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Facebook Ads Are Changing! (September 2019 Update)

Tons of people are freaking out about them. Maybe one of them is eating you and we’re going to help out why you don’t need to freak out because of the new housing or housing category box all right, so let me show you what’s going on so if you go into your ads manager and you Click on create it’s going to have this new thing right here right.

It says new category required for us credit, employment and housing ads if you’re, based in or targeting the US and you’re, creating a campaign that includes ads for credit, employment or housing offers. You must choose that category that best describes your ads any ads that aren’t correctly categorized by August 26th, won’t run until they’re edited to comply. So you know you click you don’t have on learn more I’ll include this link.

If I, if it’s possible to include that link, don’t think it’s going to be, I was going to try and clue that on the description but anyways, it’s really simple. Okay, so if you just view right here, you click on this. It asks you what’s your ad category, okay, so you can see right here. Here’s credit ads for credit card offers, auto loans, long-term financing or other related opportunities. So if you’re doing you know, that’s really all the long-term financing could be considered us, but they have that in housing.

So the next one is employment. So if you’re running ads for jobs or any of that kind of thing and the one that really matters to us is housing right, so that one says ads for real estate listings homeowners, insurance, mortgage loans and other related opportunities right. So you want to check that now that’s going to make sure that you’re compliant. Ok! So then, when you actually go to make your ad, you know, depending on whatever kind of ad you’re running, let’s just say if you’re running you know a conversions, I had, for example, or I’ll, just use a lead generation ad, if you’re using one of those.

So you can hit continue here and now I’ll show you what’s the difference, the main difference is right here on the ad set level. Okay, so first off is once you pick your page, whatever page you’re going to use to do that now, when you come down here in the audience, okay, so number one you can see saved audience are no longer available because most of them are going to be Non-Compliant they don’t even allow you to save the audience’s right now.

Okay, so you can use custom audiences, though all right so you can use. You can use custom audiences that you’ve built whether that’s custom audiences from your database from things within Facebook. Even people that open your lead forms read our articles engage your page, those kind of things as well um. Now, when you do the location, so first let me switch to like America. Obviously so, let’s just say, if you go to a city level right, if you just play like Arlington Texas, it’s going to automatically go Arlington Texas plus 15 miles.

Now the other option is that you could just put in an actual. You know an actual address of a house in in Arlington right and then it was going to pick off of that. So instead of picking off the center of the city, it’ll pick off the address that you actually wanted to go from. So you have a couple options there and obviously you can still change everyone in this location, people who who live here, so you can still have that.

But if you look here, you know zip codes aren’t available anymore, where you used to be able to select or exclude certain zip codes, and now you can no longer do that right, you! Actually, if you look at a location, there is no way to exclude anything at this point. It’s just based on that specific radius. So when you come down the age, you have to keep 18 to 65, plus so you’re, literally targeting every adult on Facebook, with the ads and you’re targeting male and female.

You don’t have the ability that to select unselect one of those one of those options, male or female, so you have to go with both genders, but Facebook you’re kind of relying on Facebook right because 18 to 65, Plus and I’ll show you an example but yeah Um you’re kind of relying on them that, based on what your ads about what you’re saying that you wan na hit they’re going to go and still select who their being? Who your as being shown to.

Because you know they’re in the business of keeping people happy. The users and if they start showing everybody ads word, you know an 18 year old or a 65 year old on your ad. That makes sense for them. Eventually, it’s going to wear down the users and they’re going to leave so right now, what they’re trying to do is make sure they provide a good user experience, and I think that, instead of you being able to select who to show the ads to Facebook is Going to do that with their own information, okay, now here you can select English or if you look, there’s also a couple of other couple of other things available.

I believe that Spanish is available in here. I don’t know: Hindi is available. Oh it’s! This Filipino available Filipino, where they don’t call it Tagalog, but there’s a lot of languages that are in here. So, if you’re doing different language campaigns, you can see that that’s still an option now becoming the decode targeting what’s cool. Is that a lot of stuff? That’s still in here right, so, just like show you a couple of different options.

I mean you’ve got real estate, you have real estate broker, you have real estate investing and you have realtor.Com Zillow Trulia homes.Com. I think maybe not hmm. I thought um. Let’s see you know there, of course you could just come in here in the end of suggestions and see what else is in here house: hunting, first-time buyer homes, calm, you know luxury real estate. You can see all these different options that are in here.

Alright single-family detached home pre-qualifying for lending mortgage calculator or refinancing so you’re all things that are in here right, cash out, refinance home equity line of credit right. So there’s things in here even still to Target reverses right all these home equity. Look at all these things! Where you could go if you’re trying to get refinances, there’s a bunch of stuff in there for that as well right.

But if you just look at that as an example, so you’re at six hundred thirty thousand people running for that kind of big big audience. We just wanted you to see you know it doesn’t have to be super scary, there’s still a lot of different options that are in here. I think one of the main areas where they took out everything is around milk in veteran, says, veterinary medicine. Well, military. Let’s say you can you would like air force yeah see, so you just have to kind of look through here and see what all in here, but basically you know so some stuff is going to be affected right, depending on what kind of ABS you’ve been running.

If you’ve been, you know, if you’ve been running different, gonads, there’s there’s different stuff people use right when it comes to running for different niches, different industries going after specific companies. Some of that stuff is going to be affected. But, what’s great is let me try to see if I can find if I can go a mother and can’t real quick one. Second, all right, so let me show you this real quick is so I decided to do a test right.

What these changes. I was like man what’s the kind of a campaign that could really be hard to do now and one an example is a 55 Plus community right. So there’s a lot of retirement, active retirement communities, whatever you want to call them and adult-only neighborhoods, and so I decided to run one of those with a new targeting now keep in mind. That means I have to turn you 18 to 65 right. So here’s just an example.

I ran this one right here for ten bucks a day and you can see what my cost is right. 14 leads. I reached 451 people, 56 cents. A lead. What’s cool! Is that if you just look at the numbers right, the fact that he got twenty eight link, clicks and fourteen forms? That means that the form is converting at 50 percent? I, what landing page do you know, that’s converting at 50 percent right and even just overall, the ad itself.

Facebook only put the ad in front of 451 people right. So if you divide, if you divide 14 divided by 451, that’s a three percent conversion. 3.1 percent conversion from cold market seeing the ad to took actually converted to a lead. So it’s pretty awesome. If this kind of stuff, you know interest, you only reach out to us lesion alone officers, comm slash, apply or one agent away. Comm. You can see what we’ve got going on inside the Legion, but this is the kind of stuff that we’re talking about in there all the time is, you know the change is everything going on with Facebook and snapchat and YouTube, and Google and Instagram, and these different Platforms so that we stay on top of the ones that interests you the most right right now.

Obviously, Facebook ads is crushing the fact that we’re getting leads for 56 cents. You know pretty epic, so just wanted to show you that and and again this is even with the changes right. So this is what the changes – everybody’s freaking out – we’re getting leads for 56 cents and you know ask yourself even if these leads only converted at one or two or three percent. How many would you need to convert from 56 cents so we’re going to get an ROI all right, so this is one way that we’re using Facebook Ads.

I have a couple of different others. This is just called the training wheels method right here inside the l├ęgion and again, if this interests, you check us out Legion alone officers, comm slash, apply. Make sure that you give me a thumbs up, shoot a comment down below what you thought about this tip or how it’s going for you, since the changes have occurred and make sure you subscribe to the blog hit that Bell button, so you can get notified whenever I Drive new articles and I hope you have an awesome day see it

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