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An interview with Yannis Larios, Business Development Director of Viva Wallet

It’s about, pin and glass. It’s how a small terminal can change the way you accept cards, it’s small, its light, it’s very cheap, and this change is what we knew up to now on how your accept cards we’ve a wallet of our seat across Europe. We’ve our wallet is offering European merchants a bank in a box which means we are offering card acceptance, an Iban account and the debit business card, all at your own country, which means, if you are a Belgian merchant.

You get a Belgian Ivan if you’re a few gamers and you get the UK, I won. Everything is customized to each and every European country. That’s what we offer across Europe. Viva bullet has built its own infrastructure from end to end, so it relies on nor third parties, it’s doing everything by by itself, so it is able to provide European merchants services like eibon’s card acquiring and card issuing, based on its own infrastructure.

The unique thing about with a wallet is that it does that on upon European level, but it customizes the service at each and every country as it goes. There are new trends in financial industry. One of them is going lighter and cheaper with the card terminals. The other is to harness all this data about payments, and the other thing is to combine acquiring an issuing. There are not different services, you have to combine them.

You have to provide new things to the merchants. This is what we are doing.

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