the same success, let’s revisit the Old song that I mentioned earlier in this article fly Robin fly now remember the thing that was so unique about.

This was the fact that it only had six unique words in the entire song. We can count it out on the screen, but what’s more interesting is when you find out why they had only six unique words in the song? So here’s the truth. The group who sang that song, his name is silver convention silver convention is a West German euro disco recording act right. The group is not from America, and English is not their native language.

So when actually writing a song that they wanted to become a hit, they knew they couldn’t just create an entire song in German that would become a hit over in the US if they could. That would be really really hard. So, let’s just opt for creating a song in English. However, if the entire song was too intricate a unique, it was going to be far too many words for them to remember personally, so they needed to make it super simple and something that they could easily remember and perform over and over again the restrictions that they Faced in this case, not knowing English well enough to really be able to remember it forced them to create a different type of hit.

It just so happens making it super simple for themselves made it super simple for everybody else to remember right and now you can think about other people who don’t know English and those other languages. Now that you can know the whole song, because you’re only saying six words so before we get into how tick tock is secretly warping, genres and music in ways that people do not realize. I got a question if you sing something right.

If you dance to a piece of content, if you remember it, and then you hum it over and over again, what’s the difference? Is that not a song? Does that not qualify or do we have to go by what somebody else’s definition is of a song? Is I’d argued that this is why, again and again, from generation and generation, we’re always arguing what’s real music and was not real music, we’re trying to define something undefinable so what’s to say that 15 seconds isn’t a song now I do understand that there’s a large Amount of people that waits for a larger group of people or some sort of perceived authority to acknowledge something before they can see that it’s happening, but ignoring the fact that this thing is happening right now.

This really isn’t a future thing. It’s truly happening already in its own way, not being able to do this, just because it hasn’t been acknowledged in media. There’s, no clear data for this. It’s the same thing as waiting until 2016-17, where people are like yo hip-hop is the number one genre just because streaming allowed for people to truly measure his impact, even though it had already been number one for like 15-20 years.

People who pay attention see this when it’s happening, and they understand it early on. It’s usually the big corporations right in the larger media that wait to understand these things because they’re at the top, which leads back to exposing tick-tocks influence on music and again. Here’s another quote from the wringer article and you’ll be able to find a link to that article in the description below, but a 16 year old girl said this who’s using tick-tock heavily, but she actually has this Instagram page that has compilations of tick-tock.

But anyway, the quote said: I didn’t really listen to rap before I got really invested into tick-tock, but I’ve been listening to a lot more starter rap, which I have no idea. What starter rap is because of it. The thing to really think about and hone in on from this particular quote, is the fact that the reason she wasn’t listening to hip-hop or rap was because you know that just wasn’t what she was into.

I guess right or that wasn’t her environment. She didn’t perceive it as something for her. Maybe she didn’t even like it. She felt like not a not for me, based on the surface level perception of what’s going on in hip-hop. However, when she got on Tik Tok right hip-hop is that genre there’s so much of the music is borrowing from so with that being said, she’s looking at all this content, these 15 seconds newbies and I’m being entertained through dance and these other types of content that Are happening on the platform, but the backdrop of this content is the music and a lot of this music happens to be rap.

That slowly builds familiarity. It becomes a gateway into the genre itself and that’s something that people who want to even bring more influence into a certain genre should keep in mind. If you want to bring more influence into a genre, then you need to hone in on platforms like this and get let’s say your entire drama. You can get all here all together if I’m in lo-fi or just some kind of weird nondescript type genre and then get those people to run campaigns and become familiar with people or get people to become familiar with you through other forms of content.

Because now, once they’ve warmed up right, once they’re primed to understanding and just like snippets of you, the next step is an entire song that goes for an individual artist. That goes for a jammer at home, and it goes for so many other variations of what you’re trying to introduce people to this is where it starts, because at the end of the day the truth is people always say things like I’m not going to listen to Certain type of music – I don’t listen to this.

I don’t do this, but at the end of the day it’s not words but behavior that determines the actual result. So when you even think about the fact that you know there’s some people who are like man, I would never do this. I would never do that or when somebody got beat up and then one of the homies or somebody else was reading on reading the article. No one ever took that. I wouldn’t do that if I was doing but then the truth is they probably would have at the end of the day.

What a lot of people do not know is humans, love to project themselves into situations and inform you of how they would act, but humans are also very poor at judging how they would act in particular situations. I know I know you might be special. You might be different, but just generally speaking, this is the truth. People poorly predict and incorrectly overestimate the action of the masses based on their own opinion, but then equally they underestimate how much their actions will be affected by the behavior of the.

In short, people’s conscious projections, of who they are often disagrees with their subconscious, which has far greater impact on their actual action, and it might have something to do with the fact that a lot of times people often talk and know more about who they want to Be versus who they actually are, and this is why marketing and branding works on people again and again and again. This is why politicians sway people’s opinions again and again and again, because when it comes to media masses and just content in general, a lot of things begin to happen.

Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or disagree with there or not. And it’s not a matter of opinion, though the 15 second song is here and if you think about it, there’s probably a song that you know that you only know 15 seconds of even before tick-tock II probably grew up just knowing a certain part of certain songs. You never knew the whole song all right in your head, that song is already a 15-second hit.

Yes, there’s a complete version out there, but the part that’s known, the part that has the greatest impact and Reach is only 15 seconds, and as always, this article is brought to you by brandman network.Com, because I sign myself, we have artists, develop their brand and build Their fan base, so if you like this article, go ahead like button, if you like it might as well share and if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do.

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