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3 Weapons You Can Train With Inside

The social distancing thing is kind of screwing a ton of stuff up, but I want to kind of bring you guys something to do to fight off that boredom and I’m going to talk up and that’s why I’m going to talk about some weapons that you can Still practice with even locked inside of your house, I know not.

Everyone has giant rooms or backyards even to practice things like bo staff and swords and stuff like that. So I’m going to give you guys a couple different things and you can get right now and practice with inside your own house inside your own room, like I can in my room. So with that said, let’s run that intro. So for the first one we’re going to have our magnetic commas that I got from Tiffany.

Honestly, all of these weapons are from 10th degree weaponry. This actually wasn’t suggested by them, but I just happen to have these weapons tip the groove up for me, so I’ll leave links for all the weapons downes gets in if you’re interested, but our kama. Specifically, these magnetic commas – are small handheld little like sights. Basically, you can use to practice your strikes and finger spins and thumb spins and, while all those rolls they even even even small and light enough to be able to toss inside without really causing damage to anything, you would have to try really hard to try to Break a window or a dental wall with these things, these things bounce off of most subjects, most objects on the licensed subjects, but I mean they would bounce off of most people too.

So this that makes it very you know easy and safe to use in doors. Whew, that was good, and so, if you want really what I believe is welcome to you, while you’re inside your house practicing. This is a great choice. This allows you to get ambidextrous and allows you to work with something. You know that’s blended, which is just really cool to work with that’s a sharp outfit Chan, careful you could puncture the hull of an empire class fire nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea because it’s so sharp.

Next we have our knife shucks now nunchucks are a fan fave weapon from so many people, everyone and their mother has seen people use nunchucks or try to use nunchucks or something to in that effect. Now, here’s the thing nunchucks are a little different people that don’t really know how to use nunchucks oftentimes will spin really high in the air and that can damaged things like ceiling fans or light pictures and stuff like that.

So I suggest this for more people that have actually used nunchucks at some point in their career or aren’t new to using weapons in general. That will usually be enough to be able to control your weapon at a height that is safe, for you know where you’re at now, these being slightly heavier due to a metal chain. You have to be a little bit careful when you’re, spinning it nice and fast. These can slip out of your hands and damage things like Windows, but as long as you, you know, know what you’re doing and have weapon experience again.

This one requires a little bit of weapon experience to use inside at least use inside where the windows are around, but when you don’t break any windows but other than windows. These are small weapons that can be used in a small space to practice on your hand-eye coordination. Really. Well, that’s actually what these were designed for to work on a samurai’s can’t eye coordination. It’s not it’s not actually designed for a weapon, and I talk about that.

In my article about these, so if you want to know more about these specifically nut beams, but these types of weapons specifically definitely check out that article but time to move on to the next weapon in the last one. But it’s going to be the most advanced weapon to practice on and that is beside the size. Actually, my favorite weapon on this list. I have practice sized for years and I absolutely love them.

I love you know, spinning them around. I love tricking with them doing stuff like this is what I do while I’m reading TV. I absolutely love it, but these things are dangerous, they’re completely metal, unlike the commas and nunchucks, who were mostly plastic or carbon fiber, and so because of that this going out a window will definitely break it. Like that’s, that’s going to happen, and so this is definitely going to be more advance out of the three options for you to practice again: they’re small well, most of us on the base, they’re, small and easy to port they’re, small and easy to use in a Small space, so that means you can chop punch and do all your spins in a small space, but messing up is you know a problem? So only do it if you have practiced with you Cluckers.

These are again one of my favorite weapons to practice, and always my go-to when I’m inside a house practicing, because I have spent time and learning how to control it fairly well compared to your average person. But if that is not you, you don’t have control of your weapons. It’s okay to practice these, but you don’t want to do those dangerous, tosses and and those spins, and all that stuff that you you know, can it lose control of your weapon, for that is really what I’m trying to get across the the more advanced a weapon Is means it’s easier to break stuff when you lose control and you don’t want that because you’re inside so again use these, be smart about it and use your experience level and don’t go above what your experience level is.

Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this little article as a little break from the norm. If you want to know, if you want to see more articles similar to this, let me know give me some ideas down the comments, but I’m actually working on a mini series that breaks down and teaches you and gives you guys a workout that you can do At home to turn you into different, you know subtopics, so I have a series specifically talking about Power Rangers and Jedi coming up very soon.

That will teach you how to train your body to become like a power engine to fight like a Power Ranger and to do parkour and freerunning like a power and I’ll have the same miniseries for Jedi and other things in the future. If that’s, what you want to see, if you guys are interested in that kind of thing, so be looking for that definitely check out all the links down below to all the different weapons that we talked about today.

If you are interested and a couple other things like my desk – or maybe some and my patron on all that stuff, so if any of that interests you it’s all down below but until next time, thank you guys for reading, because my name is Vijay more. This is the modern India and I’m out you

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