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So welcome Brian happy to have you with us how’s everybody doing everybody stand up. I have a TD and I’m like a caged lion over there, put your hands over your head. Okay, stick your right out and do a little shake left out. Do a little shake sit back down nice job team, okay, who’s, sort of HubSpot, okay cool, that sort of gets it.

So this this idea of inbound marketing. I really like this idea a lot. It’s a new type of marketing and there’s sort of two observations behind it and the first one’s rivet driven here. Anyone know who this handsome guy is on the left. Famous guy come on you’re a Harvard Business School here, that’s my dad and that’s me on the right, and if I just I just the first observation that that led me to this idea of inbound marketing is just this radical transformation in how humans live and shop And learn: there’s been this tap, this sort of tear in the fabric of the universe around the way work happens, the way we all live and shop and learn has radically changed, and I think that the difference is shown with my dad.

I think about my dad. He got a lot of mail. Every night, he’d come home at 6 o’clock, it’s sitting next to him on the bench and he would have the scotch and water and have a little cheese with crackers, and he would open like all this mail and read it. I never opened my honor. Do you guys ever open your mail is never anything in there. That’s useful! He. We got 7 TV stations blog 2. Blog. 4. 5. 7.

3856. If you get the rabbit ears, just right, you can get blog 68 and he talked on the phone a lot and just very different from all of us. You know I’m on Twitter, I’m on facebook, I’m on LinkedIn, I’m on Gmail. It’s just a radically different way. I work and live and shop and learn. So that’s sort of my first observation I sort of came up with my. My second observation is that the PlayBook that marketers use almost all marketers use – this is pretty common in the PlayBook.

Is we’re going to buy a list of email addresses and we’re going to? You know we’re going to bang people over the head, an email, we’re going to hire a bunch of young and hungry telesales reps and we’re going to cold call people we’re going to spend a bunch of money on advertising on google adwords or whatever. It would be. We’re going to hire a PR firm to interrupt journalists. We’re going to do TV ads are going to radio ads.

That’s sort of the marketing playbook in that playbook worked great for my whole career. I sort of built my career on that I call it the outbound marketing playbook there’s only one problem in that playbook. What’s the problem, what’s the problem? What’s the problem with that with that playbook I mean it’s the opposite of what you guys do. I know, but what’s the problem? People are sick and tired of being marketed to and they’re sick and tired of being sold to, and they get really good at blocking it out whether that’s a DVR at home or it’s caller ID on your phone blocking the goddamn sales reps out.

Whether it’s you’ve got you’ve got ad blocker software, now that’ll block out the Google AdWords that doesn’t work as well. You’ve got spam protection. Software and you’ve got priority inbox with your Gmail. It’s nearly impossible to reach somebody with the traditional marketing playbook. Today, you need to take that everything you learned in your marketing class here at HBS, throw it away. It doesn’t work anymore, completely, rethink marketing to match the way humans actually shop and learn today, and that’s what I call inbound marketing versus outbound marketing.

So if you can start a new company, do it with inbound, don’t do it without bond now, there’s a couple things. I really like about this inbound approach versus the traditional outbound approach with inbound. Your success is much more about the width of your brain than it is about the width about the width of your wallet. Big companies have a lot have a big thick wallet in a really thin brain. Small companies have big brain thin wallet.

Inbound marketing is great for small businesses, so you people at HBS. I heard I’m a Sloan guy, but I heard a rumor, the HBS people at big brains, and so you guys should be all this inbound marketing skits, because your success is much more about the width of your brain than the wit sphere wall. You don’t really need any money to be successful within that market. Second thing I like about inbound marketing is the way it’s scale.

So let me let me walk through how I think most venture-backed startup marketing departments work. Here’s how it works. Everybody you get your pie in a pile of venture capital, its Khoya capital, they put all adventuring in the marketing guys like great here’s, my plan I got my shovel hold on. You know we’re here on the left that that’s Google AdWords, but it’s really a furnace. So I got my shovel and Google grows like crazy, but you’re stuck and you can’t grow and it’s really hard to get the math work with Adwords, and this is how a lot of startups try to get the math work.

It’s Adwords and Facebook Ads just darn hard to make it work. If you get it to work, you put a dollar in the machine. You get like a dollar 10 out of the machine really hard to get that math work. The way inbound marketing works is very different, let’s just say, let’s just say, you’re the CEO of Ford Motor Company. If you’re CEO of Ford Motor Company you’ve got assets on your balance sheet, what are some of the assets on your balance sheet Ford Motor Company assets on the balance sheet factories inventory cash? Thank you, David you’re, very good student things like that.

Now, let’s say you’re VP of Marketing or you’re, the founder of a start-up. What are the marketing assets? You’ve gotten the vision, that’s crap, hard, tangible asset on your balance sheet. If your marker perspective, that’s worth sorry, I’m Porsche. It come on. Okay, let me get in. Let me give you a hint links into your website. What’s another one HBS Twitter followers is that what you said brilliant? What else? Facebook fans number keywords you rank for in google number pages on your website.

Those are hard, tangible, modern Marketing assets on your marketing balance sheet and what happens? Is you create an asset today create a piece of content today and it’s a it’s an asset that lasts forever in skills forever. It’s it pulls in customers and it lasts forever in it in pulsing, customers essentially forever. So it’s not like you’re renting that asset, you own you own. This asset you’re, not renting space on Google you’re, not renting space in some list, you’re, not renting space on Facebook, you’re, creating your own marketing assets become magnets that pull customers in people with me house with me cool, okay.

The other thing I like about inbound marketing versus out marketing if people hate outbound marketing, does anyone like getting called at home at 6 o’clock? Does anyone like getting spam and you will like those television ads sucks inbound marketing is great. You create all this content and it’s rich content, it’s informative and it pulls people in and it’s engaging so people fall in love with your brand, like they fall in love with Patagonia or they fall in love with Apple or they fall in love with Whole Foods.

These brands that people love – that’s, you want to create a lovable modern brand people are really sick of this traditional marketing, ok, and so how do you do inbound marketing? Well, we’ve got a couple minutes here, so I’m going to talk about part of it. The first thing you need to do as an inbound marketer is, is to create tons of content. The idea is, you got to turn your website into a modern magnet by creating tons of remarkable content.

Blog articles genius, brilliant blog articles, ebooks webinars things like that, and if your blog articles, good or your webinar is good or your ebook is good. It’ll pull people in and the better it is the more retweets they’ll get the more Facebook lights. So it’ll get the more links, it’ll get the longer, it will sustain the more leads it’ll pull in and it’ll be really really awesome. So the key to being a modern genius marketer, creating tons and tons of remarkable content, you mark it, you mark it today.

Think of yourself, like Disney or fox or CNN, like you’re, a production studio so think of yourself, like a production studio, turn your brains into customers. What’s this, we said that you said that, what’s your name Bibi, you’re, a goddamn genius that is the Internet. What are the dots customers their pages? There are their websites, okay and the big white ones are big websites. What are what are the? What are the lines between the pages links? The more the more links you have, the more visitors you’ll get the more Authority.

You’ve got the more mojo you get and the way I kind of think about it is links are to the Internet as dollars and cents are to the economy. How do you get a lot of links into your website? Brilliant content? What’s your name genius Bill’s, a genius remarkable content? Here’s what you here’s! What’s going to happen! You going to start your company and your website’s going to be like Cambridge Massachusetts right, it’s like Cambridge Mass! How many, how many airports in Cambridge zero? How many? How many like bus stations, real ones? None train stations highways a couple two highways! You want to turn your website from Cambridge Massachusetts to New York City.

How many? How many airports in New York City? I have two three whoppers train stations. Yeah. You have pencil up. Big transitions: how many bus stations the bus stations are twitter? The train stations are Facebook, the airports are LinkedIn, the highways are links from other websites, so to be a remarkable, modern, crepe marketing people love that scales have to be able to create a lot of content.

Anyone know what this is. This is the Imperial Palace in Japan, and I took this this picture because it reminds me of my favorite philosopher, my favorite philosopher is a guy named Warren Buffett. What Warren Buffett says to his CEOs? Is you want to build a moat around you, but if you want to build barrier to entry barriers around your business like Michael, was talking about and the modern moat around your business? The way he says that I really like it’s like you want them, make the moat make it really wide, make it cold and put sharks in and alligators and wider colder.

I think the modern moat around your business, I totally agree with Michael, isn’t a patent? Isn’t a trademark, it’s this inbound marketing stuff, how many links into your site how’s that growing? How many keywords you’re racking for how many Facebook fans, how many LinkedIn fans? How are you getting them converting down the funnel that stuff’s really hard to replicate? And it reminds me of a company that I really like called Zappos when I think of Zappos.

Let’s just say I wanted to start a company to compete with Zappos. I was going to you and I were going to start it we’re going to start we’re going to what’s your name, we’re going to bury them. You and I were going to bury them. We could we could figure a lot. We could get them a good-looking website. A higher design we can even get their funky culture right. We could get the inventory, we get the supply chain.

The thing that’s a bear for us to compete with is Tony Hsieh. The CEO he’s got six million Twitter followers, their websites get 500,000 links into it. There they have five million keywords. They rank for that’s a nearly insurmountable competitive advantage for the two of us to compete with. That’s what I wish for you, an insurmountable competitive advantage. Go frame, bow marketing, really works.

I don’t about you, but I feel like I need to rush out and buy something that he’s selling whatever it was I’m buying. I mean too late. I think I think a smarter brother got there earlier, learn more in that marketing book. You can check out or go to HubSpot marketing greater calm. You put your URL in there it’ll give you a grade of 1 to 100 on how good or bad you are at this stuff. And then, if you like this stuff, I teach a class at Sloan on its it’s a half semester class, you can cross register for it.

That’s it! Thank you very much. You

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